whiskeytown "drinking games"


howdy, gang! back to the vacation reposting bonanza! well not a bonanza just a few shows that ive had requests for over the past month. of all the whiskeytown shows i have heard this is most definitely my favorite, which is due in large part to this particularly wrenching version “the battle.” btw, its from 10.30.97 @ the 7th street entry in minneapolis.

1. today
2. 16 days
3. yesterdays news
4. excuse me while i break my own heart
5. midway park
6. breathe
7. i forget the name
8. not home anymore
9. everything i do
10. waiting to derail
11. avenues
12. the battle
13. losering

the tragically hip: early demos


hello from chicago, my homeland! everything looks pretty much the same, only i am different. its kinda weird what happens when you come back to your hometown after an extended absence. it feels the same, almost like ive never left, but i question if i even belong here anymore? i would move back, but i almost feel like im meant to be elsewhere. anyway, ive probably had too many beers to be getting too personal on the subject.

what i got here is some circa 87 tragically hip demos. a tape showed up on ebay a while back which im sure sold for an ungodly amount, but this is that tape. they’re a bit rough in some spots, mostly due to tape hiss, but if youre a hip fan its cool to hear these songs in some very early stages.

1. she didnt know
2. when the wait comes down
3. new orleans is sinking
4. shes got what it takes
5. ill believe in you
6. rain, hearts, fires
7. the hailstone hands
8. nuclear bar-bq
9. just another midnight
10. three pistols
11. leather man
12. it came round
13. im ok
14. times are passing us by
15. juliet
16. running for my life
17. on the shelf

kay kay and his weathered underground "worlds entire"

i have never listened to kay kay and his weathered underground before, but i think theyve been around for a bit. with that said, i am really diggin this tune off their most recent suburban home release introducing kay kay and his weathered underground – its being released on 7.26. its a very summery beatle-esque jaunt through a flowery field whilst maybe being high on “life.” i have not heard the entire record, so i cant speak on it, but i can see this being a song i go back to enjoying some beers on my back porch while complaining about the new orleans heat.

worlds entire

jeremy benson "too much love and not enough danger"

jeremy benson is in roadside graves, he writes songs, plays multiple instruments. he also has a record that may or may not be coming out cause it needs a home aka record label. the name of said record is darksongs 2, and yes there is an original darksongs, which you can download for free via his bandcamp site. it was recorded earlier this year w a few of the graves guys, and a few other folks. i am going out on a small, but not too long of one, and admit that i like this almost as i like the new roadside graves record, we can take care of ourselves – which is a whole hell of a lot. its unfair to both parties involved to compare the two, cause they are two completely records, but c’mon im lazy and it only makes sense in my little brain. jeremy’s darksongs 2 is comprised of exactly that, darksongs. now i wouldnt call it a sad bastard type of record, its anything but, cause at its heart i walk a way with a sense of hope rather than complete and utter despair. i think adding to that former feeling is the young lady who accompanies him throughout much of the record. in my mind, her voice is the light to his darkness. long and short, its really a beautiful and amazing record and someone needs to get on this so everyone can hear it. he’s got another song for download from darksongs 2 up on his bandcamp site, btw.

too much love and not enough danger

bruce springsteen and the e street band live at the main point

photo by richard e. aaron/redferns

firstly, RIP Big Man! secondly, here is a killer, and one of my favorite springsteen and the e street band shows from the main point in bryn mawr, pa on 2.5.75. this bootleg is commonly refered to you can trust your car to the man who wears the star.

1. incident on 57th street
2. mountain of love
3. born to run
4. the e street shuffle
5. thunder road
6. i want you
7. spirit in the night
8. she’s the one
9. growin up
10. its hard to be a saint in the city
11. jungleland
12. kitty’s back
13. new york city serenade
14. rosalita
15. 4th of july, asbury park
16. a love so fine
17. for you
18. back in the usa