ted leo and the pharmacists live at the magic stick, 4.30.07

3 posts in one day! so i guess you can expect my next post in a month. hopefully not. you can grab this is in flac, etc here or grab the whole thing here. thanks to the original taper, paramnesiac.

1. the sons of cain
2. dial up
3. me and mia
4. army bound
5. where have all the rude boys gone?
6. old souls know
7. colleen
8. the high party
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ryan adams live at northstar bar, philadelphia, 9.28.00

this is a soundboard and i was too lazy to change the file names, so if you need info click here for a text file
download the whole thing

1. gimme sunshine
2. amy
3. (chat)
4. oh my sweet carolina
5. just like a whore
6. sweet lil gal
7. to be young (is to be sad, is to be high)
8. call me on your way back home
9. my winding wheel
10. don’t ask for the water
11. born yesterday
12. damn sam
13. bartering lines
14. oh my sweet valentine
15. i still miss someone
16. hey there, mrs. lovely
17. mining town
18. nighttime gals
19. come pick me up
20. (chat)
21. dancing with women at the bar

frank black live the moore theatre, seattle, 1993


this is commonly referred to as the no big deal bootleg. you can download individual tracks just by clicking on the link and save as, or
download the entire thing here

1. instrumental
2. tossed instrumental
3. czar
4. hang onto your ego
5. i heard ramona sing
6. adda lee
7. old black dawning
8. places named after numbers
9. two spaces
10. dont ya rile em
11. freedom rock
12. fu manchu
13. los angeles
14. parry the wind
15. ten percenter
16. brackish boy
17. this is where i belong
18. everytime i go around here