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nick cave live in germany, 5.21.08


morning, ladies and gents. in case you didnt know/werent aware but nick cave has brought back his grinderman deal, and they’re back with grinderman 2! which was put out two weeks ago via anti. i was in the process of listening/digesting it and then of course the pc was stolen. will have to download it again, but ive been too lazy. amazon
has it for 7.99, btw. down below is nick cave @ the berlin tempodrom, germany, 5.21.08. its an fm broadcast, btw.

heathen child

1. night of the lotus eaters
2. dig, lazarus, dig
3. tupelo
4. todays lesson
5. red right hand
6. midnight man
7. deanna
8. lie down here
9. moonland
10. we call upon the author
11. papa wont leave you henry
12. more news from nowhere
13. get ready for love
14. hard on for love
15. the lyre of orpheus
16. into my arms
17. the mercy seat
18. stagger lee

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sun hotel's "oikos"

even with all the bullshit aka car break-ins, house break-ins, credit cards, cash stolen, etc, we’ve gone through and dealt with since moving to new orleans, there’s no place i would rather live. i know this sentiment is shared with most new orlenians, or at least the ones i run across. sure there have been a few dissenters, but you’ll get that no matter where you live.

which brings me to new orleans’ sun hotel and their recently released coast. they’ve has only been around a year, and they may just want to stop now, cause its gonna be hard to top their recently released coast. of course im joking, but if they’ve only been playing together a year, and were able to construct such an insanely awesome record, i fear they wont be able to top it, but out the other side of my mouth i will say it also brings me great hope for the future of sun hotel. the new orleans i know, sounds a lot like coast. i am not talkin bout the mardi gras festivities, the seemingly endless celebrations for just about anything, the tourists getting drunk on bourbon st. nope, im talking bout every day life in new orleans only slowed down from its already glacial pace, it’s the highs and the lows, the loves and the hates, the heat, the humidity, and the struggle. of course, one doesnt have to be from new orleans to fall in love with coast, but it doesnt hurt. the record has heart and passion, two things which i think are sorely missing from a lot of records being released today. definitely gonna a top ten’er… very highly recommended.

you can purchase/download coast for a name your price kinda deal via their bandcamp site. you can download their previous ep’s for free via their bandcamp site as well.


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archers of loaf at the showbox on 1.2.98

firstly, i cannot express in words the amount of appreciation for the outpouring of support a lot of you have given me. it truly warms the cackles of my ever blackening heart. again, guys/gals i truly, truly appreciate. so thank you. until i can re-download some of the records i was going to talk about, it may be a repost fest for the next week. up first, and this was requested sometime ago, is the archers of loaf at the showbox on 1.2.98

1. intro
2. step into the light
3. harnessed in slums
4. worst defense
5. attack of the killer bees
6. rental sting
7. revenge
8. mark prince, p.i.
9. vocal shrapnel
11. i.n.s.
12. wrong
13. plumb line
14. lowest part is free
15. web in front
16. audiowhore
17. nostalgia
18. encore
19. greatest of all time
20. scenic pastures

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what's going on

2010-09-26 07.26.55

howdy! so here’s the story, if you care to hear it. on wednesday i sold my nikon d3000 on ebay, cause frankly i needed the cash. it pained me to do it, but when you got a family and stuff, you gotta do what you gotta do, i suppose. now, i was supposed to send it out on thursday, but i couldnt find the manual and by the time i did, the post office was closed. so, on friday, i left work a little bit early with the plan of coming home, boxing it up and going to the post office. when i arrived home, i noticed that the door was unlocked, or was it? when you do things a million times it just becomes automatic and you dont think about, but still it felt weird. i didnt think too much of it though. i walk into the kitchen to grab a beer to enjoy as a boxed up the camera. as i walked out of my kitchen i noticed my computer was not where i left it, but just figured the wife had moved it. when i noticed it wasnt where the wife usually puts it, i got a little suspicious. i then turned around, and noticed the camera box, w camera inside, was not where i left it either. oh fuck oh fuck, was what was running through my head. i then looked at the bottom of our tv cabinet, and of course my xbox 360, which i just got for my birthday in june, was also gone. me and my beer and my phone busted ass out of the house. i called the cops, and before they arrived i walked back into the house, figuring they were probably gone. man i was shaking though. i then walked back into the kitchen and noticed the door had been been kicked in cause it was fucked up. then noticed the a couple of pieces of the lock laying there on the ground, which ended up right by the fridge. not sure how i didnt notice it?

the cops showed up, did what they had to do and the crime showed up later. they got some prints from the door and hopefully they arent mine, but the bastards.

so, the long and short of it is, they walked away with my asus netbook, the d3000, the 360, my daughters little portable dvd player, my timbuk2 pc bag, and im sure a couple other things i have yet to realize. it freaks me out, and of course saddens me, that they went into her room and took her dvd player. it was clearly for a kid, why take from kids? fuckin assholes. of course i dont have insurance and the cash to replace any of this stuff.

the most awesome thing about this is my landlord has yet to show up, even though i called him within an hour of me finding out. dont you think if one of your properties had been broken into you’d be over there within a day or shorter? i dont get it. i had to put a deadbolt and a lock back on it…

postings will be sporadic until i can replace my pc, cause the one i am using now is very very temperamental. this post just took me about an hour cause as i type it will erase words then entire paragraphs, etc and of course i dont have a copy of vista to reimage it. so, with all that said, we’ll talk soon.


My house was broken into and quite a bit was taken including my computer. So you may not hear from me for a bit.

back again: the replacements' boink

i have had many, many requests over the past two years for a repost of this, and well here it is. its exactly what the title suggests. for a little bit more info see the boink wiki page.

1. careless
2. more cigarettes
3. otto
4. i hate music
5. shut up
6. if only you were lonely
7. 20th century boy
8. hey good lookin
9. sixteen blue
10. who’s gonna take us alive
11. temptation eyes
12. street girl (version 1)
13. street girl (version 2)
14. seen your video
15. nowhere is my home
16. cant hardly wait (electric)
17. cant hardly wait (acoustic)
18. valentine
19. birthday girl
20. bundle up
21. red red wine
22. po box
23. time is killing us
24. iou
25. bastards of young

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neil young's chicago hurricane

i’ve read in more than a few places that this is the best neil young show ever recorded. ive heard my fair share of young shows, but i am no expert. with that said this is definitely one of the best that ive heard from him. it took place in chicago on 11.15.76.

1.heart of gold
2. the old laughing lady
3. journey through the past
4. too far gone
5. give me strength
6. the needle and the damage done
7. a man needs a maid
8. tell me why
9. sugar mountain
10. country home
11. dont cry me no tears
12. peace of mind
13. lotta love
14. like a hurricane
15. after the goldrush
16. are you ready for the country
17. down by the river
18. inca queen
19. opera star
20. eldorado

oh, yeah i would highly recommend watching the video of the making of young’s yet to be released le noise which was produced by one of my absolute favorites, daniel lanois. lanois house is crazy awesome, btw and le noise is due out on 9.28.

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kelly kneiser of glossary releases free ep

when kelly, joey and the gang were in town for the hotsauce and living room tour, there was some mention of a kelly ep coming out sometime, but i didnt imagine that it would be this soon. im half way through the 7 song ep, and as you can imagine its lovely, and free. a bit about the ep: apparently, she isnt the songwriting type, or so she says, so she got a bunch of current or ex-murfeesboro folks including joey kneiser, james jackson toth (wooden wand), kent eugene goolsby (the only sons), jason yeary (hammertorch), casey strength and keith pratt to donate a song for the ep. you can read more about the players, etc and download it here.

temptation – written by kent eugene goolsby

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superchunk playing "precision auto" on fallon

they dont have the full episode up yet but apparently this is a “web exclusive”

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