the mynabirds “body of work”

possible shortest review of a record coming in 3,2,1… laura burhenn and her mynabirds have a new record coming out on 6.5 entitled generals. either youre going to get it, or you wont. either you love it, or you wont. its a call to arms to whoever is listening to get out there and standup for something, do some good, or at very least give a fuck. laura is the voice of a new generation of not only women in music, but music in general no matter the gender. best of 2012, and possibly favorite record of the year thus far.

pre-order generals via saddle creek

body of work

the tragically hip’s the roxy and elsewhere


morning! been a a big hip kick as of late, and have been trying to find some new live stuff, but sadly there isnt much out there as they sell most of their shows. so in lieu of posting something new here is a repost of this hip bootleg entitled roxy and elsewhere. this version of “new orleans is sinking” is particularly killer and quite entertaining.

1. lionized
2. three pistols
3. courage
4. bring it all back
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southeast engine “old oak tree”

well, one of my favorite records from last year southeast engine’s canary is getting a 4 song appendix ep, entitled canaanville, which was designed/recorded/written to accompany canary. canary is a fantastic fucking record, but thematically its kind of a hard sell. its a concept record revolving around the inhabitants of appalachian ohio during the great depression. still, like i said, its absolutely great. definitely worth checking out. canaanville is not outtakes or demos, they are brand new songs and is due out on 7.31 via misra.

red lake shore – off canary

silver jews “secret knowledge of back roads”

wow, this would have been a pretty awesome session to sit in on, dave berman, stephen malkmus and bob nastanovich recording presumably before berman started the jews, and stephen and bob, pavement. the recording in question is being released via drag city on 6.19 and is entitled early times. some of the songs on early times are from the original 7″ ep, “dime map of the reef,” and the 12″ ep, “the arizona record.” sadly, me thinks i am not familiar with either or if i am, its been a long ass time since ive heard em. either way, very much looking forward to hearing this whole thing.
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glossary and austin lucas live tonight in baton rouge

hey baton rouge! you truckers better be at the austin lucas/glossary show tonight at the manship cause if you aint, and you call yourself a music lover or at very least a “fan” you are neither. two of my absolute artists performing yet again in our fair city?!?!? that shit is cray? is that term? either way, glossary will be backing up austin, and well glossary will be doing their own thing. if my memory serves me correctly, most of glossary backed up austin on his yet to be released, announced, etc record…

they’re playing at the manship at 8 pm, me thinks. do it!

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liz phair “and he slayed her” video

hey hey hey! back again. this time with a new song/video from my first rock n roll girlfriend, or maybe second or third, i cant remember, but its a liz phair as you probably took away from the title. that piece of shit site perez hilton somehow got to premiere it, yesterday, i believe. not sure how that happens, but whatever. anyway, song is good, i must admit. sounds like early liz, which is just fine with me. havent bothered to check when the new album is coming out, but im a guessin, soon…

bon iver live from the haldern pop festival, 8.15.09


top of the early morning, y’all! had a request for a repost on this one, and since i fell asleep at pretty much 7.30 last night, im up a bit early, or at least feeling productive. oh, and this is bon iver live @ the haldern pop festival in germany on 8.15.09. much love to the original taper. m

1. intro
2. flume
3. creature fear
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cory branan “bad man”

a couple months back i was speaking w a beloved artist of a lot of us, who has been feature on here more than a few times, regarding cory branan. i had stated that i only really like about a quarter of his songs, at this point said artist called me crazy or something maybe worse, actually it was worse, but it was all in good fun. i was only being honest, and judging the man and his music by what i have heard up until that point. i should also mention, that my view of his music also criticized by more than a few people whose opinions i respect.

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sugar – copper blue/beaster/f.u.e.l. trailer

ummm, what more could i say than fucking awesome! if you havent grabbed em yet, why dont you just give em your email address down there and pick up three live copper blue tracks from their bottom of the hill show in san francisco on 2.24.12. also check out the killer packages merge has for all this good stuff.

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