captains dead’s favorite records of all time 1-25

honestly, i have no idea why i even started this? i was sitting on my couch the other evening, and got to thinking bout my favorite records. next thing i know, im downloading album covers, uploading album covers, gathering songs and uploading said songs. again, i have no idea why other than the thought. shit, i have lots of thoughts but rarely do i follow through with any of em.

as i said in a previous post, this list is monumentally flawed. flawed for many reasons, all of which should be pretty obvious. with any list like this, these are personal favorites and doesnt mean i think they are the greatest records ever created, then again they are my favorite’s so i must think pretty damn highly of em. its probably pretty standard 36 year old guy fare, but they mean a hell of a lot to me.

most people start at the back and work forward, not me i tell ya. my lil brain doesnt work in such a way. 26-50 will probably be posted tomorrow or monday.

1. guided by voices – bee thousand
tractor rape chain

2. public enemy – it takes a nation of millions to hold us back
night of the living baseheads

3. pavement – crooked rain, crooked rain
silence kit

4. wilco – yankee hotel foxtrot
poor places

5. liz phair – exile in guyville
divorce song

6. paul simon – graceland

7. uncle tupelo – still feel gone

8. grant lee buffalo – mighty joe moon
rock of ages

9. pixies – doolittle
mr. grieves

10. sugar – copper blue
fortune teller

11. daniel lanois – for the beauty of wynona
rocky world

12. the afghan whigs – gentlemen
be sweet

13. los lobos – kiko
saint behind the glass

14. the everybodyfields – nothing is okay

15. drive by truckers –the dirty south
carl perkins cadillac

16. richmond fontaine – post to wire
post to wire

17. guns n roses – appetite for destruction
rocket queen

18. rem – automatic for the people
find the river

19. tom waits – bone machine
that feel

20. richard buckner – Devotion + Doubt
4 am

21. the tragically hip – phantom power
vapour trails

22. guided by voices – alien lanes
blimps go 90

23. lucinda williams – car wheels on a gravel road
i lost it

24. chris whitley – living with the law
living with the law

25. bruce springsteen – nebraska
atlantic city

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13 thoughts on “captains dead’s favorite records of all time 1-25

  1. deckfight says:

    i need to give liz phair a shot.

  2. jefferson cosgrove says:

    nothing to ashamed of here…..i would list many of these at the top of my list. excellent site!!

  3. I haven’t listened to that Chris Whitley album in a LONG time. Whitley gave me a copy of it when I saw him play solo at UCSD. He was a cool cat who wouldn’t accept money from a poor college student. Now I wish I paid him because I got the better end of the deal. GREAT album.

    • gregor says:

      awesome! yeah i met chris a few times over the years in chicago, and he was always very humbled, or at least seemed so, by his popularity. he was a good soul and is sorely missed.

  4. WhiskeyT says:

    Fuckin Grant Lee Buffalo, so damned underrated

  5. I like seeing “For the Beauty of Wynona” in there. That Liz Phair album too. Nice.

  6. Tsuru says:

    Wonderful capt…… wonderful.

  7. Phantom fucking Power. Incredible.

  8. myboyblue says:

    Good list… many would make my top 25 as well. Sorely missing some Replacements though. Maybe knock out that Paul Simon album? 🙂

  9. Dwayne says:

    That’s a very solid list.

  10. peterryard says:

    more mor more. the next fifty. thank you very much

  11. Lee says:

    It’s frightening how close this would be to my own list. Let’s hug.

  12. Tsuru says:

    wow… what a fantastic list!!!! <3 Nice one capt!

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