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Posted by gregor on Sunday, December 14th, 2008

honestly, me thinks 2008 was a ho-hum year in music. there were a lot of records that it initially got me all hot, but ended up just giving me musical blue balls. there was a lot of killer, but too much filler to carry me through and through. that being so, i think i could have compiled a pretty solid top 20, if i had the energy or time or patience to do so. each of my picks in my top ten serves a specific purpose for my ever challenged soul.

if you have been following me for long enough my list probably wont come as much of a surprise, at least most of it won’t. there were a few surprises though, most notably stay down, days of my escape and the widespread reign of the great northwest. to say my expectations for stay down were low is overstating it, but fuck me if aint like previous smoking popes records, simply pure pop/punk hook laden bliss. days of my escape is one of the records that i found myself listening to the most over that past year, or at least that’s what my charts would lead me to believe. to think that kyle and brian have only met a handful of times at best, makes days of my escape an even more compeling piece of work. the widespread reign of the great northwest is the real sleeper of the group. you cant just listen to it once, because i dont think it’ll make much sense. nor can you judge the record by only listening to a couple of tracks,  its meant to be listen to as a whole, just because of the way it flows from one song to the next. pretty awesome stuff..

btw, i took the liberty of adding mr nichols’ the last pale light of the west to my list cause while it isnt officially out until 09 you can download immediately it when you purchase the cd.

without much further ado, here are my top ten picks for the ’08.


10. smoking popes.stay down

welcome to janesville

sweet pea

smoking popes myspace /buy stuff


9. two cow garage.speaking in cursive

your humble narrator

brass ring

two cow garage myspace / buy stuff


8. travel by sea.days of my escape

when it slowly fades

truth was

split second time

when it slowly fades

travel by sea myspace / buy stuff


7. the great northwest.the widespread reign of the great northwest


know what i mean

the great northwest myspace / buy stuff


6. the gutter twins.saturnalia

idle hands

the gutter twins myspace / buy stuff


5. calexico.carried to dust

two silver trees

man made lake

calexico site / buy stuff


4. ben nichols.the last pale light in the west


ben nichols/lucero site / buy stuff


3. david vandervelde.waiting for the sunrise

i will be fine

someone like you

david vandervelde myspace / buy stuff


2. centro-matic/south san gabriel.dual hawks

all your farewells

i, the kite

trust to lose

centro-matic site / buy stuff


1. drive by truckers.brighter than creation’s dark

two daughters and beautiful wife

ghost to most

drive by truckers site / buy stuff

4 Responses to captains dead top ten records of '08

  1. myboyblue says:

    Interesting list Greg… love the Centro and DBT albums. Wasn’t big on the Vandervelde record. Maybe I need to listen through it again. I’ve never even heard the Great Northwest. I’ll have to search that out.

  2. gregor says:

    that vandervelde record is a real grower. i didnt dig it so much at first either, but it gets to ya when you aint lookin. btw, that quinlan record is really good. definitely would be in my top 20.

  3. javaboy says:

    You turned me onto the Vandervelde record earlier in the year. I wasn’t blow away initially. But then I found it in heavy rotation on my player and in my head. And that is what it takes to be on my Best-Of-2008 list. Thanks a lot.

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