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helmet's "seeing eye dog"

it was sometime in 1992, and was probably on 120 minutes that first heard/saw helmet’s “in the meantime.” to say that it was a little bit life changing, at least in the musical sense, would be doing that song and eventually the entire record, meantime, a disservice. i was 18, angry for some unknown reason and lost, and meantime was the perfect soundtrack for such a young man. i, admittedly, was shallow at the time, and only cared that paige hamilton seemed to be pissed about something, and didnt really pay attention to the lyrics. i am sure he was preachin some serious stuff, but it was lost on me. we all go through such phases dont we? for the better part of a year, meantime, was my go to record, for just about everything. i could have been beaming with happiness or wanting to run a car through a brick wall, it was still that record i looked to for comfort.

fast forward a mere 18 years, and that dude is long gone – meaning me. in its place is a mildly disillusioned, overly neurotic, yet completely comfortable in his own skin 36 year old, with two kids and a wife. will paige hamilton and his band helmet still ring with the same ferocity and solace it did for me in 1992? my anger has given away to pure frustration, which actually may be more detrimental to one’s psyche than pure unadulterated and misguided anger. it actually may be the perfect time for a helmt reintervention? i have only heard the first and title track to their 7th record, seeing eye dog which is due out on 9.7. i would not consider helmet a “singles” band, so i am going to reserver any judgement until i hear the whole thing. in the meantime, no pun intended, you can grab the first single along with a couple live tracks by providing your email address right down there.

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blockhead remixes tom waits' "yesterday is here"

found this on aesop rock’s new site, 900 bats, which just recently launched, fyi. you know i am not a huge remix fan, but i do dig blockhead, and this is pretty awesome, thus the post. for the record, aesop better hurry up with something new, for reals…

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centro-matic + south san gabriel "eyas ep"

got wind of this yesterday, via twitter, but have yet to purchase it. this ep takes 7 songs from the dual hawks sessions, that of course didnt make it to print, and im wondering if the cover of lionel richie’s “all night long” was ever considered for inclusion on dual hawks? that would have been slightly humorous. you can stream right down there or buy it via the centro-matic site – six bucks for the mp3 and 7 bucks for the wav files. the choice is yours.

Centro-matic + South San Gabriel: Eyas EP by Centro-matic

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the war on drugs' "comin through"

i was just seriously thinking the other day that the war on drugs were due for a new one, and well what do you know? they got a new one comin out on 10.26 on secretly canadian called future weather. their 08 release wagonwheel blues was so freakin good, i can only hope that lightning strikes twice with future weather. “comin through” is the first release off future weather, and the other two tracks are from wagonwheel blues which again, i cant recommend enough.

comin through
taking the farm
a needle in your eye #16 – video

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bobby bare jr's "sad smile"

for some reason or another, i have never listened to bobby bare jr even though he has been around what seems forever. it just hasnt happened, and this song is still the only think i have heard from him. i dig it quite a bit, though. so, i may need to check his stuff out. anyone got any recommendations on where to start? his new one, due out tomorrow, is entitled a storm – a tree – my mothers head. the title coming from the fact that a 08 storm brought a tree down onto the bare home with his mother inside it. she later recovered, btw. the record was recorded over two days with the help of most of my morning jacket. he’s currently on tour, and playing tucson tonight, but check his site for all the dates.

sad smile

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nirvana's "roma"


had a reposting request for this here nirvana show, which may be the last known live nirvana recording and is commonly referred to as roma, which took place on 2.22.94.

1. radio friendly shifter unit
2. drain you
3. breed
4. serve the servants
5. come as you are
6. smells like teen spirit
7. silver
8. dumb
9. in bloom
10. about a girl
11. lithium
12. penny royal tea
13. school
14. polly
15. very ape
16. lounge act
17. rape me
18. territorial pissings
19. all apologies
20. on a plain
21. scentless apprentice
22. heart shaped box
23. improv
24. the man who sold the world

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programming note

we had a hard drive issue yesterday, and thus you may still experience some random wonkiness throughout the day. hopefully, i/we should have everything back to normal shortly. thanks to the lovely folks at imountain for helping sort everything out and for the support. in the meantime, make sure you go download the choosy beggars record for free via their bandcamp site.

new stuff from paper bird, native america, etc.

oh friday night how i have longed for you since about 6.15 am monday morning! ok now what, friday? oh, so you got nothing for me, huh? if you’re in new orleans there is a park the van showcase going on at tipitinas tonight featuring brass bed, native america and giant cloud.

fingernailsgiant cloud
begs me not to begbrass bed
universe city – native america – you can download their ep dancing about architecture via their bandcamp site. just got it and its sounding very cool.

in other news, got a hold of a copy of paper bird’s when the river took flight a few days ago, and thus far i am really diggin it. i am not really sure how to categorize their sound, there’s elements of bluegrass, rag time, and an all around feeling they reside in another place and time. which as it turns out, i am not alone in these feelings cause mr sean moeller seems to share the same sentiments. you can check out their daytrotter session here, which i didnt even know about til today. listening to said session makes em sound like they’re straight outta the the 30’s. everyone should just go a head and record everything at the daytrotter studios, cause everything always sounds incredible. here’s a couple tracks off when the river took flight.

yellow sun
wind and blood

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cold water flat's "magnetic north pole"

back in 1995, paul janovitz, brother to buffalo tom’s bill, and his band cold water flat released their self titled record – i dont think it was a debut, although maybe full-length debut. regardless, said release was pretty awesome, couple that with the fact that he was bill’s brother, i had to assume the apple didnt fall far. the record was filled with some much promise that i was more that overly excited about their future. it also didnt hurt that i was a huge fan of stuff coming out of tim o’heir’s fort apache studios, which this record was a product. i figured by 96 or 97, they would have put something new out, but twas not meant to be, and thus i am still waiting. paul did go on to form drag strip courage, who i have never heard, sadly.

you can pick up cold water flat’s record on amazon
for like a penny or something ridiculous like that. here’s the song that ruled much of my 1995.

magnetic north pole

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