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the gutter twins live in liverpool, 8.30.08

morning! was absolutely aware of this, but absolutely forgot when i was doing the television post yesterday. that was until i was politely reminded by jayd that justin over at a.d. has a free comp entitled l’aventure which features l.a. bands doing songs off televisions adventure. i have not checked it out as of yet, but im sure its pretty awesome. clicky here. donations are accepted, all of which will benefit the silverlake conservatory of music.

i had a request for this yesterday, and since i didnt have anything lined up this morning, i figured what the hell. its the gutter twins live at academy 2 in liverpool on 8.30.08. more coming later today.

1. the stations
2. gods children
3. idle hands
4. seven stories underground
5. hard time killin floor blues
6. bete noire
7. down the line
8. st. james infirmiry
9. spanish doors
10. each to each
11. front street
12. encore break
13. papillon
14. methamphetamine blues
15. number nine

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television's i need a new adventure

howdy, peoples! what we have here are alternate takes to television’s second record adventure. believe these were recorded at bearsville studios back in 1978. it was released on cd back in 03, but you can only find for 30 bucks and upwards. there’s some pretty awesome stuff on here and cant recommend checking it out, enough.

1. aint that nothin
2. adventure
3. glory
4. days
5. foxhole
6. carried away
7. aint that nothin (2)
8. i dont care
9. glory (2)
10. carried away (instrumental)
11. up all night
12. grip of love
13. last night (piano song)
14. the dreams dream
15. glory (3)
16. the fire

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modest mouse's tube fruit all smiles and chocolate

so i got an email yesterday re: this modest mouse record that was that was not only a cassette only release, but only 100 were made – it is to be believed. its a pretty interesting listen and like the young man, corey who came across it on 4chan says its very mangum-esque. you can read more about this at music birds and cereal. again, thanks to corey for bringing this to my attention. also, there’s a mediafire link on his site to grab em all.

1. an apology from dog to cat concerning a comment made earlier bout cats breath
2. tossing your weight
3. measure my sleep
4. bliss phone explanation
5. custard toothed alpha bet
6. racecar grin
7. the gravity involved in climbing
8. leaflets gabe
9. super saver day
10. thinking lead to suspicion
11. piggy tails buries….
12. go on out, come on, carry off
13. less thought than sleep
14. livin your life in two
15. the naive choking on a shallow line
16. uninvited
17. slave trade definition transfer
18. immigration office spelling bee
19. ignoring each other, together for it
20. my name on a letter in the mailbox
21. bulldozers on high
22. crow bar
23. novacain peppermint
24. candy blue
25. favorite horse at the tracks

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hallelujah the hills’ "that ticking you hear"

hey there fine people. hope everyone’s weeks end was to their liking. mine was just dandy, thanks for asking. hallelujah the hills have released two songs for the 2010 summer, and embarking on a tour with titus andronicus – see the dates below. here be the first song, the other summer track entitled “introductory saints,” can be downloaded via their site. click here for their site.

that ticking you hear

thu, jul 8, 2010 allston, ma great scott
fri, jul 9, 2010 brooklyn, ny union hall
sat, jul 10, 2010 new haven, ct lily’s pad *
sun, jul 11, 2010 northampton, ma pearl street *
mon, jul 12, 2010 albany, ny valentine’s *
tue, jul 13, 2010 buffalo, ny ninth ward at babeville *
wed, jul 14, 2010 toronto, on horseshoe tavern *
thu, jul 15, 2010 grand rapids, mi intersection lounge *
fri, jul 16, 2010 chicago, il subterranean *
sat, jul 17 2010 chicago il titus andronicus @ pitchfork fest with hth assistance
sun, jul 18, 2010 youngstown, oh lemon grove
* opening for and playing with titus andronicus

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whiskeytown/ryan adams' drunken confessions

afternoon, dillholes! all i gotta say is all praise be to ativan and the fellow/lady that invented it. the fucked up thing about relying a little pill to chill you out, is just that, its fucked up. so if a stupid little pill can chill me out, why the hell cant i just chill myself out? one of life’s mysteries i suppose? hopefully i wont have to take it very long, but in the meantime, ill take it.

here today is a whiskeytown/ryan adams bootleg compilation entitled drunken confessions. for more info on the comp clicky here.

1. drank like a river
2. to druink to dream
3. fuckin bastards
4. take your guns to town
5. the great divide
6. mining town
7. nervous breakdown
8. pawnshop aint no place for a wedding ring
9. macon, georgia county line
10. western star
11. jacksonville city lights
12. young fair mary
13. the bed that i bought
14. movin on up – jeffersons theme
15. steal a car
16. lucky star
17. texas
18. lay your hand down on the coffin
19. barter town
20. messengers of god
21. somebody remember the rose
22. nervous breakdown
23. what may seem like love
24. faithless street – live
25. mining town – live

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the jayhawks live 6.18.97, the netherlands

sup? happy wednesday to y’all. i am feeling just splendid today, thanks for asking. here is a jayhawks fm broadcast on 6.18.97 in the netherlands. still working on 51-100. so, be on the look out for the maybe tomorrow or friday. btw, i know the pic above is not of the correct time period, but i liked it.

1. inleiding
2. settle down
3. dying on the vine
4. two hearts
5. trouble
6. take me with you when you go
7. smile
8. waitin for the sun
9. blue
10. out on the side
11. baltimore sun
12. bad time

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happy sunday! im debating on doing a top 100. as i peruse my hard drives and more than 1k cd’s there are still so many that i could consider favorites. i would almost feel guilty not mentioning em. so, i guess onto a 100 i go. in the mean time here are 26-50.

26. raindogs – lost souls
i believe

27. the replacements – tim
bastards of young

28. paul westerberg – 14 songs
mannequin shop

29. vic chesnutt – west of rome
lucinda williams

30. explosions in the sky – the earth is not a cold dead place
first breath after coma

31. public enemy – fear of a black planet
war at 33 1/3

32. the rolling stones – exile on mainstreet
shine a light

33. dinosaur jr – green mind
blowing it

34. sebadoh – bakesale
s. soup

35. archers of loaf – vee vee
harnessed in slums

36. buffalo tom – let me come over

37. kamikaze hearts – oneida road
deer hunter

38. the black crowes – the southern harmony and musical companion
sometimes salvation

39. screaming trees – uncle anesthesia
alice said

40. lucero – that much further west
that much further west

41. pavement – wowee zowee
best friend’s arm

42. red house painters – songs for a blue guitar
make like paper

43. mercury rev – deserter’s songs
opus 40

44. urge overkill – exit the dragon
this is no place

45. modest mouse – the lonesome crowded west
truckers atlas

46. sweet relief: songs of victoria williams – sweet relief
matthew sweet this moment

47. richard buckner – bloomed
gauzy dress in the sun

48. nwa – straight outta compton
straight outta compton

49. whiskeytown – strangers almanac
waiting to derail

50. lyle lovett – joshua judges ruth

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captains dead’s favorite records of all time 1-25

honestly, i have no idea why i even started this? i was sitting on my couch the other evening, and got to thinking bout my favorite records. next thing i know, im downloading album covers, uploading album covers, gathering songs and uploading said songs. again, i have no idea why other than the thought. shit, i have lots of thoughts but rarely do i follow through with any of em.

as i said in a previous post, this list is monumentally flawed. flawed for many reasons, all of which should be pretty obvious. with any list like this, these are personal favorites and doesnt mean i think they are the greatest records ever created, then again they are my favorite’s so i must think pretty damn highly of em. its probably pretty standard 36 year old guy fare, but they mean a hell of a lot to me.

most people start at the back and work forward, not me i tell ya. my lil brain doesnt work in such a way. 26-50 will probably be posted tomorrow or monday.

1. guided by voices – bee thousand
tractor rape chain

2. public enemy – it takes a nation of millions to hold us back
night of the living baseheads

3. pavement – crooked rain, crooked rain
silence kit

4. wilco – yankee hotel foxtrot
poor places

5. liz phair – exile in guyville
divorce song

6. paul simon – graceland

7. uncle tupelo – still feel gone

8. grant lee buffalo – mighty joe moon
rock of ages

9. pixies – doolittle
mr. grieves

10. sugar – copper blue
fortune teller

11. daniel lanois – for the beauty of wynona
rocky world

12. the afghan whigs – gentlemen
be sweet

13. los lobos – kiko
saint behind the glass

14. the everybodyfields – nothing is okay

15. drive by truckers –the dirty south
carl perkins cadillac

16. richmond fontaine – post to wire
post to wire

17. guns n roses – appetite for destruction
rocket queen

18. rem – automatic for the people
find the river

19. tom waits – bone machine
that feel

20. richard buckner – Devotion + Doubt
4 am

21. the tragically hip – phantom power
vapour trails

22. guided by voices – alien lanes
blimps go 90

23. lucinda williams – car wheels on a gravel road
i lost it

24. chris whitley – living with the law
living with the law

25. bruce springsteen – nebraska
atlantic city

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modern skirts' "rebecca st claire"

im pretty sure the modern skirts have been around for a while. by a while, i mean at least as long as this place has been existence – 5 years in november! what im getting at as i have heard the name tossed around, or at least seen then name tossed around and up until recently, like an hour ago, i have never heard em. they have a new ep coming out on 7.6, called happy 81 which draws from hundreds of their 4 track recordings. their putting this out in front of a new lp, that may be coming out shortly? btw, this song is pretty awesome.

follow em on twitter if thats your thing

rebecca st claire

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