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country fried rock vol 2 for nuci’s space – the best cause possible

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, September 24th, 2013


mental health, is something thats very close to my heart. i dont necessarily have mental health issues, but i do deal w a great deal of anxiety sometimes. i have been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, which can be a bitch to deal with but luckily for me i have access to certain drugs, etc to make everything tolerable. you’d probably never suspect my issues if you ever personally met me, but the fact remains. still, it can be very painful but nowhere near folks that have far more extreme mental health issues. sadly, a lot of us have had some of our favorite artists fall victim to whatever they were dealing with, vic chesnutt and mark linkous to name just a couple. my friend sloane spencer of country fried rock fame has lovingly culminated a 20 song compilation with all proceeds going to nuci’s space. if you dont know anything about nuci’s space, please do make yourself familiar with it by clicking here. the comp is killer and features tracks, some unreleased, by centro-matic, american aquarium, drivin n cryin, shoanna tucker, belle adair, doc dailey, jack logan and a whole slew more. you can pick up the comp for a measly 5 bucks, clicky here.

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willy vlautin “the free”

Posted by gregor on Friday, September 20th, 2013

willy vlautin is the lead singer/songwriter for one of the best bands on the planet, richmond fontaine, but he’s also an author. he’s got a new book coming out in feb of 2014 entitled the free – his fourth book. i, sadly, have only read one, lean on pete, and it was glorious. highly recommend it and you can pick it up via amazon
for 7 bucks. well, at least for the kindle version.

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captainsdead top 9 records of the year, way past the midway point

Posted by gregor on Saturday, September 14th, 2013

i usually do a mid-year point list, but this year time has gotten away from me. anyway, i’ve actually had more than a few folks ask/email me what were my favorite records of the year, thus, far, and well here they are. no particular order…

austin lucasstay reckless

bufallo gospelwe can be horses

hiss golden messengerhaw

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my so-called rife

Posted by selene on Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Not to get all David Lowery about it but guess how much Bill Janovitz made – via 4460 spins on Spotify – for his part in “Tailights Fade”? Nope, lower. Nope, lil lower. Nope not that lower – even lower(y).

While you hold back the tears and sift through the answers on his Price Is Right Rules Facebook post, hit play and give the man another (.000000000000000001) penny here.

Chris Colbourn is rakin‘ it in on YouTube (25K plays=a Snickers bar), thanks to -sigh- Angela and Jordan.

And… meant to post about this a while ago, but Bill put out a new book (a while ago), “Rocks Off: 50 Tracks That Tell the Story of the Rolling Stones” – or The Book that Launched 1000 Dissenting Message Board Opinions. (Really, Bill? “One Hit to the Body”?!)


We’re assuming (hoping) that publishing deal was more fruitful.

Donations accepted at

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american aquarium w/ the rigs, may 31 at the varsity, baton rouge

Posted by gregor on Thursday, May 30th, 2013

photo by me

well, what we got here are two bands, one that is one of america’s finest, american aquarium, and the other, baton rouge’s the rigs, has the potential to be, at least to these ears. they’re playing at the varsity here in baton rouge tomorrow night, and damn i couldnt be more excited. from a personal viewpoint, i couldnt think of a better show going on this year in baton rouge, unless of course guided by voices and pavement decided to tour together and play at mud and water, but until then this is where its at. btw, if you want to go to the show for free, all you gotta do is head on over to the rigs’ fb page and share the picture to enter to win.

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john moreland “ancient youth”

Posted by gregor on Sunday, April 28th, 2013


couple weeks ago, bj barhman, american aquarium, mentioned on facebook a guy by the name of john moreland– he’s from tulsa, ok, btw. having never heard of him, i made a mental not to check him out, and of course over the next few days leading up to checking him out, i saw his name popping up seemingly everywhere. seeing that as a sign, i made it a priority. after listening to two of his records, everything the hardway and earthbound blues, i can now see why a ton of folks are talking about him. as it turns out, he did a couch by couchwest song this year! again, how the fuck did i miss this? either way, yeah, his stuff is great. kind of reminds me still feel gone era uncle tupelo with a little social distortion thrown in, but of course both of these influences are necessarily indicative of all his songs. he’s got a new coming out entitled in the throes on last chance records on june 11, cant wait to hear it. this song, “ancient youth” is actually off earthbound blues not everything the hardway which is the cover used above.

buy his stuff via his bandcamp page or amazon

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will oldham “gypsy he-witch” off weary engine blues: a tribute to jason molina

Posted by gregor on Friday, April 12th, 2013


happy friday! i am not gonna muddy this up with a bunch of words and stuff. so here is the info on this molina cover compilation/tribue being put out by graveface records, which i believe is due out on 4.23.

we’re calling this collection weary engine blues, named after a piece of artwork by molina that serves as the cover of this cd release. confirmed contributions so far from: john vanderslice, mark kozelek, hospital ships, lucas oswald, jonathan meiburg, damien jurado, dreamend, brown bird, haunt the house, tw walsh, phil elverum, alisdair roberts, scout niblett, jeffrey lewis, will johnson, the wave pictures, allo darlin, darren hayman, will oldham, herman dune and many more amazing musicians. huge thanks to hugh noble and william schaff for helping get this together so quickly. know that 100% of the profits are going directly (and immediately) to jason molina’s incredible family.

i took the liberty of taking out the info about the screenprint that accompanied the cd cause its sold out… either way, its a double cd made up of a shit ton of of awesome artists, and all proceeds going to jason’s family. i believe you may be able to purchase it, already, via their bandcamp page.

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couch by couchwest day #1 recap

Posted by gregor on Monday, March 11th, 2013

well, couch by couchwest is in full swing and yesterday was pretty fucking spectacular if i dont say so my damn self. i believe 30+ videos were posted and here are a few, well more than a few, of my favorites. the first video down there by two mule blues opened up the festivities in awesome fashion, make sure you watch it all the way through.

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couch by couchwest 2013 kicks off today

Posted by gregor on Sunday, March 10th, 2013


in case you havent been paying attention but as the title suggests the worlds only online music fest, couch by couchwest, kicks off today at 12 pm eastern time. it may not be the only online music fest, but it sounds good to me. this year should even be bigger/badder/more awesome than the last two. got some contests from folks you probably know and love and also have shirts and koozies for sale. if youre an artist or in a band, still taking submissions until probably wednesday. just check the submissions tab on the site for directions.

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Posted by gregor on Saturday, March 9th, 2013


well, as you can see we’re almost there. sure i am missing 6 months worth of posts, but its better than losing 7 years worth of posts. hopefully this weekend some stuff will be uploaded aka pictures, music, etc so it will start to resemble its former self.

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