aerosmith "the increasing killer show"

you know what kids? there was actually a point in history where aerosmith were actually pretty awesome. sure this was many a moon ago, but there’s no denying that their mid-late 70’s records were way solid. im more or less referring to get your wings, rocks and toys in the attic all three of which i cant recommend enough. i listened to their 1987 release, permanent vacation via spotify today and its actually still pretty good – i could live w/o “dude looks like a lady,” but all in all its held up fairly well.

tracks 1-4, tower theater, upper darby, philadelphia, pa, march 26, 1978
tracks 5-11, shaeffer music festival, central park ny, august 29, 1975.

1. same old song and dance
2. toys in the attic
3. goin down
4. train kept a rollin
5. s.o.s.
6. mama kin
7. dream on
8. write me
9. walk this way
10. train kept a rollin
11. toys in the attic

madeline at the allways lounge this saturday, and 6 random emails

howdy! got a bunch of stuff here. firstly athens’ madeline is gonna be playing the allways lounge this saturday in new orleans. so if you happen to be around, i highly recommend pointing your ass down there and check her out. show starts at 10 pm, me thinks… she’s got a lovely newer record out called black velvet, but that song down there is not from that record.

i waited all day

anthem facilityleft to defend off their trace ep

elliott broodif i get old off days into years

exitmusicthe sea off from silence

you wontthree car garage off i am not sure – thats not the name of the record, but i cant find the name of it.. thus, not sure

jim ward – take it back off quiet in the valley, on the shores the end begins & the electric six

tyler ramsey – guitarist for band of horses – “the night bird” off the valley wind
The Nightbird by tylerramsey

paul simon live in osaka, 1974 – part one

howdy! dont got to much to say this evening, as i am not much in the mood for words or stringing them together. this is part one of a two part post. the remainder may go up tonight, if not, then definitely tomorrow. you can find the zip of the first part of the show right down there. btw, this took place on april 1, 1974.


1. me and julio
2. was a sunny day
3. cecilia
4. reading fan letters
5.homeward bound
6. american tune
7. intro of urubamba
8. el condor pasa
9. duncan
10. about urubamba’s instruments
11. death in santa cruz
12. kacharpari
13. scarborough fair
14. the boxer

captains dead's premature top 10 of 2011

as i laid on the couch last night, cause thats where i have been relegated to the past month or so, but thats another story – nothing bad, i was listening to a record that shall remain anonymous. even though its still 85+ degrees here in new orleans, its almost the october, and the end of the year. so i gots to thinkin, at this point what are my top ten records of the year? so i started rattling off records, in my head of course, and came to the conclusion that this year, 2011, has been the best year in music, at least shit i like, in a long time. coming up w/ a definitive top ten has been almost impossible, real world problems, but especially the top 5 or 6 cause i love them for very different reasons. every one of could be end up being my favorite of the year, or can i just have favorite 1a, 1b, 1c, etc? the one thing i struggled with was differentiating between what i have enjoyed the most, and what has made the biggest impact? they dont go hand in had, all the time, but this year it seems be the exception to the loose rule. strangely enough, there are two concept records in the top ten. roadside graves’ take on the s.e. hinton classic “the outsiders,” and richmond fontaine’s fucked up tale of lost souls all taking place in a logging town. surprise record of the year? has to go to the decemberists the king is dead, considering i wrote them off about 3 record ago, but i guess you bring peter buck in and it makes everything better. so as it stands, right now, here is my top ten of 2011, prematurely. btw, i highly recommend not “googling” premature unless you want to endure infinite sadness.

1. centro-maticonly in my double mind off candidate waltz

2. jason isbell and the 400 unitcodeine off here we rest

3. roadside graveslove me more off we can take care of ourselves

4. richmond fontainelost in the trees off the high country

5. mount moriahonly way out off self titled

6. glossarythe flood off long live all of us

7. william elliott whitmorebury your burdens in the ground off field songs

8. the decemberists – down by the water off the king is dead

9. austin lucas – darkness out of me off a new home in the old world

10. jill andrews the mirror off the mirror

radiohead live at the corn exchange, 11.6.95

arent these lads on colbert this week, or did that already happen? did i miss the memo on exactly why they’re playing colbert, and more specifically an hour? dont get me wrong, its all good with me, but just a wondering? anyway, this particular performance happened in cambridge, uk and was a radio broadcast.

1. the bends
2. bones
3. anyone can play guitar
4. bulletproof
5. planet telex
6. bishop robes
7. my iron lung
8. blow out
9. fake plastic trees
10. nice dream
11. street spirit
12. stop whispering
13. you

bob dylan live in sydney, australia, 1966 aka a phoenix in april

morning… seems like a lot of folks loved the dylan outtakes i posted the other day, and since i had actually meant to post this show, before that, i figured i would stay with the dylan theme. ive heard numerous dylan boots, but of course i am no expert, but this one has to be my favorite. im sure others will disagree, if so which is your favorite? anyway, it goes by the bootleg title of “a phoenix in april” and took place in sydney, australia in 1966. its a super solid recording, mostly cause its a soundboard. you can read more about it here via bobs boots.

1. she belongs to me
2. 4th time around
3. visions of johanna
4. its all over now, baby blue
5. desolation row
6. just like a woman
7. mr tambourine man
8. tuning
9. tell me momma
10. i dont believe you
11. baby let me follow you down
12. just like tom thumb blues
13. leopard skin pill box hat
14. one too many mornings
15. ballad of a thin man
16. positively 4th street

new stuff from r. mutt

when i get packages in the mail, i rarely get excited, and an even a rarer event is that i am impressed with whatever was sent my way. i received a package about a week ago from the milwaukee band r. mutt and honestly wasnt expecting much at all. included in said package was a t-shirt, which i could always use, and a copy of their new record, leash on life, which i figured would end up in the never been listened to section of the closet. as you have probably figured out by now, i did listen to it, and was more than way impressed. what surprised me the most is that theyve been around since ’88, and this is the first time im hearing about em. maybe theyre just finding their groove, or maybe i just dont pay attention, but considering theyre from milwaukee and im from chicago… anyway, this is the kind of music that i love. it lacks any kind of pretension, they’re not trying to be anything they aint and just get straight to the heart of rockin n’ rollin. at the end of the day, the latter is all i really want out my music. this is definitely a sittin on the backporch in the middle of the summer drinkin beers watching a ballgame kinda record. they’ve got a 6 song sampler of the record on their bandcamp page that you can buy for a lousy buck and/or you can buy it via itunes or rhaposdy.

think about it
beautiful bad day

david vandervelde live at chickie wah wah, 10.14, new orleans

photo by hollis bennett

my man david vandervelde is coming to new orleans to play at chickie wah wah on 10.14 along with local boys done good, caddywhompus and carter tanton of lower dens. i, sadly, have never seen vandervelde live, but i hear the guy puts on a helluva show usually pulling out some awesome covers like “cocksucker blues” – one of my favorite songs. his records, are equally as awesome, and cant recommend his 08 release, waiting for the sunrise, enough. pretty sure it was in my top ten from that year. also, his “nothin no” still stands as one of my favorite songs from the past ten years, pure fuzzed out pop bliss. if you are only gonna hit up one, two or three shows between now and the end of the year, definitely put this at the top of your list.

the power of love – possibly never heard/unreleased
beer jay bennett cover
someone like you off waiting for the sunrise
nothin no a must listen!!!!

10/14 new 0rleans, la- chickie wah wah w/ carter tanton & caddywhompus
10/15 houston, tx- fitzgerald’s w/ carter tanton & wye oak
10/18 san diego, ca – soda bar w/ the fling
10/19 los angeles, ca- the echo w/ the fling
10/20 san francisco, ca- bottom of the hill w/ the fling
10/21 santa cruz, ca- the crepe place
10/22 eureka, ca- the red fox tavern
10/23 portland, or- doug fir lounge w/ the fling
10/24 seattle, wa- live on kexp 11am (PST)
10/24 seattle, wa- the tractor
10/26 denver, co- larimer lounge
11/14 charleston, sc- the music farm w/ dr. dog
11/15 athens, ga- 40 watt w/ dr. dog
11/16 knoxville, tn- the bijou theatre w/ dr. dog
11/17 boone, nc- legends @ appalacian state university w/ dr. dog
11/18 chattanooga, tn- chattanooga choo choo w/ dr. dog

bob dylan outtakes from unplugged


not sure whats going on, but i have received no less than 5 requests for this to be reposted in the past 2 days. first i thought he may have died, but tmz hadnt reported it and of course thats where i get all my news from. i have a shit-ton of new music to talk about in the coming hours, days, weeks. just trying to collect my thoughts so in the meantime…

i want you
my back pages
dont think twice its alright
everything is broken
love minus zero no limit
ill be staying here with you
absolutely sweet marie
i want you