jeff buckley live at arlene’s grocery, 2.9.97


today jeff would have been 47…. very interesting that a guy who really put out one record is still in the hearts of so many nearly 16 years after his death. speaks volumes to his talent, and i guess what could have been. this is not the best recording, but its lovely in warts and blemishes. rip jeff

1. nightmares by the sea
2. witches rave
3. so real
4. havent you
5. lover you shouldve come over Continue reading “jeff buckley live at arlene’s grocery, 2.9.97”

the faces live in detroit, 1974


sup, folks? not much here just freakin workin for the man, seemingly day and night, but i guess it beats the alternative? what you find below is exactly what the headline suggests…

1. i know i’m losing you
2. bring it on home to me
3. sweet little rock’n’roller
4. fly in the ointment
5. every picture tells a story Continue reading “the faces live in detroit, 1974”

wilco – am demos


happy friday peoples! firstly, i still havent sent out thank you’s and shit from the indiegogo campaign, but if you are reading this and you donated and want something from me, email me captainsdead at gmail dot com. secondly, been thinking about adding a bit more content to the site. granted its not awesome content, but trying to bring all my social shit centralized into one place. this may be a good idea or a bad idea? i have a tumblr acct, which my instagram and other random shit feeds into, but was thinking about incorporating all that into the site? thoughts? or should i just leave the site be as it is? i dont know if you care about seeing pictures of my kids, or me drinking beer or pictures of random crap i find on reddit, but maybe you do? so you tell me… anyway, here are some am demos…. keeping on the wilco kick from yesterday.

1. must be high
2. shouldnt be ashamed
3. box full of letters
4. pick up the change
5. passenger side Continue reading “wilco – am demos”

wilco – summerteeth demos

oh, wilco/tweedy, i miss you so much. i get a lot of shit from die hard, yet blind, wilco fans for saying that nels cline ruined wilco, and i usually only say that cause i know it pisses people off, or at least annoys them. kicking jay out of the band, ruined wilco. jeff needs a foil, not yes men, and jay was just that. not discounting any of the other guys participation or input in later day wilco, but me really thinks that jay pushed jeff and was willing to call him out on his bs. none of us really know what went down then, whats going on now, etc… but still, i miss that wilco. change is inevitable, but did it have to be so shitty?


1. a shot in the arm
2. we’re just friends
3. im always in love
4. candyfloss
5. how to fight loneliness
6. tried and true Continue reading “wilco – summerteeth demos”

chris whitley live in bremen, 9.19.98


morning, folks… hey got any wordpress “pros” in the audience? see that line that cuts in between the page? its driving me nuts, and cant seem to get it to go away. i dont have ocd, but that is brining out a slight case of it. anyway, any guidance or help would be appreciated. here is just a lovely whitely show from 98. couldnt ask for a better collection of songs, or recording.

1. dirt floor
2. long way around
3. clear blue sky
4. power down
5. accordingly
6. model Continue reading “chris whitley live in bremen, 9.19.98”

pavement live at shepherds bush, 1997


top of the evenings! had a request for a repost of this most awesome pavement show, and well you know the rest. if you havent already, i cant recommend checking out the todd farrell and jodi james stuff i posted over the weekend. some great shit….

1. father to sister of thought
2. shady lane
3. silence kit
4. transport is arranged
5. stereo
6. old to begin
7. stop breathin
Continue reading “pavement live at shepherds bush, 1997”

help chris porter make “this red mountain”

my man chris porter, some dark holler, is heading into the studio to record this red mountain, which he is saying is his strongest stuff to date. also, he’s bringing none other than will johnson, centro-matic, in to produce the record, and maybe an “etc.” he’s also got bonnie and elliot whitmore, chris masterson in to fill out the sound and explore the space! either way, he’s got an indiegogo going on right now to help make this happen. so lets try and make this happen for him! also check out some dark holler’s 2012 release hollow chest via their bandcamp page. chris porter/sdh via twitter

bruce springsteen “the ties that bind” outtakes/demos

hey there folks. firstly, again thanks to all that donated to the “buy back captainsdead” ordeal, and if i wouldnt have fucked up the other night whilst trying to send the money over via paypal, it would be mine as i type. i accidentally tried to send money to an email address that didnt exist. now of course i must wait for money to be put back in my acct, etc, etc, etc… still again thank you all very very much. i will be reaching out to you all in the next few days to see if you wanted anything for your donation. xoxxoxox

what we have here are some studio outtakes/demos to springsteen’s the river. if you wanna read more about it, hit up this link.
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just the facts: cold country “what it takes”


off missing the muse which you can download for a name your price type of dealio via their bandcamp page. they recently did a daytrotter session, which you can listen to here and are playing at the empty bottle, chicago, on 12.5. so far really dug what ive heard… // cold country facebook

What it Takes