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daniel markham “disintegrator”


if there is one artist out that i really want to see “make it,” or whatever that really means, its daniel markham. he’s hell of a musician/songwriter, and just an all around awesome person. his new record disintegrator is an extraordinary piece of work. read what my man eric aka magearwig over at bucket full of nails had to say about the record.

buy disintegrator via his bandcamp page

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arliss nancy “bar of the century” – lyric video

these fellas have put out two of my favorite records from the past few years, simple machines and wild american runners. the latter being a record that i listen to almost daily 3 years later. it was actually my favorite record of 2015, although it was released in 2013. its the ultimate “grower” record. their stuff is so fucking good. this song is off their upcoming record, greater divides, which is due out on the 13th on gunner records. cant wait to hear the whole thing.

buy arliss nancy stuff here

here’s a couple tracks from wild american runners

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joey kneiser “the heart ever breaking” – video

this is off joey’s most excellent record, the wilderness which you can pick up here, or where ever damn good records are sold.

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eric bachmann “carolina”


one of my favorite records of the year and i think his first in like 4/5 years. do not sleep on this record, its fucking incredible.

buy eric’s self titled record via merge

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hallelujah the hills “the girl with electronics inside” – premiere


hey hows it going? good glad to hear! so what brings you around today? oh, you like music, huh? well, you’ve come to an ok place to hear music. let me tell ya, you came around on the right day cause there’s this band out of boston called hallelujah the hils. ever hear of em? no? well thats too bad as i have been pushing them for years, but i wont hold that against you. they got a brand new record out called a band is something to figure out, and its brilliant. oh this is embarrassing, i lied a little bit cause its not actually out until april 12, but you can hear a few tracks from it right here and right fucking now. let me be absolutely frank with you, and cut the bullshit, hallelujah the hills are the best band on the planet, that havent broken up. oh you doubt that do you? let me ask you this. do you like hooks that burrow into your brain, and almost never leave? do you like cryptic lyrics and references that you may not necessarily get, but are oddly relateable? do you like horns? i could keep asking questions, but i can see you may be growing tired of this sort of thing. if you answered yes to any of those questions then your new favorite band is hallelujah the hills – this was kind of like a buzzfeed thing.

a band is something to figure out, as of right now, is my favorite record of the year. lets get our collective shit together, people, vote for trump and get ready to have hallelujah the hills fill up those pretty little ear holes with what i like to refer to as musical tacos. so awesome, you can never get enough. here is the third single off a band is something to figure out “the girl with electronics inside.”

buy a band is something to figure out via bandcamp

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caleb caudle’s carolina ghost


there has been much written about caleb caudle’s recently released carolina ghost. since the site has been down, i have read a lot of reviews on said record, and i am happy to report that everything i have read about carolina ghost is true – you’ve probably read the reviews as well. ive read a lot comparisons to jason isbell and his last two records, and quite honestly carolina ghosts bests mr isbell’s something more than free a country mile. let it be known i love something more than free, but in terms as a record as a whole, carolina ghost is the record that will make caleb caudle, much like southeastern did for isbell, or at least it fucking should. lyrically speaking, caudle is one of my favorites, he speaks the truth, no matter how painful the truth may be – see “borrowed smiles.” in closing, caleb caudle is gonna be a damn national treasure one of these days, if he already isnt, but no one knows it yet. carolina ghost is a brilliant piece of americana or whatever you want to call it. or we can just call it a fucking amazing record and be done with it?

buy carolina ghost via his bandcamp page

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tortoise “gesceap”


howdy! honestly, this is the first year in prob 20 years that i haven’t kept up with much new music. much like a relationship, there’s been a bit of burnout, and in my advancing years i cant keep up like i once did. anyway, one of my favorite bands, tortoise, has a new record coming out on 1.22 entitled “the catastrophist.”

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jill andrews “get up, get on” video

jill is half responsible for one of my favorite records ever, the everybodyfields’ nothing is okay, but this is really nothing like that record, but i’ll be damned if this isnt a damn fine piece of music. looking back im on the fence about her debut record, but this one, the war inside, is a totally different experience. definitely one of my favorites of the year. this video is brilliant in my drunken opinion.

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ringo deathstarr “guilt”

Ringo Deathstarr new

evening. saw a buddy listening to ringo deathstarr’s god’s dream on spotify the other day, and i was bored so decided to listen to it. thought it was new cause spotify it said it 2015, but obviously that was when it was added to said service. it was released in 2013, i believe. either way, god’s dream is totally fucking awesome. if you like my bloody valentine, the smiths, etc, etc you’ll definitely dig this record. havent listened to their other stuff so cant vouch for it. they have a new record coming out in next month entitled pure mood.

buy god’s dream via their bandcamp page

off god’s dream

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