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uncle tupelo live in st louis, 8.15.90

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, September 17th, 2013


top of the evening, y’all! funny thing about “y’all” after spending the past ten years in the south, i find myself saying it quite often, but it really never sounds right coming out of my mouth, but there is that whole “fitting in” thing. so, most of the time i resort to “you guys” which was part of chicagoan vernacular, and sounds natural. either way, you dont care about that shit. i have posted a lot of uncle tupelo shows over the past 8 years, but have never posted or heard this one. this was a benefit show for gary morris, not too sure who he is, and also this was was the farewell show for chicken truck????? anyone ever hear of them? apparently chicken trucks portion of the show was broadcast on kdhx in st louis. this show took place at off broadway in st louis…

1. before i break
2. atomic power
3. postcard
4. nothing
5. true to life

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pavement live in amsterdam, 2.3.94

Posted by gregor on Monday, September 16th, 2013


here are the men of pavement playing @ melkweg, amsterdam, 2.3.94. its a fm broadcast. not much else needs to be said, other than i got that thing going on over there to the right… captainsdead gets about 75k visitors a month, if even 5 percent gave a dollar, the site would be back in its rightful owners hands, but whatever. thanks even for the thought.

all wrapped up – aka in rar format

1. unfair
2. cut your hair
3. the green slide

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golden smog live at cats cradle, 4.18.96

Posted by gregor on Monday, September 16th, 2013


top of the day, ya glorious bastards! like the title suggests, here are those crazy kids in golden smog and the one place i want to visit before i die, cats cradle.

1. intro
2. v
3. ill fated
4. glad and sorry
5. yesterday cried
6. walk where he walked
7. signed d.c. (love)
8. backstreet girl (rolling stones)
9. nowhere bound
10. (what’s so funny ’bout) peace, love and understanding (nick lowe)

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rem live at paleo fest, 7.27.08

Posted by gregor on Saturday, September 14th, 2013


top of the evening.. took a long nap today, and now prob wont get to bed for a few more hours. of course, upon waking up from said nap, i felt shittier than i did before going into. always seems to be case when i nap longer than 45 minutes. anyway, since i was up figure i would put this out there, a fm broadcast of rem at the paleo fest in switzerland on 7.27.08.

1. bad day
2. whats the frequency, kenneth?
3. living well is the best revenge
4. these days
5. drive
6. man sized wreath
7. ignoreland
8. hollow man
9. begin the begin
10. the great beyond
11. electrolite

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dawn mccarthy and bonnie prince billy “omaha” and will oldham live on kslc fm

Posted by gregor on Friday, September 13th, 2013


totally spaced on this oldham record, what the brothers sang. someone mentioned it couple weeks ago, and quickly went in one ear and out the other. it is with dawn mccarthy, who i dont know anything about, but just judging by the video, below, it sounds lovely. it is after all an everly brothers cover record, so the chances of awesomeness are pretty high. but it via amazon

here he is performing on 10.10.98 in mcminnville, or, kslc fm.

1. intro
2. death to everyone
3. nomadic revery
4. a minor place
5. song for a new breed
6. madeline mary

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tom waits live at the san diego folk fest

Posted by gregor on Thursday, September 12th, 2013

firstly wanted to thank all of you that have donated thus far. it truly, truly warms my ever blackening heart. i cannot tell you how much the support means to me. anyway, here is one of my favorite waits shows and its from the san diego folk fest on april 19 in 1974.

1. better off without a wife
2. the heart of saturday night
3. on a foggy night
4. shiver me timbers
5. fumblin with the blues

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explosions in the sky live at first ave, 3.29.07

Posted by gregor on Monday, July 29th, 2013


sup, peoples? so.. being back in the office 8-5 game is turning out to be kind of tough. firstly is 8-5 normal? i always thought it was 9-5 esp when you really dont take a lunch. eh, whatever, i dig the job thus far, and who am i to complain? still, being in an office for 9 hours a day is rough especially not having to do so for 2+ years. prob going to be posting a bit more in the future, but gonna change up the style by posting mostly just the song/pics/vital info. lets be honest, no one really cares about my “words” and “sentences.” in the meantime, this is just what the title says.

1. intro
2. welcome, ghosts
3. with tired eyes
4. yasmin the light
5. the only moment we were alone

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elliott smith live in stockholm, 6.2.98

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, June 4th, 2013


oh, happy tuesday, peoples! so t-minus about 65 hours i, and the family, will be on the road to chicago. back home for the first time in two years. sucks we only make it back every two years, but it is what it is, i suppose. either way, el famous burrito, white castle, italian beefs, and the good beer i cant find here in louisiana will be in my stomach, soon… very soon. so here we have a great elliott show, probably one of the better ones i have heard, but i am no expert in terms of his shows. this was my favorite time period from him which could lead me to think its a damn fine show. much love to the original taper, and you can find the lossless version here.

1. angeles
2. division day
3. clementine
4. alameda
5. between the bars
6. pictures of me
7. waltz #2
8. rose parade

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songs: ohia live at waldron upstairs, 8.31.02

Posted by gregor on Sunday, May 26th, 2013

here is a lovely soundboard of what is really just a jason solo performance during bloomingtonfest in the lovely city of bloomington, in. much love to the original taper, and if you like your shows in lossless formats you can grab this one and a bunch more via

1. soundcheck
2. ive been riding with the ghost
3. just be simple
4. whip-poor-will

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vic chesnutt live at cats cradle, 11.29.95

Posted by gregor on Saturday, May 25th, 2013


happy memorial day weekend, americans! to everyone else, hey its still the weekend, right? either way, i have been so damn busy with work the past few weeks, i have nary the time/energy to put forth here. kind of sad, but i guess it beats having too much time aka not having a fucking job. although, one hilarious thing i did learn yesterday was that my health insurance, that my company “provides” is going to cost me 1k a month. are you fucking kidding me? keep in mind i am going on 3 years w/o a raise, and couple that with that fact that i can in no way afford that, i am going to have to seek other insurance. anyone around here pay for their own? any advice/tips?

yesterday, after learning that news i found it necessary, not sure exactly why, to listen to mr chesnutt. so here he is at cats cradle in carborro, nc on 11.29.95. thanks mucho to the original taper.

1. isadora duncan
2. flying
3. gepetto
4. smiley punk rocker
5. stupid preoccupations

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