spiral stairs’ “dundee man” & “dance (cry wolf)”

you already know who spiral stairs is, and if you dont, google him. he’s got a new record coming out via domino records on 3.24 entitled doris & the daggers.

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will johnson “patient, patient man”

morning! will has a new record coming out, i think, and at this point too lazy to look it up. he’s got this 7″ coming out via different folks on 2.24 and this song is the a side. still i could have sworn i read reports he had a whole record coming out shortly?

anders parker’s the man who fell from earth – pledge music campaign

happy friday, peoples! one of my all time favorite artists anders parker has a new record coming out, the man who fell from earth, and is doing a pledge music deal to help him put it out. whether it was his work w space needle, varnaline, gob iron (w jay farrar,) new multitudes, or just his solo stuff, he’s been never too far away from ears for almost 20 years. i cannot recommend him enough, and its never too late to dig in or help out. check out some of his stuff below and consider helping him out by clicking here.

many waters: baton rouge flood relief comp

howdy! so saw this the other day, and since i live in baton rouge, figured i would try to get the word out. as you may or may not know, last august we had some serious flooding happen, and while i was luckily not affected, i know at least 5 people that lost everything. if you havent seen pics, google it, it was pretty devastating. one of my favorite labels, thrill jockey, put this comp out made up primarily of louisiana artists to benefit the baton rouge food bank. now this is mostly made up metal/punk/whatever louisiana artists, and not the typical louisiana fare that most people are accustomed to. for 20 bucks you get 33 songs, and all goes to a great cause. click here for more info.

very fresh “schedule iv”

i like this quite a bit. oh and here’s a cover of garbage’s “only happy when it rains” one of my favorite songs from whenever the hell this was released. too long ago, probably.

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EDIT: check out their new ep here via bandcamp page