adam franklin & the bolts of melody's "yesterday has gone forever"

me thinks i could make a strong argument that swervedriver were one of most important bands to come out of the 90’s. actually they never made it out of the 90’s cause 99th dream was their last record which was released in 1998. thats all semantics though, cause the point is during their time together they made what i would consider 4 classic records, and yeah im even including the much underrated 99th dream. they often get clumped in with the likes of my bloody valentine and the whole shoegazer crowd, which is really unfair cause swervedriver records were/are actually listenable. sure in mbv’s case loveless is considered by most to be an essential listening experience, and i wouldnt deny that, but god damn if mezcal head or ejector seat reservation dont deserve the same tag. actually, after all of that i would probably be too tired and drunk to argue and just give into pavement being the most important band to come out of said time period.

well…. the man behind all that awesomeness, adam franklin, has a newer record out with his band bolts of melody which is called i could sleep for a thousand years. maybe its just my ears, but its the closest thing post swervedriver that comes as close as replicating aka being as awesome as his swervedriver days.

yesterday has gone forever
last train to satansville off mezcal head

buy i could sleep a thousand years via amazon and while youre there, pick up any swervedriver record.

martha wainwright's "l'accordéoniste"

was super pscyhed to get an email a week or so back about a new martha wainwright coming out, then only slightly bummed to find that its edith piaf covers record. the record is awkwardly titled sans fusils, ni souliers, a paris. martha wainwright’s piaf record. sure like i said i was a bit bummed it wasnt new material, but from what i have heard its really quite lovely, and her voice really is the star of the show cause i have no idea what she’s singing about. i also believe that it was recorded entirely live. the record is out now in canada, but may be avail on itunes here in the states? oh and there are a couple other tracks from said record streaming on her myspace page.

l accordéoniste

prince live in nagoya, japan in 1989

top of the mid evening to y’all. saw this prince bootleg, which is like 40 songs deep, and figured i’d post it since last time i posted something price related it was mildly popular. this is the first part of the show, feel free to download it, but part two will be up tomorrow and probably accompanied with a .rar file of the whole she-bang. me thinks its a soundboard, and taken from nagoya, japan back in ’89.

1. intro
2. housequake/take the a-train
3. slow love
4. adore
5. delirious
6. jack u off
7. sister
8. do me, baby
9. adore (reprise)
10. i wanna be your lover
11. head
12. girls & boys
13. a love bizzare
14. when u were mine
15. little red corvette
16. controversy
17. u got the look
18. superfunky……
19. controversy (reprise)
20. bob george cross the line
21. anna stesia
22. cross the line

strand of oaks' "bonfire"

strand of oaks’ leave ruin is a record that for some reason i didnt put on my best of list last year, and thats criminal. some of the other ones, looking back, could and do take a back to seat to said record. its not an immediate “hey this is the greatest thing ever” kind of record, but damn does it catch fire once its fully digested. well, timothy showalter and his strand of oaks are back with a new, equally excellent record called pope killdragon. pope killdragon “suffers” from the same immediacy issues as leave ruin, but again damn once it hits its a phenomenal record. top ten contender for sure, and can almost guarantee it. its only avail on emusic right now, i believe and can be grabbed by clicking here. here is a recent daytrotter session for your listening/downloading pleasure.