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help caleb caudle fund carolina ghost

friend of mine/captains dead, caleb caudle has an indiegogo campaign goin on right now to help fund his next record carolina ghost. for those that remember, or dont, he put out one of my favorite records of 2014, and other than being an awesome songwriter/musician, he’s a totally cool dude.

click here to contribute, and here to check out his previous releases.

follow him on twitter and like him on facebook

here’s my favorite video and one of my favorite songs from last years paint another layer on my heart

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dearest best buy: go fuck yourself


i apologize, in advance, for this kind of post, but i feel like i must tell my story about me and best buy. this may seem trivial but its the principle.

for christmas mac, my son, was bought a flat screen tv. nothing fancy, mind you, but it was better than the old 15 year old tube he was using, and he likes playing video games, etc. i can already see this is going to seem like a first world problem, but still, i hate getting ripped off nor do i want to see anyone else get ripped off from these fuckers. so, we bought him a 28″ tv for roughly 150 bucks. at checkout the young lady behind the counter asked if i wanted to purchase the warranty. now, usually i dont purchase such items cause they are typically a rip off. i asked what did it cover, she states its an extended 2 year warranty and also covers accidental damage. having kids, i figured the 30 bucks or whatever it was for the accidental damage aspect was a decent deal, as i dont have money to replace things, typically. i said yes, felt good about my purchase, and went about my way.

fastforward to a few months ago, mac was loving his tv, but somehow a cable got wrapped around the base and got pulled off the table. of course, the screen broke. i was pretty pissed at mac cause all along i had told mac that he had to be careful with his belongings cause we couldnt afford to replace anything he had that wasnt essential to his well being. in the back of mind i knew i had the accidental coverage, but i was going to make him sweat it out for a while. well that “a while” was about 3 months.

not knowing what the return/repair process entailed, i called my local best buy – store 495 in baton rouge. i spoke to a guy and told him my story, he looked up my acct and was told “yeah just bring it in, no problem,” was told it may take a week or so to get repaired but i was fine with that, obviously.

this past saturday, may 24, i made my way to said best buy with the tv in my arms. took a few minutes but a nice guy came to help me out. told him what happened, and everything was seemingly proceeding as planned. it all started to take a turn, when his face looked confusingly at the screen and then he walked to the back. im no dummy, and was starting to put two and two together, this was not going to end well. so he comes on out and tells me that my “warranty” is only an extended manufacturer warranty, and not an accidental damage warranty. this is where my rage begins to build. i tell him that i was told not once, but twice, by best buy employees that what i bought was also an “accidental damage” warranty too. i understand there is some personal responsibility here, but again, i was told twice, and i didnt even think to question it. so, i asked him to print out the warranty i purchased, so i could read it myself, or he could show me. after waiting a few minutes he brings back a printed out copy of all their warranties and just hands it to me. rage, increasing. again, i tell him my story, and he just stares at me blankly, and this is when some other geek squad member decides to add his two cents with “nope, what you have doesnt cover that.” so, i ask the guy exactly what does what i bought cover, and guess what the first thing out of his mouth was? he says accidental coverage! within a second, the second geek squad guy and some girl chimes in saying that was a slip of the tongue “nope, nope, nope,….” rage in full force. im trying to speak to them logically but their response at least a few times is “we are not responsible for what another employee told you, since we were not there” – im paraphrasing that a little bit, but the sentiment is the same.

i will admit, this is not my proudest moment, but i took the tv, looked to my left, no one was there, and chucked the tv about 25 feet. i believe i said something about all of them are a bunch of “fucking crooks and liars.” while i feel a bit guilty how it went down, i still stand by that statement. im very easy going, and it takes a lot to get me worked up, but their indifference to my situation especially since it was caused by not one, but two best buy employees, was quite troublesome. i understand companies are in the business to make money, but a hey “we apologize for the mix-up, maybe we can work something out” would have gone a long way. that didnt happen, obviously, and thus my outrage.

you suck, your employees suck, you deserve to rot in corporate hell!

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couch by couchwest is almost here….


howdy gang. just wanted to let y’all know that couch by couchwest starts on sunday. if youre a musician and want to get in on this action, please check out the site for the submission details. ill just lay out a couple for the lazy: 1. the video must be exclusive to cxcw and not some video thats been up on youtube for two years 2. when the cutoff time is announced, please for the love of god dont bitch about missing the cutoff. there’s always next year. 3. film the video, upload it to youtube, make it private until you get an email to make it public and at that point it will be posted. so make sure you leave a good email so you can be contacted. if you have no idea what couch by couchwest is…. here are some of my favorite vids from last year. last year was pretty huge, so its not like its only getting a couple hundred people a day, its more like thousands and thousands a day.

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fort york at the garrison, friday, 12.20 – toronto

FORT YORK – When She Was Dead from Southern Souls on Vimeo.

if you happen to be in toronto this friday night, i know i wish i could be but screw that cold, you should probably hit up the garrison to check out fort york, wax atlantic and odd years. i have really gotten into fort york’s 2013 ep, the short season, which reminds me of a little bit of simon and garfunkel, which is always a great thing. i may be totally off on that comparison, but hey thats what i hear. the ep was released in january and is a follow up to their 2011 8 song record entitled feels like then, but plan on it very soon. fort york is made up of, kyle fulton – geetar and vocals, nick kewin on da bass, conor lavelle on vocals, acoustic guitar and banjo, his brother, rory on piano, harmonium and vox and dan lefebvre on percussion, all friends who unfortunately dont get to play many gigs cause they’re all work and/or go to school. you know adult stuff. so, this late december show has become a bit of a tradition, with this being either the third or fourth year they’ve done it. if i would have heard the short season a little sooner, or if i did a best ep of the year type deal, this would definitely be on it.

for more information on the show check out the facebook page
fort york on twitter
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nola hiphop archive kickstarter


not going to muddle this up with a lot of words, but i met holly (see below) a few years ago via twitter, and in actual real life! but she’s a hell of a great person, and me thinks what she is doing here is pretty damn awesome, and important. so the rest of what you read will be from holly – you can follow her on twitter and visit her site.

here’s a direct link to the kickstarter page, just in case

I moved to New Orleans in late 2008, right before Hurricane Gustav and Obama’s historic election. It was an interesting time to move to New Orleans, and the past years have been a learning experience. I’ve always done lots of work in the music industry, but at the time I moved to New Orleans I started doing a lot more work in hiphop. I worked as an artist manager, as a promoter, in a PR capacity for DJ Raj Smoove and Dizzy, and as Co-Director of a small non-profit org called Hiphop for Hope that put on a kickass yearly concert at Tipitinas. At some point during all this I decided to finish my PhD at Tulane, and now I’m writing my dissertation on post-Katrina hiphop in the city.

Because I’ve done a lot of work in documentary film over the years and had worked for a few digital archives–an indigenous song archive in the west of Ireland and the EVIA (Ethnomusicological Video for Instruction and Analysis) archive via Indiana University and University of Michigan–it had always been an intention of mine to do some of this work with hiphop in New Orleans. Sometime in early 2012 the NOLA Hiphop Archive was born, and while it’s not affiliated formally with my PhD, it’s definitely been a little easier to get the ball rolling since I was already a student at Tulane. Small donations from Music Rising, the Tulane Summer Merit Fellowship program, and The New Orleans Center for the Gulf South have helped us progress, but the majority of the work done by myself, my videographer, and my PA has been on donated time and with donated resources.

So I decided to do a Kickstarter, because it’s a great platform to not only get funding but to help spread the word about the project. And as it stands, here’s where the project is right now:
-we’ve completed more than 30 videotaped interviews with hiphop and bounce pioneers and legendary artists in New Orleans so far, including Mannie Fresh, Mystikal, Partners N Crime, Dee-1, Ricky B, DJ Raj Smoove, Nesby Phips, Nicky da B & Rusty Lazer, Queen Blackkold Madina (Academy Award-winning rapper & star of the documentary Trouble the Water) and more;
-we have partnered with the Amistad Research Center, an amazing archive of African American history and culture located on Tulane’s New Orleans Uptown campus, to launch the NOLA Hiphop and Bounce Digital Archive, which means that these first 30+ interviews and Alison Fensterstock’s Where They At project materials will be available online and in person at Amistad free of charge to anyone interested in viewing the interviews;
-with the help of this (hopefully) successful Kickstarter campaign, we plan to conduct 30 more interviews in 2014.
-at least 10 of my interviews will be featured on the forthcoming Music Rising website, which is launching in January 2014.

Why should you care? From Cash Money and No Limit to Lil Wayne, Birdman, Mystikal, Mannie Fresh, Juvenile, Big Freedia & Curren$y to the strong currents of underground hiphop and bounce music that sustain the tradition, New Orleans has been a central location for hiphop since the 1990s. Today, rap music is arguably Louisiana’s most lucrative cultural export. But in the most widespread images of “New Orleans music,” the city’s rappers, producers and DJs that helped to build the tradition remain largely invisible. This, coupled with Hurricane Katrina, in which countless members of the city’s creative communities lost their lives or were displaced, many of whom remain unable to return, has inspired a determination in many to help provide resources/further acknowledgment for artists and to add to the documentation/collection of hiphop and bounce oral histories. This stuff is important, even if you don’t live in New Orleans or you don’t care about hiphop. It’s musical and cultural past, present, and future.

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captainsdead is 8 and tom waits’ “san diego serenade” just because……. xoxoxox thanks everyone!

well, i missed my birthday yesterday. well, captainsdead’s birthday that is. 8 years old, yesterday, which may as well be 129 in blog/site years. i want to thank everyone from the bottom of my soul that has helped me out over the years, visited, visited only to download whatever, sent a nice email, etc… i truly, truly appreciate it. in 8 years there have been almost 3k posts, 99% done all done by myself, and almost 5 million visitors which for a one man operation, aint too shabby! i do this for the love of music, no other reason. hopefully y’all enjoy it as much as i do, or at least half as much. xoxoxo greg aka captainsdead. as proof, see below, you can see when i put this site online. here’s one of, if not, my favorite song ever….


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american aquarium tonight at the varsity, baton rouge

photo by me

meant to do this earlier, but well work, life, etc… either way if you are in the area which includes new orleans and lafayette, get yr asses to the varsity tonight to see american aquarium. barring an earth quake, hurricane, zombie apocalypse, break out of mumps, etc i guarantee its gonna be a hell of a show. not familiar with said band, here are a few tunes…

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help chris porter make “this red mountain”

my man chris porter, some dark holler, is heading into the studio to record this red mountain, which he is saying is his strongest stuff to date. also, he’s bringing none other than will johnson, centro-matic, in to produce the record, and maybe an “etc.” he’s also got bonnie and elliot whitmore, chris masterson in to fill out the sound and explore the space! either way, he’s got an indiegogo going on right now to help make this happen. so lets try and make this happen for him! also check out some dark holler’s 2012 release hollow chest via their bandcamp page. chris porter/sdh via twitter

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thank you!

this is the first and last time you’ll see anything alanis morisette related on this site, and even now im questioning my usage of it. either way, just wanted to say thanks so very very much for everyone who has helped out thus far. if you’re asking yourself whats this all about, just look over there to the right or click here to read about it. its a convoluted story so i will refrain from rehashing it here. anyway, only 2.5 days left and need to raise about 400 bucks. if you can find it in your heart, or pocketbook, i will be forever indebted. even if its a buck, everything adds up. again, thank you and i look forward to running this site for at least a few more years to come. oh, btw, one of the original aggregators and good friends of captainsdead,, is shutting down in november. they were a huge part in helping create traffic for so many sites throughout the years, and more importantly getting the music out for people to hear. they will be missed. read about it here.

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richard buckner tonight live at mud and water, baton rouge


if you are in baton rouge or the surrounding area, i cannot recommend enough getting your ass to you mud and water tonight. one of the greatest musicians of my generation, or possibly any generation, richard buckner is playing an early show which i believe is starting at 7.30. i know its a school night and all but shit you should be out of there by 11 at the latest. he has a wonderful new record out now on merge entitled surrounded. i cant recommend all of his stuff enough, but if were to pick three records to start with they would be, devotion and doubt, bloomed and since – these being my personal favorites. buy some richards stuff via amazon – they have surrounded for 5 bucks, btw.
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