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what im listening to right now: dirty bourbon river show's volume two

Posted by gregor on Saturday, April 30th, 2011

firstly, new orleans’ dirty bourbon river show aint gonna be for everyone. secondly, that shouldnt scare anyway away from digging into their brand of gypsy folk circus rock – their description not mine. their recently released volume two, but actually their 3rd record. its sounds like what maybe a lot of people think new orleans sounds like, full of horns, carnival barking, lyrics full of debauchery and possibly about pirates and just an overall vibe of we dont give a shit what you think. the record is a beautiful mess of all of that. let me clarify, its not a mess at all, in fact is wonderfully put together, but much like new orleans itself, its a both beautiful and kinda ugly – but in the best way possible. if you dig tom waits, firewater, theatre, and new orleans, you should find this to your liking, actually very much to your liking.

you can grab volume two via their band camp page or itunes.

from time to time

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madeline "hurry up pronto"

Posted by gregor on Friday, April 29th, 2011

to me athens’ madeline is the musical equivalent of amy poehler, just a delight. like most things i write, im not sure if that makes sense but madeline’s music is a joy to listen to, much like watching mrs poehler but in her case it would be watching her. anyway, madeline is releasing black velvet via the athens label this will be our summer on june 6. she’s gonna be hitting the road as well, and will be in new orleans at the allways lounge on june 11 – check her site for the full itinerary. here be the first single from black velvet

hurry up, pronto


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leonard cohen live from oslo, norway, 5.1.93

Posted by gregor on Thursday, April 28th, 2011

still settling in from my mini vacation, and trying to catch up on some emails that i may have missed in my absence. since there was a huge response to the last leonard cohen post, see below, figured i would repost this fm broadcast from 5.1.93 from oslow, norway.

1. the future
2. aint no cure for love
3. bird on the wire
4. everybody knows
5. first we take manhattan
6. avalanche
7. suzanne
8. tower of song
9. i cant forget
10. so long, marianne
11. sisters of mercy
12. dance me to the end love
13. democracy
14. coming back to you
15. im your man
16. joan of arc
17. closing time
18. take this waltz

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leonard cohen live on the bbc, 1968

Posted by gregor on Monday, April 25th, 2011

morning! hopefully everyone had a lovely easter, that is if you celebrate it. mine was just dandy, although it was more about my daughter turning 3 than anything else. anyway, had a couple of requests for this so here it is…. leonard cohen live on the bbc, broadcasted during the summer of 68. tracks 1 – 5 are from an 8.31 broadcast and 6 – 12 are from the 9.7 broadcast. i appear to be missing track 13, which is “one of us cannot be wrong.”

update: track 13 has been provided and posted. thanks to those that sent it in!

1. you know who i am
2. bird on the wire
3. the stranger
4. so long marianne
5. the master song
6. there’s no reason
7. sisters of mercy
8. the teacher
9. dress rehearsal rag
10. suzanne
11. that’s no way to say goodbye
12. the story of isaac
13. one of us cannot be wrong

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what im listening to right now: mount moriah

Posted by gregor on Friday, April 22nd, 2011

sometimes hanging out on facebook longer than 30 seconds bears fruit, other times well not so much. in this case, all praise be to sean courtney for brining chapel hill, north carolina’s mount moriah and their recently released self titled record into my world. fronted by heather mcentire (ex-bellafea) who’s voice is as haunting as it is lovely, and the rest of the gang does an awesome job, musically, of showcasing both these traits. at this point, i have actually listened to the entire record as i felt it was necessary to give it a proper listen. with that said, im gonna listen to it again, probably a few times tonight. its definitely a “southern” record and reminds me of this time i went for an early morning walking through a swampy area in florida. when i started the walk it was pure fog, and couldnt see more than 2 feet in front of me for the longest time, but by the time i finished said walk the sun was shining through and the fog was merely a memory. not sure if that makes sense, it probably doesnt, but thats what im going with. really, really great stuff….

stream it via their bandcamp site which oddly enough is not available for puchase. it was released via holidays for quince where you can buy it on cd or buy/download it via amazon

only way out

Mount Moriah – Telling The Hour (Live) from Hueism Pictures on Vimeo.

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east river pipe "cold ground"

Posted by gregor on Thursday, April 21st, 2011

damn, im really really slipping. somehow i missed that my man fm cornog aka east river pipe released a new record, we live in rented rooms, back in february on merge. its his first record since 06’s most excellent what are you on? and half way through my first listen of …rented rooms im saying this is as good as my favorite of his, 1999’s the gasoline age. im guessing theres a good chance this is going to be a best of 2011, but im only half way through it and it could possibly go to shit, but i truly doubt it. his entire catalogue is super solid and i would recommend pickin up any one of his records, but as luck would have it you can buy we live in rented rooms via amazon for a measly 2.99. im not sure how long this is gonna last so i would jump on this….

cold ground

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the jayhawks live at first avenue, 6.21.10

Posted by gregor on Thursday, April 21st, 2011

great news today, that is if youre a dawes fan. they announced that their nothing is wrong is coming out on 6.7 and you can grab the first single “if i wanted someone” by giving up your email address right down there.

in other news, i stole this from the jayhawks official page, which you can download in zip form if you so choose via said site. there’s also another show up for download. so, head on over there.

1. intro
2. wichita
3. over my shoulder
4. real light
5. reds song
6. nothing left to borrow
7. tomorrow the green grass
8. let the critics wonder
9. king of kings
10. two hearts
11. settled down like rain
12. martins song
13. take me with you (when you go)
14. shes not alone anymore
15. band intro
16. blue
17. i’d run away
18. miss williams guitar
19. lights
20. bad time
21. people in this place on every side
22. encore
23. will i be married
24. tampa to tulsa
25. waiting for the sun
26. almost saturday night

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new stuff from old calf (ned oldham)

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

the first few months of 2011 was a little iffy, i must contend, but the past 2-3.5 i have seen or actually heard some great stuff. in all fairness, if memory serves me correctly most years start off kind of shitty. up next in that line of great stuff ive heard recently is charlottesville, va’s old calf’s borrow a horse which was just released last week. this is what i really dig about it, and its fairly simple: its a simple record, no bullshit and trying to be something it aint, just a collection of great songs both lyrically and musically. i hate to steal a lyric from the eagles, who i actually like – dont laugh, but borrow a horse leaves me w an easy peaceful feeling. way cheesy, i know, but horrible references be damned cause its the truth! definitely one of the best of 2011. pick it up via no quarter records or via amazon

bonnie cuckoo
when i was taken

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one random email featuring back city woods

Posted by gregor on Sunday, April 17th, 2011

if there were a ever a band that i would want my back if i were ever to get into a bar fight, it would probably be macon’s back city woods. granted this is judging their toughness just by picture provided above, but im guessing they’d hold up pretty well. anyway, this isnt about their ability to kick ass in bar fights, but about their upcoming release – due on tuesday, 4.19, dirt from which we came. if you’re into bluegrassy/americana stuff that would sound just as awesome on a front porch somewhere where the moss hangs freely and the beer flows like a river, or you local hole in the wall concert venue then back city woods is your band. i can honestly foresee this band, if they stay committed, becoming a dbt type of band. awesome records, with an unrelenting live show to do said records justice. definitely great stuff. highly recommended….

you’ll be able to purchase it via amazon on tuesday, im guessing

dirt from which we came

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the handsome family "weightless again"

Posted by gregor on Saturday, April 16th, 2011

weightless again off through the trees // the handsome family site – btw, amazon has this record for a measly 6.99. very highly recommended….

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