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Posted by gregor on Monday, October 28th, 2013


i dont remember many opening acts, in fact only probably a dozen or so in my 25 years of going to shows have made an impact. or at very least a lasting impact. during my time in atlanta i had the privilege of seeing ben trickey open up for, i believe, jason isbell. either way, that was prob about 6 years or so now, and i still remember his performance. so that should tell ya something right there. well, he’s got a new record out entitled rising waters, and g’damn its great. one thing i love about mr trickey is his lyrics and vocals fit perfectly together. this is not taking anything away from any other artist, but there is something about his voice/delivery and lyrics that are perfect pieces to a puzzle instead of trying to fit a square piece into a round corner. probably makes no sense at all, on paper or the screen as it were, but i think after a few listens, it may. at least, i hope. much like mr toth aka wooden wand, ben conjures up visions of backwoods or a sidewalk preachers, judging me for whatever sins i have probably committed. in the end though, its probably their own shortcomings they are railing against. such is the human condition. i am sure if i were to ask the man if he heard this in his music, he would probably say “nope,” but its all subjective, i suppose? best of 2013, no fucking doubt.


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