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husker du: up in the air – studio outtakes

happy sunday morning, jackasses! found this the other day, and its a pretty interesting listen if youre a husker du fan, which of course i am. its pretty rough in some areas, other areas are fine, but still completely listenable. everyone, have a lovely sunday…

tracks 1-2: new day rising outtakes
tracks 3 and 8: zen arcade outtakes
tracks 4, 5, 6, 7, 13, 14, 15, 16: warehouse outtakes
tracks 9, 10, 11, 12: candy apple gray outtakes
tracks 17-23: living end outtakes

the whole thing

1. friends
2. listen
3. some kind of fun
4. gotta lotta
5. cant see you anymore
6. do you remember
7. its alright
8. dozen beats eleven
9. instro
10. instro
11. all this ive ever done for you
12. outtake
13. you can live at home
14. tell you why
15. charity, chastity
16. instro
17. these important years – live
18. charity, chastity
19. could you be the one – live
20. chartered trips – live
21. green eyes – live
22. never talking to you again – live
23. gotta lotta – live

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tommy keene "deep six saturday"

well, ill be gosh-darned-damned, my man tommy keene as a new record coming out on 8.20 entitled behind the parade. if you arent familiar with mr keene’s work, you need to be, 4 realz! the man, in my opinion, has crafted some of the best pop/rock and cant-get-those-damn-songs-out-of-your-head infested records of the past 10-15 years. i havent heard it as of yet, but i am definitely loving the first single. if youre curious definitely start with ten years after, which is best, or at least thats my opinion.

buy it via amazon or second motion which has a bunch of bundles to choose from.

deep six saturday
on the runway off ten years after

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the nevermind sessions

well, ill be damned! nirvana’s nevermind is turning 20, or already has. i try not to keep track of when albums have come out, cause inevitably it makes me feel really fuckin old. this momentous occasion/birthday is not helping at all in the feeling old department. regardless of my aging issues, at the time of its release to say it made an impact in my life would be the understatement of the decade. i was already a fan of bleach, but when i first heard nevermind, it spoke to me like no record had before. strangely enough though, as the years have passed i actually listen to bleach more than any of their releases. even with that said, nevermind influenced my listening habits huge time, and without it, im not sure where i would have ended up? here are the demos/sessions from one of the records that changed my musical life, nirvana’s nevermind.

1. in bloom
2. breed
3. stay away
4. polly
5. dive
6. lithium
7. sappy
8. here she comes now
9. aneurysm
10. drain you
11. endless, nameless
12. stain
13. even in his youth
14. aero zeppelin
15. verse chorus verse
16. i hate myself and want to die
17. marigold
18. moist vagina
19. gallons of rubbing alcohol flow through the strip

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the replacements live at cbgb

its turning out to be a very lazy sunday here in new orleans. its raining, which is making everyone a little sleepy, including yours truly. i feel like going for a bike ride, but that’ll have to wait until the wife gets home and it stops raining. so, in the meantime, just got an email for a repost of this here mats show at cbgb on 10.12.84.

1. gary’s got a boner
2. run it
3. color me impressed
4. white and lazy
5. takin a ride
6. i will dare
7. unsatisfied
8. johnnys gonna die
9. favorite thing
10. 20th century boy
11. sixteen blue
12. take me down to the hospital
13. go
14. customer
15. i’ll be there
16. kid’s dont follow
17. black diamond
18. kansas city star

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whiskeytown's forever valentine demos

happy sunday folks! like some stuff i post, its been around the internets forever, but i just happen to be getting around to listening to it. such is the case of these whiskeytown demos which you have probably figured out are entitled forever valentine, and were recorded around 1997, me thinks.

1. anyone but me
2. dont wanna know why
3. easy hearts
4. sittin around
5. rays of burning
6. ghost without memory
7. runnin out of road
8. cant take a lover
9. think about me
10. crazy lonesome
11. caroline

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mermaid avenue demos

top of the morning. was perusing an older hard drive of mine the other day, and ran across a folder simply labeled “avenue.” decided to click on it, and well what the fuck? it was the mermaid avenue demos, which as it turns out i have never heard. my labeling leaves something to be desired, or at least it did back then. so, anyway, here ya go. sorry no zip for right now. maybe when i get home later today ill upload one.

here’s the zip i kinda mentioned i would maybe do a few days ago…

1. she came along to me
2. all you fascists
3. agin’st the law
4. agin’st the law
5. when the roses bloom again
6. california stars
7. hesitating beauty
8. greenback dollar
9. my flying saucer
10. hoodoo voodoo
11. aint gonna grieve my lord no more
12. give me a nail
13. birds & ships
14. she came along to me
15. i guess i planted
16. eisler on the go
17. the unwelcome guest
18. california stars
19. my thirty thousand
20. bug eye jim
21. sad and lonely

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the deep dark woods "west side street"

well ill be damned! i totally missed this email, but of course it came when i was on vacation. damn canadians the deep dark woods have a new record coming out on 8.2 entitled the place i left behindsix shooter records is releasing it, btw. their 09 release, the winter hours, was one of my favorites from said year and this one seems to be continuing in that same vein of awesomeness. the place i left behind is not a summery record, by any means, and with a band name like the deep dark woods would you expect one? still, a record this good can, and should be, listened to in any season. if you were ever, or like me, still am, a fan of american music club, you should def find the deep dark woods to your extreme liking. they’re just less jazzy but more twangy. anyway, def top ten material…

west side street
all the money i had is gone off the winter hours

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sparklehorse live in stockholm, 9.21.98

photo by tim saccenti

sup peoples? been on a bit of a sparklehorse kick as of late for no other reason except he, mark linkous was awesome. one song that always creeps me out a bit when it comes on is “sunshine” off good morning spider. at the end of the song is a portion of a voicemail left by vic chesnutt while mark was in the hospital many years ago. while it was mildly creepy back when the record was released, its even more eery now considering everything that has happened. i cant recommend the entire sparklehorse enough.

here they/he is performing dragging pianos in stockholm on 9.21.98

here it is in zip form

1. spirit dutch
2. someday i will treat you good
3. saturday
4. heart of darkness
5. junebug
6. cruel sun
7. hundreds of sparrows
8. tears on fresh fruit
9. maries little elbows
10. painbirds
11. sunshine
12. homecoming queen
13. all night home
14. happy man
15. saint mary
16. pig

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yankee hotel foxtrot demos

top of the morning! during my trip to chicago i found myself listening to yankee hotel foxtrot over and over and over. i dont know if it was just being back in chicago that lead me to listen to it, or just that i hadnt listened to its entirety in a while. probably was a combo of both. anyway, these have been splattered across the internets for what 10 years now? but i figured i would post em just in case you missed out in the past. btw, while the cover says engineer demos, the batch that i have call this collection something different and of course i cant remember what. when i get home ill check on what they’re labeled. either way, enjoy…

1. i am trying to break your heart
2. ashes of american flags
3. im the man who loves you
4. magazine called sunset
5. reservations
6. kamera
7. not for the season
8. alone
9. nothing up my sleeve
10. venus stopped the train
11. rhythm
12. poor places
13. wont let you down
14. heavy metal drummer
15. instrumental 1
16. instrumental 2
17. instrumental 2 – alt version
18. kamera (alternate version)
19. magazine called sunset (alternate version)
20. alone (alternate version)
21. not for the season (alternate version)

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