a message from ryan of hallelujah the hills – buy their shit

so took a break, then realized i still loved sharing music, but i dont really like typing out words and crap cause lets be honest no one really cares about words. so moving forward this version of captains dead will just feature the complete and utter basics: artist, song title, where to buy it, etc. so there’s that. if you know me, you know i love hallelujah the hills, like a lot. apparently their distributor, carrot top, went belly up. if memory serves me correctly, they’ve been around for a long long time? sad to see them go. so, now ryan is left w a bunch of top notch vinyl that he needs to get rid of. i think he’s charging 8.50 w free shipping for 180 gram vinyl?!?! thats crazy talk. also, let it be known that a band is something to figure out is my favorite record of 2016 and have you ever done something evil was my favorite record of 2014, so cmon 8.50? you spend that on a pack of smokes or a beer or a fancy coffee or a handjob in an alley, i dont know? either way its dirt cheap.

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you can buy that shit here via their bandcamp site. you should pick up their stuff even if not on vinyl. i celebrate their entire catalogue.

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