captains dead's top ten records of 2009

Posted by gregor on Thursday, December 17th, 2009

for the past week or so, i have been digesting huge amounts of music from this year. there are quite a few excellent records that didnt make the list, mostly cause i didnt spend enough time with em and thusly felt kinda weird putting on said list. most notably, the avett brothers’ i and love and you, patterson hood’s murdering oscar, califone’s funeral singers and mumford & sons sigh no more. what did make the list though, i feel are some of the best records to come out in the past 5 years or so. the top 5 i obsessed over for most of the year, which sadly caused me to neglect the above mentioned records and im sure countless others. to their credit, though, the top 5 records could probably make it in to my top 30 records of the decade – the top 2 definitely, which are minor classics in my opinion.

and here they are….whats yours?

1. roadside sons home – buy it via autume tone
work itself out – favorite song of the year

2. magnolia electric co.josephine – buy it
little sad eyes

3. dawes.north hills – buy it
that western skyline via daytrotter
when my time comes

4. richmond fontaine.we used to think the freeway sounded like a river – buy it via their bandcamp
you can move back here

5. jason isbell and the 400 unit buy it
seven mile island

6. dinosaur – buy it
i want you to know

7. bombadil.tarpits and canyonlands – buy it
so many ways to die

8. a.a bondy.when the devil’s loose – buy it
i can see the pines are dancing
when the devils loose

9. built to spill.there is no enemy – buy it
things fall apart

10. the evening doin stuff – buy it
the steve mcqueens
hilltop pines (14260)

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  2. thevandalstookmyhandle says:

    My top 5 for 2009 – I again this year feel bad for not buying all the records that I wanted to, so this list could change, but for now, here goes:

    #5 – The Devil Makes Three – Do Wrong Right
    #4 – Clem Snide – Hungry Bird
    #3 – Sara Watkins – Self Titled
    #2 – Wilco – Wilco(The album)
    And a surprising #1 – LOVED this record – Blind Pilot – Three Rounds And A Sound

    Also liked records from Superchunk, Blitzen Trapper,Built to Spill and many more. A great year for music! My most anticipated but ultimately disappointed with was the new Port O’Brien – Threadbare.

  3. gregor says:

    that sara watkins record is indeed grand, and would def be in my top 20. havent heard the devil makes three or the clem snide record, but will check em out. i keep hearing good things about that blind pilot but still havent checked it out. im almost getting to the point that ignorance is bliss, really.

    re: the wilco record, i listened to it thrice and then just fell off my radar. kinda sad cause they are one of my favorite bands. will probably revisit it next year….

  4. uwmryan says:

    a great list. we share a lot of favorites. Great, great choices here people.


  5. myboyblue says:

    I listed mine over in your Uncle Tupelo thread but here they are again. I can’t/won’t narrow to 10 but definitely my favorites of the year (some overlap with yours!):

    Dan Auerbach – Keep it Hid
    Patterson Hood – Murdering Oscar
    Jason Isbell – 7 Mile Island
    Molina & Johnson – Molina & Johnson
    The Evening Rig – is Doin’ Stuff
    The Duke & The King – Nothing Gold Can Stay
    Dexateens – Singlewide
    Deer Tick – Born on Flag Day
    Avett Brothers – I & Love & You
    Brendan Benson – My Old Familiar Friend
    Cracker – Sunrise in the Land of Milk & Honey
    Cory Chisel – Death Won’t Send a Letter
    AC Newman – Get Guilty
    William Elliott Whitmore – Animals in the Dark
    Steve Earle – Townes
    Justin Townes Earle – Midnight at the Movies
    Joey Kneiser – The All Night Bedroom Revival (and it’s free!)
    Jay Farrar & Ben Gibbard – One Fast Move
    Son Volt – American Central Dust
    Magnolia Electric Company – josephine
    Lucero – 1372 Overton Park
    Langhorne Slim – Be Set Free
    Roman Candle – Oh Tall Tree in the Ear
    Roadside Graves – My Son’s Home

  6. gregor says:

    thanks ryan….

    b, great list and yeah its hard to narrow it down. the whitmore record is stellar, as is the auerbach. both would definitely be in my top 15 if i did such a thing. havent heard of that joey kneiser record, will definitely look it up. another record thats great but forgot about is the joe pug.

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  9. Matt says:

    Honorable Mention: Built to Spill – There Is No Enemy
    10. Jay Reatard – Watch Me Fall
    9. Various Artists – Dark Was The Night Compilation
    8. Great Lake Swimmers – Lost Channels
    7. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz
    6. Reigning Sound – Love and Curses
    5. King Khan & The Shrines – What Is ?!
    4. Animal Collective – Meriweather Post Pavilion
    3. Dan Auerbach – Keep It Hid
    2. Heartless Bastards – The Mountain
    1. Drummer – Feel Good Together

  10. Jeff says:

    The Dawes record is really growing on me. A number of the songs were slow coming on, but it’s really turning into a great listen.

  11. James says:

    Gregor – excellent list, I keep seeing Dawes and will have to check that out. Didn’t even know that Richmond Fontaine had a new one. I was really into The Fitzgerald a few years ago.

    And My Son’s Home – an inspired choice for #1. What a great record – top to bottom, a true tour de force of American music.

    Personally, I highly recommend checking out, if you haven’t already, J Tillman’s Vacilando Territory Blues (my #1) and Simon Joyner’s Out Into The Snow (#5). Both are excellent albums, and both would fit in nicely with a lot of the stuff on your list.


  12. dmh says:

    Great top ten list. I’ve been lstening ti Dawes alot, it just keeps growing on me. A new disc that has an old spirit. Reminds me of The Band, in particular, Rick Danko, Also agree that Evening Rig is one of this years best. Those two really stand out for me.

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