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adams house cat's town burned down

after 21 years of nothing, i figured, in my little brain that it may be alright to post this adams house cat record, town burned down. also me thinks that it if it would have seen the light of day, it would have by now considering the trucker’s popularity. for those unfamiliar with the whole ordeal this is patterson and cooley’s band before forming the drive by truckers. it was recorded in muscle shoals back in 1990. oh, and are we ever gonna hear a mike cooley solo record? i could have sworn that i read that one was recorded a couple of years ago. so whats up? this needs to happen….

1. town burned down
2. runaway train
3. child abuse
4. kiss my baby
5. long time ago
6. lookout mountain
7. picture of elvis
8. ask yourself why
9. since you came
10. smiling
11. santas out of rehab
12. nine bullets

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guns n' roses' delusions and illusions

afternoon, again! hey guess what we’re moving monday, and guess who hasnt started packing yet? my place looks like a family that plans on staying for at least another month or so, or a lifetime. since the wife has been gone really for the past 5 weeks, she isnt really letting me pack cause she’s anal like that. hey whatever, i admit im a shitty packer, amongst other things.

this show is taken from a stockholm show that took place on 8.16.91. the last two tracks are bonus tracks and are from stockholm, 8.17.91 and l.a. 7.30.91, respectively.

1. night train
2. mr brownstone
3. bad obsession
4. live and let die
5. dust and bones
6. double talkin jive
7. civil war
8. patience
9. you could be mine
10. november rain
11. welcome to the jungle
12. drum solo
13. godfather theme
14. rocket queen
15. only women bleed
16. knockin on heavens door
17. sweet child o mine
18. estranged
19. paradise city
20. my michelle
21. locomotive

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riviera "hopeless"

well, well, well, this is really a surprise! a great one, mind you. one of chicago’s best local bands, well they were at one time at least, cause now they’re in portland, but riviera is releasing a new five song ep in decemeber/january entitled watching western skies. most likely unless youre a fan of glorious noise, derek phillips is one of, or is the founder of said site, or lived in chicago, you probably havent heard of these gents, but now’s your chance to hop on the train. i was and still am a huge fan of their 05 release at the end of the american century and contains one of my favorite songs of the past ten years, “your american past.” during their stint in chicago they opened for the likes of tweedy, son volt, califone, etc… if these guys trust the men of riviera, shouldnt you? definitely loving the new song, see down there, and ive also included “your american past” for your listening pleasure.

hopeless off watching western skies
your american past off at the end of the american century

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jason isbell and the 400 unit "alabama pines" video

oh hey another website/magazine that isnt mine got the premiere of jason and his 400 unit’s video for “alabama pines.” their “here we rest” sits comfortably at number 2 in my top 10 of 2011 list. edit: switched it up to the hd version which is noticeably better quality…

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guided by voices "the unsinkable fats domino"

to say im a little more than excited about the new gbv record lets go eat the factory which features the classic gbv lineup, is way more than the understatement of the year. said record is coming on 1.1.12 and is being self released, but you can pre-order the “the unsinkable fats domino” 7″ via matador and is due out on 11.22.

the unsinkable fats domino

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13ghosts "gimmie back"

im gonna be super honest here, my laziness has probably led to me overlooking some great records. i am going to actually going admit that i know it has, and thats a god damn shame. its like do i listen to bee thousand for the 1000th time or say birmingham’s 13ghosts most recent release, liar’s melody? well, as you can probably guess, it took me a while, but finally gave the latter record more than a few solid listens over the past week and damn! im glad i did. in case you didnt know 13ghosts is ex-dexateen brad armstrong’s band along with 3 other dudes, although the lineup may or may not change from time to time. so if you were a fan of the dexateens fan you should absolutely dig this. although, i should say i was thrown off by the opening riff of the lead track “water, rise” cause i was absolutely thinking this was gonna be more a stones “shake your hips” kinda record, but it is not, at least most of it isnt. regardless, its a great record, and what it is and what it isnt doesnt matter. you can only grab this record via this is american music for a measly 5 bucks. btw, maria taylor sings back up on two tracks on the record.

gimmie back

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the smiths' the cradle snatchers

happy friday peoples! i think i may have posted portions of this before, but didnt realize it until i had uploaded everything and the links in place. oh well, if you missed it the first time around, here’s your chance. everyone have a loverly weekend.

1-3 are from the peel session of 12.17.86
4-14 are from the troy tate sessions

1. is it really so strange
2. london
3. sweet and tender hooligan
4. reel around the fountain
5. you’ve got everything now
6. miserable lie
7. these things take time
8. wonderful woman
9. handsome devil
10. hand in glove
11. what difference does it make
12. i dont owe you anything
13. suffer little children
14. pretty girls make graves
15. how soon is now
16. wonderful woman
17. purple haze

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me, us and new orleans: the goodbye

three years ago, my family and myself moved to new orleans on nov 1. on oct 31, in 1.5 weeks, we are leaving. kinda strange, kinda cool. also, after being here only a short time i wrote a little piece on my initial thoughts of new orleans. i really dont know what i said, nor do i care to revisit it. i will just talk about albeit briefly on our life in new orleans.

new orleans is fucked up. i have never come across a place i love so dearly, but also hate w a little bit of passion. its a scammy ass town, but its also a town filled with life, and love and hope. the scamminess is in it politics, but really what city isnt filled with that? still, i believe its a little to scammy for its own good. thats truly the only thing i hate about it, but if you play by the rules you may never have to see that side of it. sure there’s crime, my house was broken into, and cars rummaged through repeatedly. the latter, our own fault for forgetting to lock our doors. the former, inexcusable. still, i love this city, and i, of course, am not the only one. there’s a sense of pride that i have just never seen/felt anywhere else, not even chicago. i even feel this pride, cause new orleans is a glorious city, filled with some truly amazing people. sure, i wasnt here for katrina, and my stint here was only three years, but still its hard not to get roped into this feeling. sure, people bitch and complain, but ask most people living here, and they wouldnt want to live anywhere else, myself included.

i truly will cherish my last days here in new orleans, and look back very fondly on my time spent here. i would say anyone looking for a place to move, new orleans should be near the top of your list. sure there’s always the threat of a hurricane, sure the streets flood with only an inch of rain, but once you get here, it gets in you. i have tried to explain to other people why i love new orleans, and its very very hard to explain. all i usually end up saying is that it gets under skin and eventually hits your soul, if you let it. i am very sad to leave, and may even shed a tear. yes, i am a pussy that way.

as of oct 31, we are moving to baton rouge, just a scant 80 miles up interstate 10. the wife has taken a job as an executive sous chef at a new renaissance hotel in baton rouge. now, if it werent much of a pay raise she wouldnt have taken it, but it was and thus our move. the only good thing is that a lot more bands, oddly enough, come through baton rouge than they do down here in new orleans. weird to me, but thats just the way it is.

in closing, thank you new orleans, thank you to the folks i have met in person, and maybe just online. y’all have been awesome, welcoming, and truly made me feel like a part of something even if ever so slightly.

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slowdive live oslo, 12.93


happy evening peoples! i had a request for this the other day and while i work on a few other things i figured i would re-post it. its exactly what the title says it is… btw, we are moving to baton rouge in 1.5 weeks and i have yet to pack. fun….

1. machine gun
2. souvlaki space station
3. slowdive
4. avalyn 1
5. catch the breeze
6. melon yellow
7. monringrise
8. she calls

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