the twilight singers' "blackbird and the fox"

not too excited about this, but fuck me if i cant listen to it, damn army network! gonna have to find a way. anyway, this is off the singers forthcoming dynamite steps which is due out on sub pop on 2.15.11. not a bad way to start off a monday morning, at least for you all.

blackbird and the fox

black sabbath in 1970

hey there. hows it going? me? you ask? just fine thanks. ive had many emails about this particular sabbath show over the past week. all of em asking lots o’ questions. questions i have no answers for, sadly. the only thing i have come away w/ is that this is a pretty rare show that no one knows anything about. so, in case you missed it the first time around.

1. intro
2. paranoid
3. nib
4. behind the wall of sleep
5. iron man
6. war pigs
7. fairies wear boots
8. hand of doom

sunny day real estate live at cats cradle, 11.8.98

hopefully everyone had a lovely, if not tolerable thanksgiving. mine was just lovely, thanks for asking. before i settle in and play a little red dead redemption: undead nightmare here is what the title suggests. thanks to original taper…

1. in circles
2. pillars
3. guitars and video games
4. the blankets were the stairs
5. every shining time you arrive
6. 100 million
7. dont know
8. the prophet
9. how it feels to be something on
10. rodeo jones
11. j’nuh
12. roses in water
13. days were golden

jimi hendrix's woke up this morning and found myself dead

happy thanksgiving, fellow americans and i guess happy thursday to my non fellow americans. this post has nothing to do with anything other than i thought it was pretty cool. you can read all about it in detail via the wiki page. they are still selling some via amazon but its 70 bucks for a new copy, although there are some used ones floating around for a reasonable price. everyone enjoy your day, no matter where you reside.

1. red house
2. woke up this morning and found myself dead
3. bleeding heart
4. morrisons lament – featuring jim morrison
5. tomorrow never knows
6. uranus rock
7. outside woman blues
8. sunshine of your love

joanna newsom at the bottletree

oh happy monday, actually not really. i guess i can look at this way, i only work 3 days this week. not that it means shit, but pfork thought it necessary to give kanye’s new record a 10. i have heard it, listened to it more than 10 times, and there is no way in fucking hell that its worthy of a 10. again, dont mean shit, as pfork stopped being relevant, at least to me, in 2004. still a 10!?!? crazy talk. anyway, i got a re-up request of the this joanna newsom show @ the bottletree in b’ham.

1. bridges and balloons
2. the book of right on
3. traditional scottish song aka ca’ the yowes to the knowes
4. emily
5. monkey and bear
6. sawdust and diamonds
7. only skin
8. cosmia
9. sadie
10. peach, plum, pear

sonic youth at the palladium, 8.17.90

top of the morning! so i wake up today like any other morning, have a couple cups of coffee and a couple of smokes. as i a perusing twitter this morning i notice that there is a water boil in effect until further notice. well, aint that a bitch cause like i just said i had already two cups of coffee w unboiled water. hopefully its nothing, but of course being the hypochondriac that i am, i already have the symptoms of drinking contaminated water. in other news, i got a request for this sonic youth show to be reposted, and since it was easy to find, here it is.

1. intro
2. catholic block
3. mary christ
4. kool thing
5. erics trip
6. dirty boots
7. tunic
8. tom violence
9. mote
10. flower
11. cinderella’s big score
12. schizophrenia
13. white cross
14. scooter
15. titanium expose
16. my friend goo
17. mildred pierce

get to know jumpiter

ill always be a sucker for concept albums. i think it all started w queensryche’s operation mindcrime, or actually it was probably styx’s kilroy was here, but i was way too young to understand. so, i’ll just stick with operation mindcrime, which i have been wanting to listen again for a while now, but just cant bring myself to do it. i remember it being so awesome, and i am afraid time has not been kind to it. either way, yeah i dig concept records. they arent done enough, if you ask me. the last one i really remember being released is dbt’s southern rock opera. there are probably a shit-ton released every year, i am just not aware. anyone got any good ones? anyway, i bring up concept records because brooklynite sean schuyler aka jumpiter has just released such a record which is entitled, four stories down – its a murder mystery for the record. i have not heard the entire thing, cause i just got his email recently, but i dig his sound, fuzzy power pop, and you can download the record for free, i believe, via his facebook acct. definitely worth checking out…

four minutes to ten to
disciples of malloy