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joe pug's "not so sure" video

i know ive probably posted this before, but i felt it needed revisiting. while i think pug’s the messenger is kind of hit or miss, definitely more hit than miss, this song is makes up for any miss on said record. lyrically its one of the best ive heard in a long long time, especially “i bummed expensive cigarettes, i wrote john steinbeck’s books, i undressed someones daughter then complained about her looks.” that last line hits me especially hard for some reason, mainly cause i, at one time, was probably guilty of it. in fact i know i was….

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the clash's rat patrol from fort bragg

since everyone seemed to dig the last clash post, here’s the clash’s rat patrol from fort bragg, in case you missed it the first time i posted it back in 08.

1. the beautiful people are ugly too
2. kill time
3. should i stay or should i go
4. rock the casbah
5. know your rights
6. red angel dragnet
7. ghetto defendant
8. sean flynn
9. car jamming
10. inoculated city
11. death is a star
12. walk evil talk
13. atom tan
14. inoculated city (unedited combat rock version)
15. first night back in london
16. cool confusion
17. straight to hell

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the extra lens' "only existing footage"

finally getting around to listening the extra lens’ undercard, which is great btw. in case you didnt know the extra lens is made up of john darnielle of the mountain goats and franklin bruno, who sadly i have never heard of, but he is/was in nothing painting blue and the human hearts. if you like the mountain goats, you shall dig this, if you dont you still may. darnielle is a less frantic or manic than he is on your typical mountain goats release, and musically its a bit more subdued. the record was recorded in carrboro, nc with one of my favorite producers, brian paulson, and in brooklyn with mitch rackin. definitely a top ten contender… buy it via merge

stream it here

only existing footage

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the high dials' "chinese boxes"

howdy gang. anyone going to voodoo fest this weekend? i shall be there, either saturday or sunday, we havent decided as of yet. in all honesty, i really dont care, or at least i dont think i care, about many of the bands playing, but i figured it would be an interesting time.

montreal’s the high dials have a new record coming out, their 4th, on 11.2 and is called, anthems for a doomed youth. as for most of the time, i havent heard the entire thing as of yet, its downloading right now, but totally diggin this song. is it me or does this guy sound like tom petty? i dont think its me. anyone familiar with any of their previous records? good, bad, indifferent?

chinese boxes

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the black keys live at the mason jar, 2004

hola, peoples! just like the title suggests, its the black keys at the mason jar, which i believe is in phoenix? more to come later today…

1. busted
2. stack shot billy
3. hard row
4. thickfreakness
5. them eyes
6. all hands against his own
7. the breaks
8. set you free
9. 10 am automatic
10. everywhere i go
11. girl is on my mind
12. have love will travel
13. no trust
14. grown so ugly
15. aeroplane blues
16. heavy soul

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new stuff from two cow garage

i have a friend that i sincerely i sometimes like, love and hate. more often than not, these range emotions will be felt in the course of 5 minutes. more often or not, hes awesome, but he has his moments where he’s a loud obnoxious, yet hilarious prick. the latter character is easy to hate, no matter how hilarious he is being at the moment. when we were younger, it was easy to overlook his shortcomings, but at 36 and 37 respectively, its gotten a little long in the tooth. still, in the end, no matter his character defects, i still consider him one of my best friends, and has been a lifesaver over the years.

the only reason i bring up said friend is because it is kind of the musical equivalent of my relationship with two cow garage. now, i dont know them personally, so i am not going to speak on them personally. although, i have heard nothing but good things about everyone involved. i am speaking purely musical here. i started listening to em sometime in 05 with their 04 release the wall against our back, and at the time it was one of the greatest things i had ever heard, at least most of it. most of it a brilliant mix of alt-country, some kind of metal bastard and garage rock, the not so much brilliant stuff was almost unlistenable. still, the good outweighed the bad, by a country mile. III and speaking in cursive, which was on my best of 08 list, were much of the same. sometimes brilliant, sometimes not so much. still, my love only deepened for the men of two cow garage. i have listened to their recently released, sweet saint me, over and over and over again, i am left both completely fulfilled, but at the same time longing for the classic record i know that they have in them. micah schnabel is a great lyricist, in fact i would rate him up their with some of my faves. this record seems particularly personal, or maybe im just now paying more attention? even as great as micah is, some of the songs on sweet saint me seem half done, or just out of place with the flow of the record. so much like my friend, the dick, i will continue to love two cow garage, warts and all. even with all that said, this is still a top ten contender.

buy sweet saint me on cd and get an instant download via suburban home

jackson dont you worry – one of my favorite songs of the year
my great gatsby

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new stuff from travel by sea

i have been sitting on talking about travel by sea’s newly released two states and the blindness that follows for a good month now, maybe. their 08 release days of my escape showed up at number 8 on my best of the year list. so, why have i been sitting on it? no idea, its not for lack of inspiration, cause the record is really quite awesome. you know i am not awesome with words, and this is one of those records that i wish could just do the talking/writing for me. i wish i could just gather you all around a pair of speakers, press play and listen. not only is that impossible, it may turn a little creepy esp if i start drinking. so, what can i say about the new travel by sea record? well, its definitely going to be in my top ten of the year, thats something. they’ve brought in a few new players which definitely fills out their sound, but of course not to the point where youre left wondering “what happened to the travel by sea i loved?” all the changes that have been made on this record are for the better, and to put it plainly its pretty righteous.

you can purchase two states and the blindness that follows via their bandcamp site

the road

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brother stephen tonight at the neutral ground coffee house, nola

afternoon, fellow denizens of the interwebs. if you happen to be in new orleans this fine evening i highly recommend heading on over to the neutral ground coffee house for my man brother stephen, and a host of others. he’s got a 7″ and a record coming out on crossroads of america records, and the record which is called baptist girls features the vocal and violin talents of cheyenne mize of bonnie prince billy fame. if you’re a fan of bon iver, will oldham and other folky-esque artists, brother stephen will be right up your alley. if all things run smoothly, brother stephen goes on at ten. btw, the lineup also consists of mike selser, ross hallen, krissy and the headliner john davey.

telephone too

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donovan woods

i found this the other day, and just started listening to it. this being donovan woods’ the hold up, which i thought was new, but may be a few years old now. cant find too much info on the man other than he’s from canada and he does have a new record out entitled the widowmaker. havent heard that one yet, but as soon as i am done with this, i am seeking it out. if you’re a fan of iron and wine, mr ryan adams, or any other artist of the like you should definitely dig this dude. real good stuf… you can buy both records via amazon

he drinks gas
car wont start

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