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caleb caudle “stay on”

Posted by gregor on Friday, February 28th, 2014

Caleb Caudle – Stay On from Daniel McCord on Vimeo.

so…. hows everyone? me? oh thanks for asking, im doing just fine. went to see john moreland last night at mud and water here in baton rouge, of course he was amazing. if you havent seen him, what is yr problem? opening up the night was new orleanian caleb caudle, who i was very anxious to see. admittedly, i hadnt checked out any of his stuff before hand, but sources close to me said he was pretty damn great. guess what? yeah, this guy is the real deal. he mostly played stuff off his upcoming record, but it says a lot about the talent of an artist when you actually give a shit about songs you’ve never heard before. great lyrics, great voice, etc, etc… i was more than impressed. cannot wait to hear these songs on record. you can download his 2012 release tobacco town for a name your price deal via his bandcamp page. hes doing some touring with mr moreland so make sure to check out his site for dates.


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marissa nadler “was it a dream”

Posted by gregor on Thursday, February 27th, 2014


been tons of talk on the interwebs regarding marissa nadler’s latest release, july, and for good reason. the good reason being is its fucking awesome. its hauntingly gorgeous and actually quite sexy, if i may be so bold. there are a ton of reviews out there pretty much stating the same thing except with way more words and more intelligently. here are some, if you dont believe me – consequence of sound, american songwriter and we listen for you. definitely one of the best records i have heard this year.. buy it via amazon


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gord downie, the sadies and the conquering sun “crater”

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, February 25th, 2014


oh man.. cant wait for this. the album is out on arts and crafts on 4.15. thanks to kevin for the heads up!


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eastern anchors “under the influence of firehose”

Posted by gregor on Sunday, February 23rd, 2014


off their upcoming record dragging your axe behind you. until that comes out check out their 2012 record drunken arts and pure science via their bandcamp page.
eastern anchors via facebook / twitter / site


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the afghan whigs’ “algiers”

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, February 18th, 2014


well good fucking morning! here we have the first track off the whigs’ first record in 16 years, do to the beast. its due out on subpop on 4.14. you have to have a spotify acct to listen, i believe, but i may be wrong.


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GRIZZLOR “we’re all just aliens”

Posted by gregor on Monday, February 17th, 2014


while you may notice that i actually used capital letters, it was not by choice. i, in fact, hate capital letters esp when i am not getting paid to use them. still, grizzlor asked me to use all caps for whatever reason, but i will only use caps in the headline. so take that grizzlor! i was going to spell it incorrectly just out of middle age spite cause its not like there are a thousand grizzlor’s running around the internets. either way, if you like noisey shit, you should find these guys from new haven, ct to your liking. i like noisey stuff, so i do. you can buy their new ep we’re all just aliens for a name your price deal via their bandcamp page.


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archie powell & the exports “everythings fucked”

Posted by gregor on Monday, February 17th, 2014


here’s the first track from archie powell & the exports new record, back in black, which is due out on 4.28. by the looks of it, they’re going to be doing some touring so make sure you check out their site, linked up there, for dates that may or may not be near your town. also, check out their previous records on their bandcamp page.


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just the facts: starar “unbelievable”

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, February 12th, 2014


not sure if this is off a new upcoming record, but its an interesting listen.
find starar via their site / facebook / twitter / youtube


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stream rew’s departeures

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

rew is ryan from milwaukee’s eric & magill – was a big fan of their 2010 release all those i know. now, i can of feel like a dumbass cause i didnt realize that said band had released a record last year entitled night singers. i seriously need an intern. either way, ryan, from what the short description would lead me to believe, recorded this during his travels through africa and se asia. i have only made it through about 1/3 of it, but its quite lovely and relaxing, but not in a this is a fucking bore kind of way. he’s got it set up as a “name your price” type of deal. so i guess you can get it for free… definitely worth checking out.


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justin rutledge “courage (hugh maclennan)” – tragically hip cover

Posted by gregor on Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Daredevil Digi 9

i dont know who justin rutledge is, other than good friend matt saying “he rules” or something along those lines. well, mr rutledge is putting out a record, his 6th, made up entirely of tragically hip covers. the record is entitled daredevil, btw. keep in mind the hip are one of my most cherished bands, and if someone is putting out a complete record of covers of said band, my eyebrow(s) are gonna raise. in my tiny brain, i think how dare someone cover the hip, but on the flipside it excites me. after reading this article, i have zero doubts that justin’s heart is in the right place, but admittedly i am a bit scared. in my case, i have come to love these songs, and have been listening to them for years and years, and then you hear another take, its kind of a bit of a shock. i think anyone who has a favorite artist, and finds covers of their favorite songs would probably feel the same way? i really look forward to hearing this whole thing. daredevil is out on 4.22.

edit: as i was typing in the “tags” justins name came up, which means i must have written about him before and well what the fuck? i did back in 2008… it really wasnt a write up but just a mention. i cant be expected to remember 5 years ago….


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Captains Dead Blog

    • oasis acoustic compilation
      April 16, 2014

      oh happy day, peoples! what we got here is an oasis acoustic compilation. for some reason have found myself listening to the first few oasis records the past few days, and figured i would post this. there is more to this compilation but those tracks have been removed cause they were commercially released. track info […]

    • centro-matic “salty disciple”
      April 15, 2014

      y’all know i think centro-matic is pretty much the greatest band on the planet, so i wont get into too much. this here song is off their upcoming record take pride in your long odds which is due out on 6.3… that is all for now. love this, if you couldnt probably have guessed. centro-matic […]

    • strand of oaks “goshen ’97″ – official video

      my man timothy showalter and his strand of oaks is back, and ive missed him so… he’s signed with dead oceans and his new record, heal, is due out 6.24. if you arent familiar with tim/strand of oaks, i cannot speak more highly of his work and in fact all three of his previous record, […]

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