captains dead's top 14 records of 2011

well, here it is the unofficial captains dead top 14 of the year list. i say unofficial because as there are a few more contributors lurking about, they may have their own top whatever list, and i hope they share said list with the class. not much has changed since i did my premature list back a few months ago. at least in the top 5/6 department. i went through the site and re-listened to everything i had tagged as “best of 2011” and after listening to these records, some changes definitely needed to be made. most notably the inclusion of wooden wand’s briarwood, southeast engine’s canary and chris bathgate’s salt year, all of which are phenomenal pieces of work. so with nothing left to say, here it is…

1. centro-maticonly in my double mind off candidate waltz

2. jason isbell and the 400 unitcodeine off here we rest

3. roadside gravesglory off we can take care of ourselves

3.5. the deep dark woodsthe place i left behind off the place i left behind

4. richmond fontainelost in the trees off the high country

5. glossarythe flood off long live all of us

6. mount moriahonly way out off self titled

7. william elliott whitmorebury your burdens in the ground off field songs

8. wooden wandbig mouth usa off briarwood

9. austin lucas – darkness out of me off a new home in the old world

10. richard bucknertraitor off our blood

11. chris bathgateno silver off salt year

12. southeast enginenew growth off canary

13. jill andrews the mirror off the mirror

14. the decemberists – down by the water off the king is dead

16 thoughts on “captains dead's top 14 records of 2011”

    1. jesse, i liked it for about 2 listens then just got old. its beautiful, but his vocals were horrible. @vandal yeah i was just as surprised as you considering i had written them off 4 records ago but bringing peter buck and more or less copping rem aint a bad thing.

  1. I’m kinda surprised by your inclusion of The Decemberists, but I agree with the choice. This was the first Decemberists record that I could set on repeat for the day. Thanks for the list…..couple for me to go check out now.

  2. YES! Finally, someone actually acknowledges the existence of the Richard Buckner masterpiece! It’s my album of the year. You have taste, G.

  3. Glad to see Jason Isbell right behind Centro-matic at #2!

    Gregor- love your avatar 🙂 I’m sure you heard the big AW news today?

  4. Great list – nice change of pace from the rest and quite a bit of overlap w/ our upcoming list. Surprised that there’s no deep dark woods.

  5. sure did hear about the whigs news. very awesome! and mr. oz, im actually adding an * to my list re: that record. totally forgot and i had just listened to it earlier in the day. im a dumbass!!

  6. Nice list Greg.

    The Richmond Fontaine Album is a pretty deep and very heady album – it deserves more attention than it seems to be getting out there in the blog-o-spherical universe.

    Ah, what the heck, here is my top 14 of 2011 just for the hell of it:

    Richmond Fontaine
    Alexander (Ebert)
    Joseph Arthur
    Laura Marling
    Twilight Singers
    Richard Buckner
    Gillian Welch
    The Deep Dark Woods
    Wye Oak
    White Denim
    Bill Callahan
    Roadside Graves
    Mount Moriah

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