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i have to thank one half of the lovely young gals that make up red/blondehead, leah, for bringing birmingham’s through the sparks and their recently released lazarus beach into my realm of consciousness.

lazarus beach is a confusing record and it really only started making sense to me�after about a dozen or so listens. lazarus beach whisks innocently by like a lazy sunday drive in god only knows, georgia. your only company are your thoughts and the songs playing on the lone am station picked up by that shitty kraco radio. its not until you get past these sun-on-your-face-not-a-care-in-the-world-peaceful-easy-southern feelings that lazarus beach begins to reveal its somewhat uneasy underbelly, not unlike the south itself. like behind every smile and open hand or in this case sunny melody there is a real sense of dread but this despondent feeling only rears its head if you let it. to compare lazarus beach, in some regards, to wilco’s summerteeth would not be out of line me thinks.

mexico(every last buffalo)

fallin out of favor with the neighbors

local moon

tonight or i guess this mornings offering is pavement live at e-werk, cologne, germany on june 26, 1995. anyone know if there has been any word on matador giving the remainder of the pavement catalogue the re-issue treatment as they did with slanted, crooked rain and wowee i think it would be a damn shame if they didnt.

1. in the mouth a desert

2. elevate me later

3. grave architecture

4. kennel district

5. rattle by the rush

6. unfair

7. heaven is a truck

8. brinx job

9. serpentine pad

10. best friends arm

11. half a canyon

12. black out

13. grounded

14. conduit for sale

15. motion suggests

16. pueblo

17. cut yr hair

18. shoot the singer

19. here

4 thoughts on “800.588.2300 empire!”

  1. Thanks for the pavement gig. There is a lot of echo on someone’s snare. Probably Bobby N. Word from the pavement message board is that brighten and tt will get the redux treatment. Probably fall of 08 and 10.

  2. Apologies in advance but are these files down at the moment? I’ve grabbed about half of the show and would like to grab the other half if it was at all possible.

    Good quality so far,


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