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the decemberists' the king is dead

Posted by gregor on Sunday, January 30th, 2011

i had zero intention of even mentioning the latest decemeberist record, the king is dead, cause quite frankly they had fallen out of my favor about 3 records ago. sure there were some good songs on these records, but all in all they were quite a bore and terribly inconsistent. on a whim, i grabbed the king is dead and immediately was blown away by the opening track “dont carry it all.” i kept my excitement low cause i also really loved the opening of the crane wife, “the crane wife 3″ and really disliked the remainder. to be even more honest, my stint following colin meloy on twitter really soured me on the band. he came across as a pretentious prick, but then again maybe so do i?

after one listen to the king is dead, i was hooked. its a fabulous record, i must admit. first listen i was like man this sounds like a country-fied version of rem circa 85 cause a lot of the guitar tones sure as hell sounded like peter buck. come to find out, yeah buck plays on a few songs, gillian welch sings backup on 7 songs i believe, and david rawlings also plays throughout or at least on a couple tracks. so, if you had kinda given up on em, or maybe werent ever a fan, me thinks, in fact i know, you need to give this a spin. the video down there for “rise to me” really is the crown jewel of the record, imo.

amazon has the king is dead for 8 bucks, btw.

down by the water

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what im listening to right now: the bridge's national bohemian

Posted by gregor on Saturday, January 29th, 2011

photo by alicia rose

randomly found this record today, and thus far i am really digging it. its called national bohemian by the bridge, their 5th, and is due out on 2.1. im only about 5 songs in, but like i said i am really digging it. kinda sounds like if los lobos had been been born out of the south instead of east los angeles. not sure if all their records sound as such, or maybe its just the influence, but los lobos’ steve berlin produced the record. being a huge los lobos fan, this is definitely not a bad thing, in fact sonically it sounds very much like a later day los lobos or latin playboys record. so if that sounds like your thing, definitely check this out when it comes out, or stream the entire thing down there.


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richard buckner and alejandro escovedo live at mccabe's 1.21.00

Posted by gregor on Saturday, January 29th, 2011

i had a recent request for an upload of this show, and if its easily available i more than willing to oblige. like the title suggests its an awesome pairing of richard buckner and alejandro escovedo live at mccabes guitar shop on 1.21.00. much love to the original taper, markp.

1. instrumental
2. emma
3. figure
4. pull
5. believer
6. ocean cliff clearing
7. blue and wonder
8. i was drunk
9. five hearts beating
10. baby’s got new plans
11. band intros
12. castinets
13. falling down again
14. velvet guitar
15. goodbye rye
16. banter
17. souvenir
18. gauzy dress
19. two angels
20. crowd

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the sea and cake's "sporting life"

Posted by gregor on Saturday, January 29th, 2011

sporting life off the fawn

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drive by truckers w/ jason isbell, 1.27.11 in huntsville

Posted by gregor on Friday, January 28th, 2011

this would have been pretty epic… much love to will for the footage

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why? live at spanish moon, 3.17.2008

Posted by gregor on Thursday, January 27th, 2011

hey there! hope everyone is well. i am just fine, thanks for asking. why? is one of the those bands that i come and go, or actually for two months ill love, then 4 months i cant be bothered with. they are definitely a “in the mood” type a band. they are at least for me, your mileage may vary of course. i really dig alopecia and elephant eyelash but havent dug that much further into their catalogue – i did listen to eskimo snow, once i believe. spanish moon is in baton rouge, la for the record.

amazon has some good deals on their records, btw.

1. good friday
2. these few presidents
3. song of the sad assassin
4. crushed bones
5. the fall of mr fifths
6. gemini
7. darla
8. 500 fingernails
9. a sky for shoeing horses under
10. yo yo bye bye
11. rubber traits
12. the hollows
13. by torpedo or chrons
14. exegesis
15. waterfalls
16. simeons dilemma

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super furry animals live in ithaca, ny, 2.22.08

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

howdy, good afternoon. dont got much time, but i do have this. which as the title suggests is super furry animals live in ithaca, ny 2.22.08. its a soundboard recording, btw.

1. slow life
2. rings around the world
3. the gateway song
4. golden retriever
5. do or die
6. neo consumer
7. northern lights
8. torra fy…
9. shes got spies
10. earth
11. receptacle for the respectable
12. into the night
13. baby ate my eightball
14. god show me the magic
15. calimero
16. hello sunshine
17. the man dont give a fuck
18. keep the cosmic trigger happy

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robert pollard and doug gillard are lifeguards, new song "paradise is not so bad"

Posted by gregor on Monday, January 24th, 2011

as the title suggest, bob and doug have teamed up yet again under the moniker, lifeguards – which theyve used previously, and are releasing waving at the astronauts via serious business records on 2.15. the first time these two worked together outside of the gbv realm they released the classic speak kindly of your volunteer fire dept, and i am only hoping its half as awesome. you can read more about the collaboration and pre-order it here, and check out the first single down there.

paradise is not so bad

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knife in the water's "watch your back"

Posted by gregor on Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

watch your back off red river // knife in the water via peek-a-boo

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mark curry's "sorry about the weather"

Posted by gregor on Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

sorry about the weather off it’s only time – this song ruled my 1992

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