captains dead's top ten records of 2009

for the past week or so, i have been digesting huge amounts of music from this year. there are quite a few excellent records that didnt make the list, mostly cause i didnt spend enough time with em and thusly felt kinda weird putting on said list. most notably, the avett brothers’ i and love and you, patterson hood’s murdering oscar, califone’s funeral singers and mumford & sons sigh no more. what did make the list though, i feel are some of the best records to come out in the past 5 years or so. the top 5 i obsessed over for most of the year, which sadly caused me to neglect the above mentioned records and im sure countless others. to their credit, though, the top 5 records could probably make it in to my top 30 records of the decade – the top 2 definitely, which are minor classics in my opinion.

and here they are….whats yours?

1. roadside sons home – buy it via autume tone
work itself out – favorite song of the year

2. magnolia electric co.josephine – buy it
little sad eyes

3. dawes.north hills – buy it
that western skyline via daytrotter
when my time comes

4. richmond fontaine.we used to think the freeway sounded like a river – buy it via their bandcamp
you can move back here

5. jason isbell and the 400 unit buy it
seven mile island

6. dinosaur – buy it
i want you to know

7. bombadil.tarpits and canyonlands – buy it
so many ways to die

8. a.a bondy.when the devil’s loose – buy it
i can see the pines are dancing
when the devils loose

9. built to spill.there is no enemy – buy it
things fall apart

10. the evening doin stuff – buy it
the steve mcqueens
hilltop pines

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