bother me

if you want to get a hold of me for some random reason you can email me at as a fyi, if you submit something, there’s a very good chance i will not post about it, but hey if you got the time? i guess you should maybe ask yourself, will a 41 year old dude who loves pavement, guided by voices, uncle tupelo, tragically hip, etc like this? if there is even a question, dont bother. love ya! oh also, i live in baton rouge, la, so there’s no point in inviting me to shows that arent within a 70 mile radius of my home.

oh, one last thing, if you’re wondering where ten years worth of posts went, the long and short is that i had to rebuild the site due to being hacked. the great thing about it, though, is that google still thinks my site contains malware even though its a completely clean install on a different server. so thats pretty cool.