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should have been listening to chase fifty six's allatoona rising

my relationship w twitter has been strained as of late, and i can really pinpoint why? there’s some really great folks on there that i speak to on a regular basis, but there’s also trivial shit that bugs the hell out of me. sadly, the trivial shit will always outshine the fine folks i come into contact with. my brain is a wee bit mis-wired when it comes to the trivial and the monumental. well, one good/great thing to come out of twitter lately is that brian from front porch musings turned me onto acworth, georgia’s chase fifty six and their excellent record, allatoona rising. it was actually his favorite record of 2010. they were also featured on ninebullets back in july, but i missed that one. anyway, bryan’s take on the record is pretty much on par w/ mine. chase fifty six comes at ya with a 3 guitar attack and is pretty reminiscent of pre-southern rock opera dbt, but actually i think even better. to me, dbt didnt hit their creative stride until southern rock opera, and thats not taking anything away from anything before it, im just sayin is all. the songwriting is solid, but really is all about the rock, and really sometimes thats all you need. warning, another twitter reference coming in 3, 2, 1… i think lions in the street, i dont know who runs it, summed this record up, not actually this particular record, but music in general, perfectly yesterday in saying “whenever someone uses the word ‘important’ to describe music, you know that they are more into sociology than good jams.” not to say this is not an important record, cause to me even the most shittiest of music can be important, to someone. but lets not over think this, and just take it for what it is, an unbelievably catchy and excellent rock record. definitely highly recommended…

buy/download allatoona rising via amazon

mary jane
goodbye princess

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ugly casanova at the mercury in austin, 7.2.02

hola amigos and amigas! i had all good intentions of getting back to my “should have been listening to” today, i had 3 lined up, but as i was about to upload the shit last night i got to fucking around w our new cats. keep in mind i have never been a cat person, actually i have always disliked cats, but on christmas day these two lil assholes – pictures – showed up at our backdoor. of course being the soft i am, and the wife having been wanting a cat, we took them in. we took em to the vet today, and they’re most likely brothers, even though they dont look anything alike, and were born outside. admittedly, they are pretty sweet lil dudes, even though they, now that they are out of their shells, are causing a bit of chaos. their names, btw, are captain rex – the black and white one, and boba fett – the tan one. anyway, enough about them. i had a request for a repost of this ugly casanova show from the mercury in austin on 7.2.02. until tomorrow…

1. intro
2. pacifico
3. diggin hole in the water
4. spilled milk factory
5. cat faces
6. smoke like ribbons
7. parasites
8. baby clean conscience
9. hotcha girls
10. things i dont remember
11. diamonds on the faces of evil
12. ice on the sheets
13. barnacles
14. styrofoam boots…

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pearl jam's golden unplugged album

top of the early evening! hope everyone made it through christmas in one piece. my eyes, and fingers are still aching from putting together all those lego sets. fun times, indeed. what we have here tonight is a bootleg which as the title suggests is a collection of pearl jam live and unplugged performances from 92-02. some of its taken from mtv unplugged, bridge benefit concert and some other stuff.

1. state of love and trust
2. alive
3. black
4. jeremy
5. even flow
6. porch
7. crazy mary
8. masters of war
9. footsteps
10. oceans
11. rockin in the free world
12. bee girl
13. daughter
14. wishlist
15. last kiss
16. yellow ledbetter

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what i am listening to right now: the river empires

happy day after christmas, gentiles. hope your day was everything you hoped and dreamt it would be. me? i spent my day putting together roughly 1200 lego pieces, which were strung out over a few star wars related sets, including my personal favorite, slave 1. i still have two more to build, but just havent had the energy. luckily mac has been cool w it…

anyway, i stumbled upon the river empires’ bandcamp release, demos/unfinished/b-sides the other day and figured while everyone was sleeping, i’d give it a listen. given the fact that its filled w demos, etc, i wasnt expecting much, but really its pretty cohesive collection of songs. actually, stylistically they’re kind of all over the board mixing. even with that said, nothing makes you think, “what the fuck is going on here?” this one, since its the only one i know, kinda reminds me of a more poppy califone, or at least i think they do? regardless, you can pick up said record for a buck via the link above, and you may be still be able to pick up their 27 song debut, epilogue, for free if you act quickly – clicky here.

crooked river
the curse of maybel cains

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should have been listening to: eric & magill's all those i know

well, i guess i am going to be around. i had all good intentions of getting into a bunch of records that i neglected to pay attention to throughout the year, but all good intentions are meant to be ignored. ill still probably touch on a few over the next couple of weeks, or at least attempt to. i first saw mention of this record, milwaukee’s eric & magill’s all those i know, on timothy showalter aka mr strand of oaks’ facebook page, and figured if he was pimping it, i should probably check it out. should mention that its a free record. so, there it sat for a few days, then it ended up on ryan at muzzle of bees best of the year list. two trusted sources couldnt be wrong was my thinking, and they werent at all. ive listened to it about 10 times over the past 3 or 4 days and i cant get enough. its an interesting mix of organic and electronic sounds and textures. ive been trying to liken it to something, but i havent been able to think of anything better than maybe beth orton’s classic trailer park. kinda folky, kinda electronic, kinda poppy, kinda breezy, kinda cold, but 100 percent awesome. def could have been top ten material… did i mention its free via their bandcamp site.

all those i know
grandpa’s pink wire

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a fool's christmas by glossary – video

A Fool’s Christmas by Glossary from Joey Kneiser on Vimeo.

just in case i am not around over the next couple of days, merry christmas, everyone! thanks for being around.

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cowboy junkies release demons a collection of vic chesnutt songs

oh wow, this sounds like it could be really awesome. cowboy junkies are releasing a record on 2.15.11 entitled demons which is a collection of vic chesnutt songs. this is the second disc out of four in their nomad series which are being released via their own latent recordings. also on the 15th they are releasing a seven song ep of songs, via their site, that didnt make it onto the final demons record. see below for the track listing of both the record and ep.

wrong piano

Demons CD Track Listing
1. Wrong Piano 2. Flirted With You All My Life 3. See You Around 4. Betty Lonely 5. Square Room 6. Ladle 7. Supernatural 8. West of Rome 9. Strange Language 10. We Hovered With Short Wings 11. When the Bottom Fell Out
Demons Bonus EP Track Listing
1. Stay Inside 2. Forthright 3. Withering 4. Marathon 5. Old Hotel 6. Sad Peter Pan 7. Guilty By Association

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should have been listening to: someone still loves you boris yeltsin's let it sway

top of the morning! this week i am going to be attempting to listen to some records that i neglected to do so over the year, for whatever reason. first up is someone still loves you boris yeltsin’s let it sway. i wrote about em a couple years ago, and remembering loving their ’08 release, pershing. not too sure if i have seen this come up on too many best of the year lists, but me thinks after only a couple of listens that it may have been worthy to be in my top 20. there’s nothing fancy about it, just a collection of really solid power pop tunes ala the promise ring, superdrag, fountains of wayne, etc. buy let it sway via amazon or via polyvinyl who have it actually cheaper for mp3.

let it sway

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greg dulli live in nola: teenage wristband

you dont know how much it pains me to listen to this, really, really fucking painful. this being greg dulli live in nola just a couple of months ago. you know the one i was more psyched about than anything than my last kid being born? yeah that show that i didnt bother attempting to purchase tickets until it was too late. yeah, that one. probably a once in a lifetime opportunity. fuckin a… i am not sure if this cd is for sale or what the deal is with it? can someone who’s been to the shows confirm if this is being sold? either way, here is a just a taste of the performance…. sigh….

teenage wristband

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free record alert: joe purdy's this american – limited time

top of the morning all! been meaning to mention this for the past 17 days, but oh where the memory/priorities go. this, as the title suggests, is the new record from joe purdy which is entitled, this american, and can be downloaded for free during the month of december. offering up a record for free nowadays is like seeing tits on burbon street, just cause they’re there out in the open doesnt mean they’re worth looking at. but i would like to think that i am pretty selective when it comes to mentioning free record downloads, cause just cause its free doesnt mean anything. mr purdy’s this american is more than worth the 30 seconds – 2 minutes it takes to download. in fact, i would pay money for it, thats how much i dig it. its a really laid back piece of folky americana, which sounds like taking a leisurely drive from coast to coast in a 50’s buick. definitely dont delay in grabbing it – see link above.


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