neil young and crazy horse live in birmingham, england

happy birthday, neil! much like the headline would suggest, this here be a lovely neil and crazy horse show from birmingham, england. you can download the entire thing right here. oh btw this took place on 6.2.87

1. mr soul
2. cinnamon girl
3. when you dance
4. down by the river
5. heart of gold
6. see the sky about to rain
7. too lonely
8. when your lonely heart breaks
9. drive back
10. opera star
11. cortez the killer
12. sugar mountain
13. american dream
14. mideast vacation
15. long walk home
16. powderfinger
17. like a hurricane
18. tonights the night
19. hey hey my my

liz phair “exile in guyville” live


the celebration continues! here we got my third or fourth life altering record live in san fran on 6.23.08, liz phair’s exile in guyville. again, if you didnt know any links that dont lead to a 404 error can be downloaded. not sure how to download links, google it, its easy, my mom can do it!

thank you again to persistent for the recording…

1. 6′ 1″
2. help me, mary
3. glory
4. dance of the seven veils
5. never said
6. soap star joe
7. explain it to me
8. canary
9. mesmerizing
10. fuck and run
11. girls! girls! girls!
12. divorce song
13. shatter
14. flower
15. johnny sunshine
16. gunshy
17. stratford-on-guy
18. strange loop

spiritulized’s acoustic mainline inspired by iceland

morning! hope everyone had a lovely christmas, if thats your thing, mine was delightful, thanks for asking. had a request for a repost on this beauty, and well i am aim to please. what we have here is spiritualized doing their acoustic mainline but for the inspired by iceland thing that i suppose is in a hope to inspire tourism to said country.

1. sitting on fire
2. lord let it rain on me
3. true love will find you in the end
4. cool waves
5. hey man
6. soul on fire
7. walking with jesus
8. going down slow
9. stop your crying
10. anything more/ladies and gentlemen….
11. broken heart
12. lord can you hear me

dr. john live at ultrasonic studios, 11.6.73

top of the saturday to all you jerkballs! hope everyone is enjoying their day. i, on the other hand, am laying on the couch debating on whether having a beer or two will help cure this goddamn hangover im currently cursing! office xmas party aftermath. until later… i had a request for a repost of this.

here is lovely recording of a fm broadcast of dr john performing from ultrasonic studios in hempstead, new york on 11.6.73.

1. loup garou
2. walk on gilded splinters
3. danse kalinda da boom
4. stagger lee
5. hard judgment
6. traveling mood
7. life
8. put a little love in your heart
9. tipitina
10. mess around
11. interview Continue reading “dr. john live at ultrasonic studios, 11.6.73”

ryan adams live at the roundhouse on 9.21.14

photo by julia brokaw – i think, taken from npr

happy sunday, folks! so im sure y’all have listened to the new adams record. well, at least, some of you have. im still on the fence about the whole thing. some days, really dig, then others, not so much, but i didnt like the isbell record the first half dozen go arounds either. so there is hope. you can grab this and a shit ton of other adams shows via archive dot org. you can also grab this in lossless too by clicking here or the entire thing in mp3/zip form here. thanks to the original taper!

1. gimme something good
2. fix it
3. dirty rain
4. stay with me
5. let it ride
6. am i safe
7. everybody knows
8. i just might
9. sweet carolina Continue reading “ryan adams live at the roundhouse on 9.21.14”

mogwai live at the gothic theatre, 5.3.06, denver


top of the evening! been on a huge mogwai kick as of late so here they are playing a mere 8 years ago in denver….

personal note: thanks to whoever keeps submitting to bring a lot of readers to the site. much appreciated!

1. intro
2. yes, i am a long way from home!
3. hunted by a freak
4. friend of the night
5. helicon 2
6. acid food
7. i know you are but what am i
8. cody
9. we’re no here
10. stanley kubrick
11. travel is dangerous
12. you dont know jesus
13. helicon 1
14. glasgow mega snake
15. my father, my king

centro-matic live at dans bar, 5.30.08

photo by melanie gomez

rip, one of my favorite bands ever…. you meant so much to me, and many… much love to the original taper…

1. instrumental
2. mighty midshipman
3. rat patrol and dj’s
4. i, the kite
5. quality strange
6. the given geography
7. calling thermatico
8. strychnine, breathless way Continue reading “centro-matic live at dans bar, 5.30.08”

jackson browne live in bryn mawr, pa, 9.7.75

sup, folks! had a request for a repost of this fine show, and well you know the rest. you can download the whole thing by clicking on “the entire show” right down there.
the entire show

1. come all ye fair and tender ladies
2. take it easy
3. your sweet and shiny eyes
4. long distance love
5. fountain of sorrow
6. jamaica say you will
7. mohammeds radio
8. fiddlin around
9. lindley intro
10. banjo/true arkansas traveler
11. david chat and intro
12. im so lonesome i could cry
13. chat and intros Continue reading “jackson browne live in bryn mawr, pa, 9.7.75”

the ramones live at the whiskey a go go, 10.21.77


brilliant show… rip tommy

ill try to upload an zip of the entire show for your downloading pleasure — download the whole thing here

1. intro
2. loudmouth
3. beat on the brat
4. blitzkrieg pop
5. i remember you
6. glad to see you go
7. gimme gimme shock treatment
8. youre gonna kill that girl Continue reading “the ramones live at the whiskey a go go, 10.21.77”

bob mould “calm before the storm” bootleg

photo by greg kay and taken from here

hey-o! sup peoples? what we got here is mr mould playing at mccabes on 5.17.91. this be a repost, as i had a request for it last night. until we speak again…..

1. wishing well
2. out of your life
3. hear me calling
4. see a little light
5. stand guard
6. celebrated summer
7. hanging tree
8. the act we act Continue reading “bob mould “calm before the storm” bootleg”