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the cars live at el mocambo, 9.14.78


the train keeps rolling, before the family truckster moves out on vacation tomorrow morning. here’s yet another repost request. are ric and paulina porizkova still married? guess i can google that

zip form

1. intro
2. good times roll
3. bye bye love
4. nightspots
5. my best friends girl
6. moving in stereo
7. since i held you
8. they wont see you
9. dont cha stop
10. just what i needed
11. candy-o

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the rolling stones: exile on mainstreet outtakes


ok, so i had a request for reposting some stones stuff, which i did last night, and now doing again, but this will be the last one. unless, of course, anyone has any other requests. its two different comps, which have some overlay and the second part is definitely better quality, imo. the zip file down there are both comps combined, if memory serves me correctly.

diamonds and disease – zip file

1. shine a light
2. sweet virginia
3. good time woman
4. loving cup
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bob mould live on german radio, 1989


howdy! i am going to try and crank out like 10 re-posts of stuff that you may have missed over the past couple years, and stuff that i have had requests for. dont know if ill be able to do it, but dammit ill try!

1. sunspots/wishing well
2. compositions for young and old
3. heartbreak a stranger
4. life without lies
5. poison years
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elliott smith live at dv8, 4.13.99

ok, top of the evening again! not much to say about elliott smith that hasnt been said before so i wont even rehash past memories. here he is playing at the dv8 in salt lake city on 4.13.99, much like the title would suggest. its a soundboard, btw.

1. ballad of big nothing
2. independence day
3. speed trials
4. bled white
5. son of sam
6. waltz #2
7. cupids trick

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the rolling stones live in perth, 2.24.73


howdy, peoples! i am on vacation in t-minus 1 day and trust me its much needed. sadly, the wife isnt allowing any computers on this trip so you wont hear from me until probably next sunday. well, a week from this sunday, but i am going to try and get to some reposting and some other stuff during the next 24 hours that should fulfill you while i am away, or not… i had a request for some stones boots that have since bit the dust and will start it off with this show from perth, australia on 2.24.73. more to come later on…

1. brown sugar
2. bitch
3. rocks off
4. gimme shelter
5. happy
6. tumbling dice
7. love in vain
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william elliott whitmore live at the picador, 9.1.06

remember how psyched i was to see lucero and mr whitmore a couple weeks ago? yeah, well guess what? it never fucking happened! the wife ended up working late, i wasnt feel all that great, and well it just wasnt meant to be. i wasnt too pissed, as you can imagine. anyway, here is a soundboard of him at the picador which is in iowa city, iowa. much thanks to cyfan for the recording.

i celebrate his entire catalogue so buy/download something via amazon

the whole deal

1. intro
2. diggin my grave
3. south lee county brew
4. dry
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woven hand live in malmö, sweden 5.2.02

other than the sunny day real estate show i saw all the way back in 95, me thinks, i havent seen a more intense show than david eugene edwards and his 16 horsepower at schubas sometime in the late 90’s, early 00’s. i know i have spoken, in depth, about bout both shows so i wont bore you, but the latter of the two artists was absolutely amazing, mesmerizing. sadly, he doesnt play the states too often, or if he does he just doesnt come to where i live. he has since disbanded 16 horsepower and gone onto woven hand, who i havent given as much as love as i should, but, well, what you going to do? he does play some 16hp stuff during this show, and i cant recommend enough hunting down either bands stuff. much love to the original taper!

1. pre-show music
2. phyllis ann
3. my russia
4. wooden brother
5. blue fail fever
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whiskeytown's drinking games


happy irish day, people! i have been listening to this for a number of years now, and its been reposted twice well now three times. i mainly go back to it for this version of “the battle” which breaks my heart just about everytime. of all the whiskeytown shows i have heard this is most definitely my favorite. btw, its from 10.30.97 @ the 7th street entry in minneapolis.

1. today
2. 16 days
3. yesterdays news
4. excuse me while i break my own heart
5. midway park
6. breathe
7. i forget the name
8. not home anymore
9. everything i do
10. waiting to derail
11. avenues
12. the battle
13. losering

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wrinkle neck mules "leaving chattanooga"

wrinkle neck mules, one of the more interesting band names i have come across recently, has a new record, apprentice to ghosts, which came out on the 21st of last month. i have not heard the entire thing, but i really, really dig this little twangy ditty. they’ve been around for like 12 years and have released 5 years, and much like american aquarium, they’re now just coming into my realm of consciousness? has anyone heard of these guys, or any of their records? i am definitely intrigued. the record came out on lower 40, btw. also, they apparently have a song in a geico commercial? dont think i have seen that one, or maybe i have without even knowing?

leaving chattanooga

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flaming lips live in claremont, ca, 10.14.02

howdy, happy friday, bitches! here is that flaming lips portion of the beck show that i posted a few days ago. very good quality. probably not a soundboard, but great nonetheless….

1. intro
2. race for the prize
3. fight test
4. yoshimi
5. lightning strikes the postman
6. she dont use jelly
7. 35,000 feet of despair
8. do you realize
9. waiting for superman

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