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joanna newsom live at the bottletree, birmingham, al

happy lazy sunday, a’holes! surprisingly this here show is probably the most popular post/show that i have ever posted. everytime i take it down, i get a shit load of emails asking for a re-up. i think for now on ill just leave it up, and be done with it. anyway, here is joanna newsom show @ the bottletree in b’ham.

1. bridges and balloons
2. the book of right on
3. traditional scottish song aka ca’ the yowes to the knowes
4. emily
5. monkey and bear
6. sawdust and diamonds
7. only skin
8. cosmia
9. sadie
10. peach, plum, pear

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two random sebadoh videos

both off bakesale which clocked in at #34 on my top 50 all time list. brilliant piece of work.

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soundgarden reunion tour and you: contest

top of the evening! back in i think 2000, i won a contest to meet and film the tragically hip at the uic pavilion in chicago. it was one of the coolest moments of my life, at that point. i got to meet the band, eat their food, drink their beer, tape their show and write a review of said show. me thinks it was called “hip fans at work” i may be wrong though. either way, soundgarden, a band i have loved since about since 1990, or the first time i heard louder than love is putting on a contest much like the tragically hip one i mentioned up there. now, i dont know if youre gonna be able to meet the band, drink their beer, eat their food, etc but i do know that you will be able to photograph them in their natural environment, the stage. this is their first tour 13 years, and too be honest thats about 12 years too long. they will be picking one photog for each of their 17 tour dates. sadly, they are not hitting up new orleans or i would be all over this. check the info up there for rules, regs, etc…. good luck to everyone. you only have until june 5 to submit your stuff. so get on it!

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uncle tupelo live at the middle east, 10.23.90 – video

well, howdy! this seems like an interesting find by non-other than mary lou lord. she found this footage while going through her dearly departed friend and boston native billy ruane’s archives. its uncle tupelo playing at the middle east on 10.23.1990. i have never seen footage from this show, but that doesnt mean much. hopefully theres more, and it sounds as if there might be.

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centro-matic "only in my double mind" video

hello! here be a new song/video from centro-matic’s forthcoming candidate waltz which is due out on 6.21 and can be pre-ordered here. at this point in the year, theres a very very tight race for my favorite record of the year, this is one of em, the other two, isbell’s here we rest and roadside graves’ we can take care of ourselves. first listen through though kinda threw me for a loop cause its kinda different than any other centro-matic record, at least to these ears. after a couple more listens though, the genius comes through.

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roadside graves "love me more"

well, whadya know? looks like roadside graves premiered “love me more” over there at the walmart of music blogs, stereogum this morning. jealous much? who me? get outta here… “love me more” is taken from their upcoming record, we can take care of ourselves, which i gotta tell ya people is fucking phenomenal. i would say odds are good that we can take care of ourselves is gonna take that coveted number one spot at the end of the year, just like they did back in 09 with my sons home. the record was inspired by the outsiders, a movie i havent seen in forever and a book i never read, but that shouldnt disuade anyone w zero outsiders knowledge from checking it out and loving it, cause all the songs stand alone perfectly even w/o said knowledge.

we can take care of ourselves is out on autumn tone on 7.19 on vinyl with a digital download.

love me more

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jill andrews "sinking ship" for live & breathing

Jill Andrews – Sinking Ship from Live & Breathing on Vimeo.

this here performance was taped by the folks at live and breathing, a site i had never heard of before up until about an hour ago, but they got a shit load of what seem to be awesome live sessions. this track is from jill”s upcoming release, the mirror, which is due out on 6.7. i was hoping to have a copy of it by now, but was never sent. (sad face, drags branch)

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trademark of quality promo

oh happy fucking monday! not sure where i got my hands on this little nugget, but its a promo that warner brothers and reprise released back in 92 or 93, i believe. it collects what were a bunch of tracks that werent commercially available at the time, but i am sure now are. so posting this one is like playing the ponies, its a crap shoot. anyway, this is what the folks that put it together had to say, at the time, about this “collectors” promo.

“When you see it a few years from now, propped up behind the register of your favorite used record store, selling for some obscenely high price, you’ll wish you’d kept it…and probably not just because of its resale value,” and, hyperbole aside, it’s well-worth owning even beyond its Holy Grail status. Several of the tracks — American Music Club’s haunting “Love Connection N.Y.C.,” the Poster Children’s cover of Bob Dylan’s “Isis,” the Muffs’ incendiary “Lucky Guy,” and John Wesley Harding’s autumnal “Your New Clothes” among them — rank alongside their creators’ very strongest work. There’s also an extended version of David Lynch’s hallucinatory Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me instrumental “The Pink Room,” a live reading of R.E.M.’s gorgeous “Half a World Away” culled from the syndicated radio series Rockline, and a Jane’s Addiction/Body Count tag-team duet on the Sly and the Family Stone classic “Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey.

1. the carl stalling project – intro
2. mudhoney – fix me
3. babes in toyland – bruise violet (alt. version)
4. poster children – isis
5. the muffs – lucky guy
6.- jane’s addiction + body count – don’t call me nigger, whitey
7. the flaming lips – jets part 2 (my two days as an ambulance driver)
8. gallon drunk – ruby
9. american music clue – love connection nyc
10. daniel lanois – collection of marie claire
11. bomb – nineteen
12. david lynch – the pink room
13. rem – half a world away (live)
14. john wesley harding – your new clothes
15. brian eno – tutti forgetti
16. scorpio rising – the strangest things turn you on
17. sister double happiness – tough
18. medicine – the power
19. the wolfgang press – birmingham (howard grey remix)
20.- the carl stalling project – outro

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new stuff from imperial mammoth

this happens to be the first band, of two, with the word “imperial” in their name that ill be talking about within the next couple days. this imperial band, hails from the city of angels and this guy/girl band is called imperial mammoth. little known fact about me cause i dont talk about it too much but im a sucker for guy/girl vocals. of course this is akin to saying you like music, but your favorite band is (insert horrible band here) which then doesnt mean shit, at least to me. i guess, though, music is all personal preference isnt it? regardless, im here to report that imperial mammoth pulls of the guy/girl vocal exchange/harmony thing off wonderfully. in fact, the record is great even regardless of the whole guy/girl thing. i havent been to l.a. in many years, but to my ears and memory this sounds like what walking through l.a. on any given sunny, breezy day, just taking in all the sights, sounds, and smells said city is offering up that day would sound like. its not just an l.a. record, cause i can envision myself walking down magazine street here in new orleans, feeling the same way. the record was produced by adam lasus (yo la tengo, clap your hands) so you know theyre keeping good company. definitely highly recommended as we stroll into the summer months…

Imperial Mammoth by Imperial Mammoth


dr. john live from ultrasonic studios, 11.6.73

top of the morning, y’all. wanted to clarify something from yesterday, if you happen upon a show or whatever thats been taken down, its not necessarily gone for good, its just that i moved it from its original resting place. so, if you want something reposted thats been in the past 2-3 years just shoot me an email and ill attempt to re-post whatever it is you want. if you could, please also include the link to the original post cause that just makes it easier on me. gracias.

here is lovely recording of a fm broadcast of dr john performing from ultrasonic studios in hempstead, new york on 11.6.73.

1. loup garou
2. walk on gilded splinters
3. danse kalinda da boom
4. stagger lee
5. hard judgment
6. traveling mood
7. life
8. put a little love in your heart
9. tipitina
10. mess around
11. interview
12. ive been hoo doo’d
13. such a night
14. right place wrong time
15. let the good times roll
16. wang dang doodle
17. mama roux
18. qualified
19. little liza jane
20. mama dont allow

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