a few pounds lighter, and you'll be miss ethiopia!

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

in case you hadnt heard, the members of bottom of the hudson were involved in a tragic accident over the weekend when their van blew a tire killing bassist trevor butler and sending drummer greg lytle to intensive care with a fractured skull. they are accepting donations via payapl to help cover some of the medical expenses. you can make a donation via paypal using both@absolutelykosher.com.

bottom of the hudson’s new record fantastic hawk is out now. definitely check it out cause its pretty damn great.



bottom of the hudson site /myspace / absolutely kosher

my favorite promise ring and dismemberment plan offshoot, maritime, has leaked two tracks off their upcoming record, heresy and hotel choir. both tracks are pretty awesome which makes me even more itchy for the new record.

guns of navarone

science fiction

calm from we, the vehicles

parade of punk rock t-shirt

sleep around from glass floor

i love the band pulp so when any reviewer likens a band to said group i usually try and pay attention. so, when mojo likened mother and the addicts to pulp – awesome – and franz ferdinand – cant stand em – i had to at least give em a try. here’s the problem when some reckless reviewer likens a band to both a band i like and one i cant stand, i can only hear the band i cant stand. i got hang ups, i know. at this point i dont hear pulp other than the fact that they may share the same accent.

their new record science fiction illustrated is being released in the us via chemikal underground.

all in the mind

so tough

mother and the addicts site / myspace

lyle lovett is what the kids commonly refer to as “the man.” well, at least in my world. if all you know about him is that he was once briefly married to julia roberts then you are doing yourself a great disservice.

here he is playing vienna, va @ wolftrap on 7.7.97. part two will be posted tomorrow.

1. babes in the woods

2. fiona

3. dont touch my hat

4. i’ve been to memphis

5. band intro

6. thats right

7. private conversation

8. friend of the devil

9. shes already made up her mind

10. give me back my heart

11. her first mistake

12. nobody knows me

13. if i had a boat

4 Responses to a few pounds lighter, and you'll be miss ethiopia!

  1. Eric says:

    Damn right, Lyle!
    (but) the Friend of the Devil link is wrong…..

  2. alt-gramma says:

    Thanks for this live Lyle! I saw him in concert many years ago with his Large Band, and he is damn good. What a showman.

  3. elephantclea says:

    We need my misguided well horizontal a real I assumed trees and climb woods spent days about about

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