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dawes live video at m studio: baeble session

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Watch the full video at (246)

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revisiting: roadside graves' we can take care of ourselves

Posted by gregor on Saturday, November 26th, 2011

2009 was my first foray into the musical world of the roadside graves. i had a brief affair with their if shacking up is all you want to do, but maybe i just wasnt ready for em? i maybe listened to it a half a dozen times, then just stopped. 2009 brought me their minor classic and my favorite record from that year, my sons home. a sprawling 18 track opus comprised of familiar themes, but set in situations/stories that probably arent for everyone, but they touch a nerve/heartstring nonetheless. that is if you let em, but you have to an open mind and put yourself in the shoes of the characters they created. 18 songs is a lot of songs and its quite an undertaking especially if you want keep the attention of the listener. suffice it to say, my sons home is as the saying goes “all killer, no filler.” wilco barely pulled it off, roadside graves did with flying colours.

this year they put out we can take care of ourselves, which is a concept record based on s.e. hinton’s 1965 novel “the outsiders.” yes, they also made it into a movie starring every 80’s actor you could imagine, or at least it seems that way. a record based off a novel originally published 40+ years ago which revolves around two sets of socioeconomically opposed white “gangs” and their dealings with each other and themselves? not an easy sell, but the beauty of we can take care of ourselves is that you dont have to know anything about the story to appreciate the tale – this is of course a concept record after all. shit, you dont even have to listen to it as a whole, although thats the way it should be listened to. the songs are so freakin strong that they can stand on their own and in a perfect world there would be 6 or 7 singles that should be blazing up some perfect world chart. much like my sons home, everything seems in its right place and the ebb and flow of the record is damn near perfect. i cant name another band out there, or at least that i have heard, that have mastered this art as well as roadside graves. if there are only two records you listen to based on my recommendations this year, let this be one and the mount moriah record. this is not to take away from any other records i have in my top 10 or other shit i have dug, but me thinks these two need the most help and need to be heard.

buy we can take care of ourselves via amazon or via autumntone on vinyl with a digital download.

love me more
work itself out – off my sons home one of my favorite songs of the past 10 years (750)

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zide "siruac" and "cifudiny"

Posted by gregor on Friday, November 25th, 2011

found this earlier today, and have gave it a few listens even though it sounds as if it was digitally transferred via cassette. its pretty warbly which of course is the sure sign that it came from previously mentioned format. its definitely listenable even its current state. these are two tracks from a possible compilation entitled vox comp, which came out in 93, of a band called zide. if you like the shoegaze movement from that era you should dig this.

cifudiny (306)

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tom waits' kcrw "snap" sessions, santa monica, 11.10.73

Posted by gregor on Friday, November 25th, 2011

top of the day after thanksgiving, or for those of you anywhere else, the day after a thursday. my thanksgiving was lovely and relaxing. we went to the wife’s new restaurant/hotel, the renaissance marriott in baton rouge. took some pics of the event with my new panasonic lx5, which is a super awesome camera, btw. thanks to my father for purchasing it for me. i had to sell my g12, which is also a great camera, and really sucked being without one.

woke up this morning with “san diego serenade” in my head and thus listened to it approx 20 times this morning. so i figured i would post a waits performance which has never graced this site. very interesting listen, as are most waits shows. the quality is good, not great, but the performances are spectacular.

1. pancho’s lament
2. friday’s blues
3. shiver me timbers
4. depot, depot
5. better off without a wife
6. fumblin with the blues
7. san diego serenade
8. semi suite
9. ice cream man
10. big joe and the phantom 309
11. the heart of saturday night
12. ol’ 55
13. virginia avenue
14. please call me baby
15. diamonds on my windshield
16. gettin drunk on the bottle
17. i hope i dont fall in love with you
18. rosie
19. tijuana (1173)

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slothbear "wide berth"

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

the fine, distinguished men from slothbear are back with a new ep entitled cantor on which they just released via their bandcamp site. they have come along way since the first time i hear em a few years ago. back then they were pure fuzzed out pop, emphasis on the fuzz, and now while all everything i liked about em, initially, is still intact its definitely a more “accessible” fuzzed out pop. if you dig the likes a magoo – if you remember them, mid-era gbv, apples in stereo, sonic youth and dan bejar than you should find these gents from valley stream, ny to your liking. havent heard the entire thing as of yet, but have heard two tracks, and well, i dig em quite a bit.

wide berth (1391)

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lambchop "if not i'll just die" plus a merge winter sampler

Posted by gregor on Monday, November 21st, 2011

top of the evening! cant wait for this one to, hopefully, grace my inbox sooner than later. this one being lambchop’s 2012 merge release, 2.21 to be exact, mr. m. damn, i cant believe they have been around 20 freakin years, and this is their 11th record. just seems like yesterday, i was being blown by their ’96 record, how i quit smoking and my favorite lambchop record, the follow up, thriller. imo, kurt wagner is the coolest dude in the rock and the roll.

in other news, merge has released a winter sampler which includes lambchop’s “if not ill just die,” amongst other awesomeness such as the archers of loaf’s “harnessed in slums” off vee vee which is one of my favorite songs/albums ever, superchunk’s “driveway to driveway” off foolish, new stuff from richard buckner, crooked fingers, and more! click here for the entire deal – warning download will begin.

Lambchop – If Not I’ll Just Die by MergeRecords (441)

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modest mouse: the lonesome crowded west demos

Posted by gregor on Friday, November 18th, 2011

oh glorious friday, you couldnt have come any sooner. well actually you could have but i wont hold it against ya. next week is a 3 day, which i need more than you know, but im sure most of you are in the same boat.

in other news, it amazing how many glorious songs victoria williams has written but i just cant listen to them unless they are sung by others. anyway, i had a request for a repost of these and if they’re easy to find i am more than willing. definitely the best modest mouse record, imo….

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will johnson and scott danbom "shadow follow me"

Posted by gregor on Thursday, November 17th, 2011

im not a centro-matic fanboy at all… again off my favorite record of the year candidate waltz. (390)

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mac mccaughan "digging for something" for the a.v. club

Posted by gregor on Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Mac McCaughan of Superchunk discusses and performs “Digging For Something” (308)

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ben trickey "cold wind"

Posted by gregor on Thursday, November 17th, 2011

my man and atlantanite, ben trickey, has just released a 7″ on atlanta label pygmy records which caters to local and unlocal artists alike. one thing i have always dug about mr trickey and his brand of music is that it may come across as kind of dire and dark, but in the end there’s always an air of hope and possible salvation and this song is no different. this guy should definitely be bigger than the atlanta area. cant recommend him enough….

cold wind (468)

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