los lobos “made to break your heart”


hey! los lobos has a new record out called gates of gold, but i havent heard it yet. i have this heard this song though, and its pretty great, just like everything they do. if there were a band that i wish more people were into it would be los lobos. they’ve been putting out fantastic records for more than 30 years, if my brain is doing math correctly. if i were to recommend one los lobos record to you, it would have to be kiko, which is one of my favorite records ever. its fucking brilliant. looking forward to checking this one out. xoxoxo

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justin kinkel-schuster (water liars) live in baton rouge sunday 9.27 – house show


hey gang! so justin from one of my favorite bands, water liars, is playing a house show this sunday night here in baton rouge. whose house? my house! if you are interested please send an email to justininbr@gmail.com believe show starts round 7ish. havent heard of em, dont matter, i guarantee you’ll dig em and what else you doing on a sunday night?

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roadside graves “gospel radio,” “clouds” & “body”

i’d be doing this fucking world a disservice if i didnt mention one of my favorite bands, roadside graves, have a new record out today entitled acne/ears. the reason they’re one of my faves is cause they keep putting out brilliant shit like acne/ears, a top 5 contender for sure. buy it via itunes, amazon or don giovanni records.

so long, goodbye, be well, i love you

hey gang! i am going to keep this short, sweet and to the point. this whole site is selfish, but lets be honest most sites that are run by normal joes/janes are selfish as shit. this is not a bad thing at all, cause we all want to push the music we love and want people to hear. i honestly, dont know where i am going with this, but i am going to try. i started this site almost 10 years ago. we moved to atlanta, my son mac was born, and needed an outlet. i was no longer seeing shows on a weekly basis, and needed a connection to the outside musical world. i never, ever thought it would grow into anything other than some jackass, me, talking stupidly about music. if you have spent any time here, you know i can barely string two cohesive sentences together that make sense. still, it found a little niche in the music blog-o-sphere. i would like to think i was part of the music blogger crew that started it all. sure, there were folks before me, and maybe i am thinking to highly of myself, but whatever. in all reality none of that shit matters, the blog-o-sphere really matters. what matters is that i met, made friends with folks that i would never have imagined doing so. those friendships are what really matter to me, honestly. sure 99% are online friends but a lot of those folks, including a lot of you who were there for me during shitty times. i only hope that my musical postings helped at least 1% of people cause otherwise this all would have been for naught.

those who have donated in the past, i cannot, i repeat cannot, express my deepest gratitude. even if you never donated, but made comment that meant the world to me, you dont even know. i really dont know what to say, at this point, cause im getting a little bit teary eyed. if you know anything about me, you will know that i am a complete sap. thank you all, so so so so much, i love you all. well, at least most of you. goodnight folks, i wish you all nothing but the best. this will all go dark in two weeks, so grab what you can now.

xoxoxoxoxo me

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midnight “auto-kinetic illusion”


hope all you ‘mericans had a lovely and safe 4th! here’s a band, midnight, that hailed from the southside, or south suburbs – country club hills, homewood and olympia fields all of which i spent plenty of time in, of chicago in the mid to late 1970’s. i’ve never heard their 1974 release, into the night, but drag city is re-releasing it on 7.17. definitely interested in hearing this entire thing. pre-order it here via drag city.

mint mile “modern day” members of silkworm, songs:ohia and tre orsi


i learned about mint mile’s existence couple weekends ago via jon solomon via twitter. he runs the label comedy minus one label which is putting out this awesomeness, mint mile and their 12″ in season & ripe. if you know anything about me, you know that silkworm was and continues to be one of my favorite bands, and then of course songs:ohia, but sadly never listened to tre orsi, but may need to rectify that shortly. the record comes out in august, and cant wait to get my hands on this.

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