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0.0 “Album” Girls
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0.0 Album Girls
Released on
December 14, 2011
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0.0 Father, Son, Holy Ghost Girls
Released on
December 13, 2011
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0.0 Girls Girls
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0.0 Girls of Summer Girls
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0.0 The Girls Girls
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Captains Dead Blog

    • sleater-kinney “bury our friends” – new song
      October 20, 2014

      oh glorious day! sleater kinney, one of my most favoritist bands ever, are putting out a new record – their first in ten years. shit, i cant believe its been that long since they called it a day. the record is called no cities to love and is coming out on sub pop on jan […]

    • ryan adams live at the roundhouse on 9.21.14
      October 19, 2014

      photo by julia brokaw – i think, taken from npr happy sunday, folks! so im sure y’all have listened to the new adams record. well, at least, some of you have. im still on the fence about the whole thing. some days, really dig, then others, not so much, but i didnt like the isbell […]

    • centro-matic on squidbillies – videos

      centro-matic will be performing the theme song on tonights episode of squidbillies at 11.45 on adult swim (202)

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