Jay Bennett

Jay Bennett Albums

0.0 Beloved Enemy Jay Bennett
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0.0 Bigger Than Blue Jay Bennett
Released on
April 20, 2004
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0.0 The Beloved Enemy Jay Bennett
Released on
October 5, 2004
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0.0 The Magnificent Defeat Jay Bennett
Released on
September 26, 2006
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Captains Dead Blog

    • smug brothers “meet a changing world”
      May 4, 2015

      i love smug brothers even though i havent written about them as much as i should have. i apologize for that. they have a new record out woodpecker paradise and its phenomenal. they’re from dayton, ohio, don trasher is in the band – ex-gbv, but kyle melton wrote all the songs. see where i am […]

    • jodi james “kiss lonely goodbye” & “crazy sometimes”

      before i wind down the road, and leave you all, i wanted to touch on a couple records that i thought deserved attention. the first being baton rouge’s jodi james, whom i have gushed over before, and her new record things i leave behind. i cannot speak more highly of jodi’s music, its absolutely gorgeous, […]

    • jerry david decicca – “bloom again” – video premiere

      top of the monday to y’all. “bloom again” is off one of my favorite records of the year in 2014, jerry david decicca’s understanding land. the song, as jerry tells it was inspired by a roy orbison quote from a mtv interview. you can read more about my thoughts on understanding land, drunken as they […]

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