all alone in a world thats changed


firstly, i hope everyone has a lovely new years eve. i, for one, am going to be watching my kids and enjoying some beers all by my lonesome. sandy, my bride, has to work this evening, which is fine with me cause she should make some huge cash – i hope. to be quite frank, nye lost its allure about 14 years ago, so i aint heartbroken…

secondly, i find it hard to believe that with all the los lobos shows out there that i have never posted one. it boggles the mind… in my humble opinion, los lobos are one of the most underrated if not the most underrated band performing today. they make as interesting of music as anyone, no matter the genre. sadly, to this day when i mention to people that one of my favorite bands is los lobos, the typical response is “oh the la bamba band.” yeah….  as far as i am concerned they have not made one bad record, and to top that i dont think they have made even just one marginal record. their entire catalogue should is phenomenal – kiko, the neighborhood, the town and the city and how will the wolf survive in particular, through and through.  i am sure there are some los lobos fans out there that can back me up on their awesomeness…

here they are playing @ biddy mulligans in chicago on 12.14.84. i lived in chicago for 29 years and never heard of this place, btw…

1. we’re gonna rock

2. i got loaded

3. come on let’s go

4. a matter of time

5. evangeline

6. dont worry baby

7. how will the wolf survive

8. i got to let you know

9. why do you do

10. 300 pounds of heavenly joy

11. la bamba

9 thoughts on “all alone in a world thats changed”

  1. I share your opinion of Los Lobos, Gregor. One of the greatest and most underrated bands out there. This year I saw one Lobos show and one David & Louie (Latin Playboys) show. Ever seen one of those? Good times, can’t wait to see LL in 2009. Tonight, they’re playing 2 hours away in Tucson.
    Thanks for the post. Look forward to hearing this! Oh, and Town and the City is awesome, start to finish.

  2. I agree for sure, these guys aren’t just Los Angeles heroes, but I believe that they are one of those uniquely American artists like the Band or Dylan that give a real insight into a segment of our culture.

  3. Biddy Mulligans was near the corner of Sheridan and Howard on the far, far Northern border between Chicago and Evanston. I knew Biddy’s well during my high school days, sneaking in as an underage punk from the North Shore. Big hangout of Northwestern folks. There’s a liquor store next to where Biddy’s used to be. Wished I’d snuck in for this one! Thanks for all your hard work on the site, keep up the good work, it’s greatly appreciated.

  4. @ pete, i have not had the pleasure of seeing the playboys. i am sure that they put on a pretty funky show…
    @ stewrat, thanks man happy 09 to ya..
    @ bill, that would probably explain it. i really never traveled that far north. but i am still surprised that i had never heard of it.. thanks for the info…

  5. Doin a little web nostalgia cruise…sorry to see Biddy is gone, but some fine memories remain. Use to hang there in the mid-late 70s…best night was Thursday…see the weekend band…no cover…Becks Dark on tap for 75cents…sign over community urinal in men’s room “This Ice Is Almost Never Used In The Mixed Drinks…great place for darts too!

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