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old tapes "farewell"

hailing from the bubbling metropolis of rochester, ny, old tapes have just released their debut ep entitled this is goodbye. old tapes, in case ya didnt know, is made up of lisa kribs, her brother michael and david mcginnis. all of whom are well known djs in said area/city and me thinks their side gigs definitely show up in their music. its most definitely not a dj record, but some of the grooves/beats/attitude shows up in their music. while usually, i would have to admit it doesnt sound like my thing on paper, i actually quite enjoy it. couple that with the fact that everyone involved are swell people, it makes the product that much more enjoyable.

you purchase this is goodbye via their bandcamp for a measly 5 bucks. there’s also a 7″ available via the tympanogram store for 7 bucks. btw, tympanogram, the blog, is run by a couple cool dudes out of rochester. still i think they could have picked a better name cause i still have a hard time spelling it.


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the imperial rooster "the vintage"

plain and simple, youre going to either love the genre defying ways of santa fe’s the imperial rooster, or you wont. i dont think theyre a band where the term “casual listener” would apply. i have been listening to their recently released decent people non-stop for the better part of 3 days, and all i can say its a trip. here’s what i love about the record, or better yet them, the most; they have heart and passion for their music. they arent the best singers, maybe not the best players, but ill be goddamned if the piece aka the album is greater than the sum of its parts. please dont take that as a dis, cause some of my favorite records fall in the same category.

on first listen you may think to yourself wtf is this? their songs are kinda goofy, kinda serious, kinda tongue-in-cheek, etc, but again, the gang of imperial rooster blend it all wonderfully together. there’s sea chantey’s, irish drunken sing-a-logs, heart felt ballads, and stories of what kinda shit goes down at a “typical” imperial rooster show. the latter of which, even if half true, i need to witness for myself. short review, even shorter, i love it decent people and if ya give it enough time, me thinks you hop on this train. def a best of 2011 release… buy it here via bandcamp

riyl: tom waits, the gourds, the pogues, drinking songs, old timey country

the vintage

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teenage fanclub live at the paradiso, 11.20.95


like most of my life, its filled with good to great intentions. yet, i find myself constantly being thrown roadblocks that pretty much give the crotch grab and the middle finger to said intentions. had a few things lined up for today, but the backend of this biatch was giving me heartache. so, im just gonna post this teenage fanclub show from the paradiso until i can figure out what the hell is going on back here. its an fm broadcast btw.

1. intro
2. about you
3. star sign
4. what you do to me
5. escher
6. dont look back
7. the cabbage
8. radio
9. mellow doubt
10. verisimilitude
11. neil jung
12. sparky’s dream
13. the concept

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uncle tupelo: the long cut + five live

howdy. had a request for this yesterday, and while figured i would fulfill said request. this here is a promo that was sent out to radio stations in support of anodyne which i of course cant recommend enough. as the pic up there suggests its the album version of “the long cut” plus 5 live tracks.

1. the long cut (album version)
2. weve been had
3. anodyne
4. truckin drivin man
5. suzy q
6. fifteen keys

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sun hotel "talks"

new orleans’ sun hotel put out my 10th favorite record last year, coast, and its not just cause they come from my newly adopted home town, but because its a moody and lovely piece of work. it reminds me of a lot of what i was listening to in the mid-90’s – which if you didnt know is my favorite musical era. if you use spotify, you can check out on there, which i highly recommend you doing – thats a link to the record, btw. well, theyre back with a 5 song ep entitled gifts which may or not be being released on chinquapin records the label they started with other new orleans band, caddywhompus. regardless who’s releasing it, its out on 10.6, and if you click here, they got a bunch of different packages to choose from if you so choose to buy the ep. loving the song, cant wait to hear the whole thing. highly recommended!


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holy sons "a chapter must be closed"

photo by eliza sohn

sadly, stephen malkmus and his jicks wont becoming to new orleans on his upcoming tour. this is not to say he wont in the near future, but who knows if this dude, emil amos, who performs under the moniker holy sons, will be opening up for him at that time. thats a damn shame too, cause i would really like to hear more from this guy. what i gather from the press release emil is all over the board, at least musically. last year’s survivalist tales! was a combination of “blade runner-esque synths and 70’s easy-listening psych.” sounds interesting to say the least. his backing band for the tour is made up members of grails and dolorean, btw. i really dig this song, for what its worth. anyone hear the above mentioned record?

a chapter must be closed

here’s the dates where he is opening:
tue-sep-20 detroit, mi – majestic theatre
wed-sep-21 toronto, on – phoenix concert theatre
thu-sep-22 ottawa, on – ritual
fri-sep-23 montreal, qc – corona theatre
sat-sep-24 boston, ma – royale
mon-sep-26 new york, ny – terminal 5
wed-sep-28 philadelphia, pa – theatre of living arts
thu-sep-29 baltimore, md – ram’s head live
fri-sep-30 charlottesville, va – jefferson theater
sat-oct-01 saxapahaw, nc – the haw river ballroom
sun-oct-02 atlanta, ga – variety playhouse
tue-oct-04 nashville, tn – mercy lounge
wed-oct-05 indianapolis, in – earth house
thu-oct-06 chicago, il – vic theatre
fri-oct-07 milwaukee, wi – turner hall
sat-oct-08 minneapolis, mn – pantages theatre

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pink floyd live at pompeii, 1971

oh happy day! i aint got much for ya this morning other than this pink floyd bootleg, which is the audio portion of the live at pompeii film that was released in 72, and subsequently re-released a few times. you can buy the dvd via amazon. ill probably be back in a bit…

1. intro
2. echoes (part one)
3. careful with that axe, eugene
4. a saucerful of secrets
5. one of these days
6. set the controls for the heart of the sun
7. mademoiselle nobs
8. echoes (part two)

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william elliott whitmore "bury your burdens in the ground"

remember the other day when i speaking on artists that will carry me into the next decade, i sorely forgot to mention william elliott whitmore. this guy just keeps getting better and better and better. i am not even sure where to start on how brilliant this record is. brilliant being a word i really hate using but as it pertains to field songs, which was released last month, i think the description is apt. i absolutely love(d), animals in the dark – and his whole catalogue really, but i didnt think he would be able to top it. yeah, i was mistaken. where animals was like walking into a some kind of drunken and rollicking political rally being held around a fire in a barn, field songs takes a step back on the politics and focuses on the struggles instead of the fight. i think this guy at allmusic nailed the record perfectly.

buy field songs via amazon

bury your burdens in the ground

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a.a. bondy "the heart is willing"

photo credit: ted newsome

morning. firstly, ticket network dot com is running a contest for the next two days that if you are the winner you will be able to see any show that you want. whats you gots to do is hit this link, leave a comment about why you must be at your show of choice, and if you are chosen then hey guess what? if they get a 100 entries they’re also throwing in a $100 gift card to a local restaurant or a $100 ticket network gift card. honestly your chances may be good cause they dont have many entries at this point. what you got to lose?

Secondly, you have probably already heard all about this over the internets, but mr scott bondy is releasing a new record on sept 13 via fat possum entitled believers. this is probably my 3rd or 4th most anticipated record of the year, and judging by the song below, i reckon its gonna be a good’un.

AA Bondy – The Heart Is Willing by fatpossum

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