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new stuff from five eight

athens’ five eight, i had never heard of em until some folks on twitter, who’s opinions i trust, started tossing their name around and proclaiming them to be quite grand – my words not theirs. well, ive listened to their recently released, and i think first record w the original lineup in 14 years, your god is dead to me now, and it is indeed pretty fuckin awesome. there’s a record that comes to mind that made a huge huge splash back in 03 that kinda catapulted the band into some kind of stardom. well, at least within a certain sect of people. that record being the wrens’ meadowlands, and me thinks if enough people gave this record a real hard listen it could make such an impact. subject matter-wise, their quite on par, but musically they have a very silkworm kinda sound, or does silkworm have a five eight kind of sound? anyway, definitely a contender for a top ten spot of the year. your god is dead to me now is being released, or was released, via iron horse records.

your god is dead to me now
ode to massachusetts

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howe gelb & a band of gypsies "4 door maverick"

admittedly, i am a fair-weather giant sand fan. although, i have grown to appreciate them more as my years have started adding up. in case you didnt know, howe gelb is the front man of said band. this time around, he’s doing it on his own with a new record called alegrias which is due out on 5.5 on fire records. well, not really alone cause he has enlisted a collection of flamenco playing gypsies including the guitarist raimundo amador (bjork and bb king) and was mixed by the legendary john parish. it was recorded in spain on top of a rooftop in andalusia, which memory serves me correctly is in spain. it sounds like it could be a hot mess, but this is howe gelb were talkin bout here, and if anyone can pull it off its him.

4 door maverick

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the ladybug transistor "clutching stems"

i was a huge ladybug transistor fan back in the 90’s, with them producing a couple of my favorite records from said era, the albemarle sound and beverley atonale. then for some reason, like a lot of bands, i just kinda stopped listening to em in the 2000’s. well, hopefully thats about to change with their new record, due on june 7, which they have entitled clutching stems and is being released via merge. this is actually the first record since their longtime drummer san fadyl passed away in 2007. definitely looking forward to hearing the entire thing.

pre-order clutching stems via merge

clutching stems

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pearl jam's first week rehearsals

evening! it is raining like a mofo here in new orleans tonight. in fact there were some tornadoes not too far from here. luckily, at this point, we have been spared from such devastations and are only getting a wee bit of hail. ive had a few requests for a repost of this… which is is a pearl jam boot that may or may not be referred to as “first week rehearsals,” supposedly taking place between 10.13 – 23 in 1990. whatever it is, there is some pretty awesome stuff here. until later…

1. even flow
2. once
3. breath
4. release
5. girl
6. goat
7. alive
8. alone
9. oceans
10. black
11. improv
12. weird a
13. daddy

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the whigs free show at the allways lounge, tonight, new orleans

much like the title suggests athen the whigs are in town for a free show tonight at the allways lounge and me thinks the show starts at 10pm. a feller by the name of jonny corndawg, who i have never heard of but i hear is interesting, is opening the nights festivities. heres a couple tracks from the whigs’ ’10 release in the dark.

amazon has in the dark for 5.99 in case you were interested….

hundred million
so lonely

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mudhoney: on tour promo, 1993

oh mondays, how i love thee. this here be a promo that was apparently sent out by reprise while mudhoney was on em in support of their 93 tour. pretty positive i was at the chicago show on the 17th, it was the only time i ever got see em for some reason. tis a shame, cause they were awesome.

1. suck you dry
2. make it now
3. fashion forecast
4. dead love
5. no end in sight
6. you got it
7. stupid asshole
8. the money will roll right in

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strand of oaks "bonfire" on hear ya'

Strand Of Oaks – “Bonfire” – HearYa Live Session 10/3/10 from on Vimeo.

the entire strand of oaks hear ya session is going live this week, but they were kind enough to grace us with a little taste of said session. sounds amazing…

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built to spill live in bielefeld, germany, 7.7.1999

top of the morning. i just realized its been almost a month since i posted a show. not sure what i have been doing the past month, but clearly not posting any shows. tis a shame, i know, but apparently my brain was elsewhere. that should all change starting with this built to spill show. i have downloaded a shitload of awesome stuff, so be on the lookout for those in the coming weeks.

1. intro/tuning
2. reasons
3. untrustable – part 2
4. timetrap
5. i would hurt a fly
6. in the morning
7. sweet home alabama
8. take the money and run
9. randy described eternity
10. one thing
11. carry the zero
12. kicked in the sun
13. car
14. broken chairs

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jeremiah nelson "skin to touch"

if you happen to be in the madison, wi area tomorrow, saturday, 3.26, i highly recommend headin on over to the frequency for the record release party for jeremiah nelson’s drugs to make you sober. been listening to it for the past few days, and its definitely worth checking out. its really not a folk record, but its definitely has a strong foothold in said genre, at least at its heart. if youre a fan of iron & wine, and bands of the like you could do much worse. btw, the show starts at 9.30 and is presented by, me believes, friend of captains dead, muzzle of bees. you can stream/purchase drugs to make you sober via his bandcamp site.

skin to touch

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bill callahan "baby's breath"

in case ye hasnt heard, mr bill callahan, but he will forever be smog to me, has a new record coming out on drag city entitled apocalypse on 4.19. you pretty much now what you’re getting yourself into with each callahan release, and this one seems no different. this is not a bad thing, cause quite frankly the guy is the model of consistency.

babys breath

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