A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer


anyone see kenny vs spenny? thus far i have only had the opportunity to check out the farting episode, and as much as i love fart based humor, the show as quite annoying. sure, i laughed out loud at numerous times throughout the episode it got to the point where i just wanted to gag. which i suppose is maybe the point. i loved the underwear/heat sensor visual, but there was still no for me to have ever witnessed such and experiment. i dont see it lasting very long, but drawn together still lives so there is hope for just about anything.

baby dee seems to be quite the character, literally. at first i was not even sure what gender dee was, it would turn out that dee is indeed a she. but, based on first impressions i was unsure whether dee was some kind of stage act or parody, both being not by type of thing. as it turns out, baby dee is pretty right on. kind of a melding of waits old world charm and stephin merritt eccentricities. she’s got a new will oldham and matt sweeney produced(they also play) record entitled safe inside the day coming out on drag city on 1.22.08. guests on the record include andrew wk, robbie lee, max moston (antony and the johnsons), william breeze (psychic tv), john contreras (current 93), james lo (chavez) and lia kessel. here’s the first single from safe inside the day.

the only bones that show

baby dee site

there were many, actually lets just say between the years of 94 – 04, an evening was spent in bars scattered throughout chicago neighboorhoods. one thing i love about chicago is that in the winter you drink cause there isnt much else to do, and then in the summer you drink cause, well, its summer. anyway, my point is this, chicago’s morning recordings reminds me of the dark end of the bar. the perfect place to chill and just let everything going on just pass you by. think yo la tengo on codeine with a splash of some dream pop band, if thats possible. their new record the welcome kinetic is out now, i believe. check em out…

we loved the city years

sugar waltz

the welcome kinetic

morning recordings site / myspace

here is a stones compilation entilted lonely at the top. check the txt file for all the info regarding lonely at the top.

1. live in the heart of love

2. drift away take one

3. sweet home chicago

4. dancing girls

5. munich reggae

6. lonely at the top

7. munich hilton take 3

8. whats the matter

9. gangster’s moll

10. hang fire take 2

11. claudine take 2

12. we had it all take 3

13. lets go steady again

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  1. I am Me says:

    thanks. been lookin for Drift Away for awhile. i have a version. not sure if its the same one or not but it cuts.

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