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david bowie live at the universal amphitheatre, la, 9.5.74

Posted by gregor on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

hey-o! whats up peoples? i really go back and forth on my love or hate of bowie. i actually dont hate bowie, ever, but tend to have more of an indifference towards him and his music. today, i like him, quite a bit all due to this lovely bootleg.

1. intro
2. 1984
3. rebel, rebel
4. moonage daydream
5. sweet thing
6. changes
7. suffragette city
8. aladdin sane

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the flying burrito brothers live in amsterdam, 1972

Posted by gregor on Thursday, September 26th, 2013

top of the evening, lovelies…. this may be a story some of you have heard before, ill keep it brief, but up until about 1998 i was kind of ignorant to the burrito bros/byrds/parsons/etc. i was eating brunch at the beat kitchen, in chicago, and they happened to put on sweetheart of the rodeo, and from there it was down the rabbit hole i fell.

1. six days on the road (intro)
2. sing me back home
3. white line fever
4. why are you crying
5. wild horses

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my bloody valentine live in osaka, 11.25.91

Posted by gregor on Thursday, September 26th, 2013

howdy, folks. hope everyone is having just a lovely, lovely day. i, for one, am cause its not sweating balls out there right now. me and the heat dont really see eye to eye. which is just super for a guy that lives in a year round steamroom. anyway, here are mbv in osaka, just like the title says. you know what? i still havent really listened to the new one after waiting for oh 20 plus years for a new one.

1. when you sleep
2. only shallow
3. i only said
4. slow
5. nothing much to lose
6. come in alone
7. you never should
8. honey power

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johnny cash live in amsterdam, 2.26.72

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, September 25th, 2013


firstly, i wanted to say y’all are amazing! truly! i really didnt think i would get but a few hundred bucks in this little fund drive im holding – look over there to the right, but you guys have really made a guy feel appreciated/wanted/loved/etc/etc. so from the bottom of my heart, thank you very very much. as you can see have about 1k left to raise, but would like to get a little bit more, not being greedy, but i really didnt take the fees from indiegogo and paypal into consideration. not your problem, mind you, but anyway, you get what im saying. again, i love you all.

anyway, here is a very cool johnny cash show/radio broadcast from amsterdam on 2.26.72.

1. a boy named sue
2. sunday morning coming down
3. these hands
4. me and bobby mcgee
5. old 97/orange blossom special

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drive by truckers’ southern rock opera live

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, September 24th, 2013


didnt mean this to happen, two live full album recordings in one day. just happened to work out that way, i guess? here’s the classic dbt record southern rock opera performed live over two evenings at the zephyr in salt lake city on 1.18/19.02. thanks very much to the original taper! buy some dbt stuff via amazon its all highly recommended! enjoy….

act I/night 1

1. days of graduation
2. southern rock opera intro
3. ronnie and neil
4. 72
5. dead drunk and naked
6. guitar man upstairs
7. birmingham
8. southern thing
9. the three great alabama icons

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liz phair’s exile in guyville live at the fillmore, 6.23.08

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, September 24th, 2013


still one of the finest records ever made, and its a true testament that i am still listening to it, pretty regularly mind you, since 1993. also, i cant emphasize enough the importance of this record to 19 year old me, the first time i heard it.

anyway, here she is at the fillmore in san francisco on 6.23.08. this was part of her exile in guyville performances tour.

all my love to persistent for the recording…

the whole she-bangs

1. 6′ 1″
2. help me, mary
3. glory
4. dance of the seven veils
5. never said

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van morrison live at the fillmore west, 1970

Posted by gregor on Monday, September 23rd, 2013

sup super-friends? oh me? not much going on, just watching a storage wars episode i have seen at least 63 times. went to turn on tbs to watch my daily hour block of seinfeld, but come to find out they’ve replaced it with family guy. bullshit! either way, had a request for a repost of this here show and well here it is. pretty damn awesome, bt… here is van at the fillmore west on 4.26.1970.

1. moondance
2. glad tidings
3. crazy love
4. come running
5. the way young lovers do
6. everyone

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radiohead live in berlin, 7.4.2000

Posted by gregor on Sunday, September 22nd, 2013


dammit, sunday, already?!??! eh, could be worse, i suppose? not sure how much worse, but it could always be worse. i’ve never been shy about my love for radiohead. although, i fall into the i really dig their music, but dont necessarily think they’re the second coming of whomever. they do what they do, and they do it really really really well. anyway, this hear recording is amazing. if am not mistaken this was recorded a couple of months before kid a was released – i am too lazy to look up the actual release date.

dont feel like downloading the invidiually? here’s the entire thing in zip form – clicky here.

1. optimistic
2. morning bell
3. karma police
4. national anthem
5. in limbo
6. no suprises
7. iron lung
8. dollars and cents

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primal scream live at barrowlands, 1998

Posted by gregor on Thursday, September 19th, 2013


hey, howdy, hi! i remember sometime in 1991, i was 17, randomly walking around my local record shop looking for something to spend my “hard” earned dollars on. i had made friends, over a couple years, with the employees and as such they would recommend and point out new stuff to me. this particular day, they recommended primal scream’s screamadelica, a band i had never heard of, nor heard anything by. so i put down my 11.99 plus tax on said record. went home, put it on, fucking blown away. turns out, i turn on 120 minutes the following sunday night and guess what song is on there, “movin on up.” i felt like i was ahead of the curve, and pretty awesome, admittedly. ive been a fan ever since, and this stuff is actually off my favorite primal scream record vanishing point, which is just absolutely fucking brilliant.

here is an fm broadcast of show from the glasgow barrowlands back in 98 that takes most of the setlist from vanishing point.

1. out of the void
2. stuka
3. burning wheel
4. if they move kill em
5. rocks

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the band’s king biscuit flower hour

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

photo by barry feinstein

sup douchebags? the funddrive carries on, remember only you can help me return my baby, captains dead, back to its rightful owner – thats me. even if its a buck, they all add up. i love you all, even if for the thought. im reposting some of the stuff i have had requests to repost in the near past. so here is the band live on 17 July 1976 @ the carter baron amphitheatre in washington, dc. its a lovely soundboard recording.

1. dont do it
2. shape im in
3. it makes no difference
4. the weight
5. king harvest
6. twilight

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