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revisiting: jolene's in the gloaming

i seriously have zero to do today, and it feels good. one kid is addicted to minecraft, and the other one is delving into episodes of “dragon tales” cause she needs to catch up. so, thats leaving me with not much to do but spend time on the damn computer. sure, there is other stuff i could be doing, but the other stuff is kinda lame.

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free records alert: juniper tar's the howl street ep and to the trees – limited time

photo by kat berger

totally should have mentioned this weeks ago, but better late than never, i suppose? either way, today and maybe tomorrow you can grab wisconsin’s favorite sons juniper tars’ the howl street ep and to the trees for free. well, ya gotta give em your email address, but shit who doesnt already have it? i know at least a few nigerians who probably do. sadly, i have never really talked about these guys, but i really really dig em and are one of a few bands that i foresee great things a coming. dont just take my word for it, check out their press page and you’ll see a bunch of friends of captains dead sayin the same damn thing. so go ahead, click right here and enjoy.

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miles davis: complete 1960 live at the free trade hall

admittedly, i dont know much about miles davis, or actually jazz in general. its a shame, cause i have tried or been meaning to get into said genre for at least a few years now, but still havent made a real effort. for those jazz aficionado’s what are 2-5 records that i should start with? i think this is actually for sale, but the cheapest i have seen it has been a hundred bucks. so, i figured what the hell?

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slint live at à la cartonnerie, reims, france 3.3.2005

top of the evening everyone. hope everyone has recovered from their holiday festivities. i am in the process of doing so, or at least my liver is. anyone got anything exciting going on for new years? i got nothing, and actually since about 1999, i havent really given a shit about going out. actually the last time i had a great new years was the year prior, 98. in was an unusually warm chicago night and with that being the case we walked all over the city with a shopping cart in tow for most of the night – dont ask, and if memory serves me correctly didnt end up home until about 9 am. now, im just bored and old.

here’s exactly what the title suggests….

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its a hello kitty christmas

top of the christmas eve morning, or for those of you who dont celebrate said holiday, happy saturday. so, dont know if i had mentioned, but my company lost the contract that currently employs me, and with every such situation theres a chance that you will get shitcanned by the new company. well, it took a couple weeks and lots of stress, but finally got my offer letter on thursday, and while it wasnt exactly as much as i wanted, i still have a job come jan 1. so, for that i have to be grateful. the one real shitty thing is is that my first paycheck from the new company wont be until feb 1. ugh… its gonna be a rough month. still, it could be worse, much like the music you’ll find below. to everyone that celebrates christmas, merry christmas to you and your family, and to my jewish brethren happy chanukah!

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rem fanclub only christmas record


top of the morning! hope everyone’s weekend was just swell. mine was just fine. made a trip down to new orleans to bring the kids to this thing they have called “miracle on fulton st.” pretty much they put up this huge canopy on fulton st, and make it “snow.” the “snow” actually looks like snow, but once you get close to it, its just bubbles. still the effect is pretty cool. needless to say, we get down there and as you guessed it, they didnt do it this year! son of a bitch! still it was nice to visit, grab a few drinks and walk around.

so, i figured i would repost this rem christmas record which was for members of their fanclub only. i believe said fanclub has since disbanded. to read more about it, clicky here. if you should want it without having to download all the files individually, click “you can have it all.”

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elephant micah "if i were a surfer"

wanna talk about an artist i think everyone should be listening to? in fact i did a post a couple years back proclaiming exactly that. you should be listening to joseph o’connell and his elephant micah. well, joe has a new record coming out on 1.31.12 entitled louder than thou on what i think may be his own product of palmyra label – if its not, all apologies. i, for one, cant wait to hear this, as joe is pure gold in my book. seriously, if you dig the likes of mark kozelek or jason molina, you may even like elephant micah more. i dont think i could pay a higher compliment to any artist.

if i were a surfer

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from the youtubes!

i have found myself perusing youtube more than normal as of late, and here is just a few things i have been mildly to extremely addicted to.

w/ deborah kelly – first time i have seen a version with her accompanying willy. not the best sound but if you turn it down, its better.

– favorite song of the year!

zomes "stark reality"

top of the morning to y’all. firstly, i wanted to mention this, and while most of you may not give two shits, to me, and this here lil site, its pretty awesome. last week, or the week before, whitney from usatoday’s popcandy announced she was going to add 10 more sites to her blog roll, and as you can guess, this here site was chosen to be one of the ten. now, out of all the sites she could have added, and i am sure she comes across plenty of awesome ones, its a pretty big deal – at least to me. to be linked to by a site that is in the top 100 sites in america is pretty awesome. anyway, thats all on that.

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