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what im listening to right now: the imperial rooster’s cluckaphony

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, October 15th, 2013


so new mexico’s imperial rooster have a “newer” record out entitled cluckaphony. ive been meaning to give this a spin since it was released all the way back in march. oops! i have been a fan of their raucous ways/sound for what seems like a few years now. in fact their 2011 release, decent people, was one of my favorite records of the year. well, im finally listening to cluckaphony, and dammit i love it. if you like your music with a “this all may fall apart at any second” kind of looseness then you’ll love the rooster. thats not a diss at all, cause i love when bands sound like they are flying by the seat of their proverbial pants and just letting it all hang out. sure their may be some fuck ups along the way, but god damn if that dont make for a more interesting listen. not saying the rooster should be huge, cause of course they arent for everyone, but me thinks a lot more folks should be jumping on board, but thats just this drunk mans opinion. cluckaphony is a “name your price” type of deal via their bandcamp page. throw em a buck or two, at least, or dont, its your money, but these are fucking awesome people to boot. oh and their also couch by couchwest alum, so you know their solid folks.

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low live at gebäude 9, 5.1.07

Posted by gregor on Thursday, October 10th, 2013


so….. whats goin on? what we have here is low performing in koln, germany at a place called gebaude 9, which i believe i have posted shows from before. im on my way out of work, but wanted to put this out there for ye. if you want it in flac, clicky here, and thanks to kurtmeister for the recording.

1. pretty people/sandinista
2. in silence
3. take your time
4. belarus/sunflower
5. embrace
6. dragonfly
7. hatchet

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bob dylan’s acoustic troubadour

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, October 8th, 2013


top of the evening…. i am no dylan expert, in fact i am quite the novice, but this is pretty awesome, and i have never heard it before. may be old news for most of ya, but for me, tis not, obviously. more about this boot can be found here.

1. pretty peggy-o
2. in the pines
3. gospel plow
4. 1913 massacre
5. backwater blues

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soundgarden live in norway 1994

Posted by gregor on Monday, October 7th, 2013


sup peoples? hopefully everyone had just a lovely, lovely weekend. mine was just dandy thanks for asking. so i dont always listen to shows before posting esp when something is labeled as a “soundboard” recording. as i getting ready to post this, i started listening just to make sure all the files worked, and low and behold this doesnt sound like a true soundboard. its not horrible at all, just not as good as i was hoping. was going to scrap the post then figured what the hell? still a great setlist.

everything in a tidy zip file

1. rusty cage
2. mind riot
3. fell on black days
4. hands all over
5. kickstand
6. like suicide
7. face pollution
8. somewhere

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david bowie live at the universal amphitheatre, la, 9.5.74

Posted by gregor on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

hey-o! whats up peoples? i really go back and forth on my love or hate of bowie. i actually dont hate bowie, ever, but tend to have more of an indifference towards him and his music. today, i like him, quite a bit all due to this lovely bootleg.

1. intro
2. 1984
3. rebel, rebel
4. moonage daydream
5. sweet thing
6. changes
7. suffragette city
8. aladdin sane

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tom waits live 12.16.75, kqrs fm

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

photo by henry diltz

top of the day. man i dont know about you guys, but i have been freakin exhausted for the past week. of course this only happens tween the hours of 8 am – 5 pm, but still usually not this tired during the day. i would blame it on change of seasons, but its still 85 here. anyway, who doesnt love a good waits fm broadcast from 70’s? i sure as hell do. this is no repost, just to let you know. brand new to the site.

1. intro
2. emotional weather report
3. eggs and sausage (intro)
4. eggs and sausage
5. better off without a wife
6. semi suite

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whiskeytown drunken confessions

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

hey-o! again, i know im sounding like a broken fucking record here, but my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has donated, or even thought about donating thus far. 10 days left and only 800 to go… pretty sure we can make this happen. either way, thank you all again.

here today is a whiskeytown/ryan adams bootleg compilation entitled drunken confessions. for more info on the comp clicky here.

1. drank like a river
2. to druink to dream
3. fuckin bastards
4. take your guns to town
5. the great divide
6. mining town

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husker du warehouse rehearsal

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

this is a repost of a repost, but someone emailed me and well as per usual what the hell… kind of like reddit just cause you have seen it, doesnt mean its not new to someone else, or something….

this here is the men of husker du rehearsing the songs of warehouse before hitting the studio sometime between august and november of 86 – the date on the txt file – which i dont have any more – is the 5th of august, but of course its debatable. the rehearsal is cut short by the minneapolis po-po who had several complaints that they were way too loud and you can actually hear the cop saying, and i am paraphrasing, “you guys cant believe how loud it is.” not only does this bring the songs of warehouse into a different light, but its also just pretty bad ass to have.

buy warehouse: songs and stories via amazon

1. these important years
2. charity, chastity, prudence and hope
3. standing in the rain
4. tell you why tomorrow
5. ice ice cold
6. you’re a soldier
7. could you be the one
8. actual condition

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the deep dark woods “18th of december”

Posted by gregor on Monday, September 30th, 2013


one of my favorite bands from the past 5-6 years are them damn canadians, the deep dark woods. if memory serves me correctly their last two records, the place i left behind and winter hours made it into my top 10 or 20 records from whatever year they were released. well, the place i left behind was in 2011, now that i think about it and i believe it was in the top 5. they have new one out tomorrow, which sadly i have not heard, but its called jubilee. just judging the record based on the song below, i dont doubt it will end up in my top ten of the year too. although, admittedly its a pretty freakin tough year. theres also a few other tracks from their two previous records i mentioned above. cant recommend em enough. amazon has the place i left behind for 5 bucks… so worth it.

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the flying burrito brothers live in amsterdam, 1972

Posted by gregor on Thursday, September 26th, 2013

top of the evening, lovelies…. this may be a story some of you have heard before, ill keep it brief, but up until about 1998 i was kind of ignorant to the burrito bros/byrds/parsons/etc. i was eating brunch at the beat kitchen, in chicago, and they happened to put on sweetheart of the rodeo, and from there it was down the rabbit hole i fell.

1. six days on the road (intro)
2. sing me back home
3. white line fever
4. why are you crying
5. wild horses

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Captains Dead Blog

    • hiss golden messenger “mahogany dread” video
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      as of right now its tween this record, lateness of dancers, and hallelujah the hills have you ever done something evil in a tight race for my favorite record of the year. totally different records, but both brilliant. hiss golden messenger facebook / twitter hallelujah the hills twitter / site buy hiss golden records via […]

    • sturgill simspon “living the dream” live on conan
      September 13, 2014


    • jackson browne live in bryn mawr, pa, 9.7.75
      September 11, 2014

      sup, folks! had a request for a repost of this fine show, and well you know the rest. you can download the whole thing by clicking on “the entire show” right down there. the entire show 1. come all ye fair and tender ladies 2. take it easy 3. your sweet and shiny eyes 4. […]

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