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patterson hood featuring kelly hogan “come back little star”

photo by andy tennille

oh, well hot damn! a new patterson hood record is on the horizon and its called heat lightning rumbles in the distance and is being released via ato records on 9.11. of course hvaent heard the whole thing yet, but i am in love with this song. patterson and kelly sound great together, and begs the question why havent they hooked up sooner? or have they, and i just missed it? either way you can download it down there, or just stream it.
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guided by voices “keep it in motion” video

wow! an actual gbv video! when was the last time for one of these? anyway, this is off of one of my favorite records of 2012, class clown spots a ufo. buy it via amazon

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what im listening to right now: truckstop darlin’s hope and the heart it breaks

again, one of those been sitting on for a bit now records. i had listened to the first song off portland’s truckstop darlin’s hope and the heart it breaks a couple months back then got sidetracked by im sure one of the kids needing to eat or some bullshit like that – i kid of course. anyway, ive set aside time tonight to listen to a bunch of stuff as the kids are pre-occupied with minecraft and a few other things. so, this will be my first proper listen of said record.
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new stuff from some dark holler

photo by wes frazer

sadly, i have been sitting on these new some dark holler tracks for a few weeks now, but as i have said before i have been so freakin pre-occupied with everything life is throwing at me. anyway, these two tracks are from their yet untitled this is american music release which is due out sometime this summer. was a huge fan of their ep, and cannot wait for this cause these two songs are fucking great.
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cory branan live at the hartley vey, baton rouge, 7.16.12 – tomorrow night

photo by joshua black wilkins

hey baton rouge peoples! my man cory branan is coming to our fair city tomorrow night at the hartley vey theatre in support of his most excellent new record, mutt. i wrote about the record a month or so back, which you can check out here and i said in the “review” that it was a “grower” and i definitely still stand by that. still its definitely one of the best records i have heard this year. i have never seen him live, but i hear he’s one of the best. so dont miss out on this one!
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paul mccartney: the alternate red rose speedway

happy saturday morning, y’all. admittedly i have been slacking the past couple of weeks. not for lack of anything interesting to talk about, but stressing about the move back to chicago, and other random shit. so here is a repost of the alternative red rose speedway by mr paul mccartney.

1. hold me tight, lazy dynamite, hands of love, power cut
2. the mess
3. thank you darling
4. mary had a little lamb
5. bridge on the river suite
6. tragedy
7. seaside woman
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the posies’ black sessions, 3.1.94

top of the day! honestly, i dont know much about the posies, as i have never really listened to em. sure, i know quite a bit about em, but that never led me to check em out. i had a buddy on twitter request some posies stuff so i figured i would comply. for those posies fans out there. where should i start?

1. definite door
2. when mute tongues can speak
3. i am the cosmos
4. love letter boxes
5. flavor or the the month
6. earlier than expected
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hallelujah the hills “get me in a room” big digits mix

y’all probably know how i feel about remixes, and if you dont, ill lay it out simply, i usually hate em. the only remixes i like are public enemy remixes from the late 80’s – early 90’s. granted there are a few i like, but the majority, not so much. so, when i heard about a remix of probably my favorite song of the year “get me in room,” off my favorite record of the year no one knows what happens next, i had to check it out. its cool, i could do without the rapping, cause i dont think it necessarily fits, but i dig the beats.

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beth orton “something more beautiful” video

oh how i used to love beth orton, then she just kind of fell off my musical map, but still i hold her first two records dear to my heart. well, she’s back, signed to anti and is releasing sugaring season on 10.2. loving this song, so here’s hoping its a return to form.

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