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black sabbath in 1970

Posted by gregor on Sunday, November 28th, 2010

hey there. hows it going? me? you ask? just fine thanks. ive had many emails about this particular sabbath show over the past week. all of em asking lots o’ questions. questions i have no answers for, sadly. the only thing i have come away w/ is that this is a pretty rare show that no one knows anything about. so, in case you missed it the first time around.

1. intro
2. paranoid
3. nib
4. behind the wall of sleep
5. iron man
6. war pigs
7. fairies wear boots
8. hand of doom

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neil young's chicago hurricane

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

i’ve read in more than a few places that this is the best neil young show ever recorded. ive heard my fair share of young shows, but i am no expert. with that said this is definitely one of the best that ive heard from him. it took place in chicago on 11.15.76.

1.heart of gold
2. the old laughing lady
3. journey through the past
4. too far gone
5. give me strength
6. the needle and the damage done
7. a man needs a maid
8. tell me why
9. sugar mountain
10. country home
11. dont cry me no tears
12. peace of mind
13. lotta love
14. like a hurricane
15. after the goldrush
16. are you ready for the country
17. down by the river
18. inca queen
19. opera star
20. eldorado

oh, yeah i would highly recommend watching the video of the making of young’s yet to be released le noise which was produced by one of my absolute favorites, daniel lanois. lanois house is crazy awesome, btw and le noise is due out on 9.28.

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stevie wonder live in brighton, uk, 7.4.73

Posted by gregor on Monday, September 6th, 2010

oh, there’s a star wars marathon on spike! is it only us 30somethings/40somethings that can watch the originals to no end? i guessing this always may be true for 6 years olds as well, cause mine cant get enough of em. anyway, i am gonna finish up watching a new hope w mac, but here is a funky ass stevie wonder show for you listening pleasure.

1. intro/confusion
2. higher ground
3. mary wants to be superwoman
4. to know you is to love you
5. signed, sealed and delivered
6. visions
7. dont you worry bout a thing
8. living for the city
9. you are the sunshine of my life
10. superstition
11. encore jam

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joy division, paris, 12.18.1979

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

top of the evening! got a bunch of stuff to do this evening, but wanted to get this out of the way before settling in. as the title suggests, this is joy division live in paris on 12.18.1979. the young man or woman at the power of independent trucking did all the clean up work through various sources which you can read about, and grab the flac files here. and with that i bid you a good night.

1. passover
2. wilderness
3. disorder
4. love will tear us apart
5. insight
6. shadowplay
7. transmission
8. day of the lords
9. twenty four hours
10. colony
11. these days
12. a means to an end
13. she’s lost control
14. atrocity exhibition
15. interzone
16. warsaw

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the doobie brothers' "listen to the music"

Posted by gregor on Sunday, August 1st, 2010

listen to the music off toulouse street

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