brian eno’s dali’s car

gonna be real honest, i know next to nothing about brian eno. i should rephrase that, i know of the man and his work, but i dont know his work, as in i have never really listened to it. make sense? found this the other day, and found it to be quite interesting and not really what i expected. anyone got any good places to start in regards to mr eno? here’s an amg review/info of this, dali’s car, which was never released in the states and is probably oop by now. you can grab one on amazon, new, for a 150 bucks or so.

1. paw paw negro blowtorch
2. fever
3. the fat lady of limbourg
4. fat uncle
5. babys on fire
6. ill come running

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matthew carefully's "modest birds"

photo by rich orris

matthew loiacono is matthew carefully, and i suppose vice versa. if you’ve been with me since 2006 or at least since last august, you may be familiar with his former band, the kamikaze hearts – they are on a permanent vacation from what i gather. even if you arent familiar with any of that, you should become familiar with mr carefully and his work. he’s released a couple records, an ep or two, a free live record and has an upcoming record called community balloon. so, the guys been busy. his stuff is a little different than the k-hearts output, more tape loops and one man band kinda stuff, but still great nonetheless. speaking on the free live record, it was recorded at the linda norris auditorium in albany, ny on 2.25.10. to get the live record, all ya have to do is become a fan of mr carefully on facebook and it will open up a the “fans only” tab where you can grab it. i can emphatically declare that said record is definitely worth the 3 clicks that it takes to grab it. also, if you are feeling so inclined click the community balloon via bandcamp link up there and check out his new record. “modest birds” is taken from live at the live record, btw.

modest birds
kamikaze hearts – both off oneida road
noone called you a failure
deer hunter

band of horses on kcrw, 9.6.2007

my very short review of infinite arms goes as follows: some will love it, some will hate it. im actually working on a real review for said record. so look for that in a few days. i believe you can grab it via itunes or you can order it in an array of different forms via their site. below the gaudy widget is the kcrw performance.

1. is there a ghost
2. islands on the coast
3. the general specific
4. our swords
5. ode to the lrc
6. the funeral
7. wicked gil
8. the marry song

new stuff from brother dege

since my move to new orleans, i have heard the name santeria tossed around in a few times, by people who seemed to have at least similar tastes. of course, i didnt act on those overheard recommendations. as luck would have it, i got an email about regarding the lead singer of said band releasing a solo record. that man goes by the name of brother dege, but his given name may or may not be dege legg and his record is called folk songs of the american longhaired. from what i heard of the record, all i can say is wow. this guy is not fuckin around in the least. i am not one to quote press releases, which i think shows, cause no pr person with half a brain would write like yours truly, but anyway exceptions are always made cause this sums up brother dege and his music quite nicely…out of respect for the author i’ll even keep the punctuation in tact.

“This is Delta Blues for the 21st Century, raging out of the swamplands of Louisiana. Dripping with atmosphere and backwoods noir. The real deal—death-obsessed, god-fearing, foot stomping acoustic blues steeped in the devilish myths and haunted ambience that permeates every inch of Louisiana. Factor in some Historic longhaired rock & roll influences – from Sabbath to Black Flag – and you’ve got an art project and anthropological study wrapped in one time traveling package.”

he’s kicking off his tour here in new orleans on thursday night and then headed out on the road for a quite a few gigs. check the dates below. the new orleans date is a house party thats open to the public, and free although donations are accepted and probably encouraged. the address to the house party/record release gig is 1121 piety st and begins at 9pm, for more info call 504.419.7029.

the battle of new orleans
the girl who wept stones

04.29 new orleans
04.30 birmingham, al
05.01 atlanta, ga
05.02 charlotte, nc
05.03 greenville, nc
05.04 winston-salem, nc
05.05 leesburg, va
05.06 philadelphia, pa
05.07 new york, ny
05.08 brooklyn, ny
05.09 new york, ny
05.10 providence, ri
05.11 somerville, ma
05.12 jamaica plain, ma
05.14 cleveland, oh
05.15 newport, ky
05.16 chicago, il
05.18 st. louis, mo
05.19 kansas city (blue springs, mo
05.20 dallas, tx

caddywhompus' "let the water hit the floor"

top of the morning! the 49th edition of the philadelpia folk fest was announced last week and if i were in the area i would definitely be hitting it up, but im not so i wont be. all i can do is pass along the details. those details being: its happening 8.20-22 at old pool farm and a whole bunch of people are playing, as you can imagine, including jeff tweedy, bonnie “prince” billy and the cairo gang, taj mahal, richard thompson, a.a. bondy, the subdudes and more!!! check out the site, see link above, for the remainder of the details.

new orleans’ noise pop duo extraordinaires caddywhompus are set to release their new record, remainder, on 5.11 on community records. like a lot of stuff, i havent heard the entire record, but i dig this lead track. few tour dates below….

let the water hit the floor

tour dates:
5/14 houston, tx — superhappyfunland
5/15 denton, tx — 1919 hemphill
5/17 albuquerque, nm — revlis (silver skate shop)
5/26 redding, ca — the downtown eatery
5/27 corvallis, or — cloud 9
6/19 lafayette, la — artmosphere
6/26 carbondale, il — the swamp
6/30 madison, wi — the project lodge
7/23 atlanta, ga — the wonder root

pixies live at the mean fiddler, london on 4.8.88

hey-o! my job today played out much like a scene out of office space. two of my many bosses were in town for a meet and greet, justify your existence type of get together. luckily both of em were fine individuals, so it made this little merry go round a little easier to swallow. still i cant help but feel like a caged zoo animal. as if just cause some humans showed up, i should now do a little song and dance for their amusement. my own personal hangups, i know. until we speak again, here is what the title suggests, the pixies live at the mean fiddler in london on 4.8.88.

1. holiday song
2. nimrods son
3. levitate me
4. bone machine
5. broken face
6. cactus
7. break my body
8. isla de encanta
9. ed is dead
10. hey
11. gigantic
12. river euphrates
13. caribou
14. ive been tired
15. vamos
16. in heaven everything is fine

scott avett sings bombadil's "marriage"

hope y’all had a good to great weekend. mine is luckily in wind down mode. the above cover is from bombadil’s tarpits and canyonlands which came in at a solid 7 in my best of 09. here’s a couple tracks in case you missed it, or never bothered clicking that “best of 09” tab up there.

so many ways to die

new stuff from venice is sinking

one of my all time favorite songs is galaxie 500’s “tugboat.” probably didnt know that did ya? probably dont care either, but thats cool. i havent heard too many folks covering it, or maybe i just havent been paying attention? one band that i know covered it is athens’ venice is sinking and im not sure who thought it was a good idea to cover said song, but bravo to them cause they pull it off quite brilliantly. its gonna be on their upcoming sand & lines, along with, count em 9 other songs! sand & lines was recorded over 4 days at the historic georgia theatre which sadly burned down in june of last year. i had never seen the place, but from all accounts it was quite special. havent heard the whole ordeal as of yet, but is due out on one percent press on 6.15. judging the record just based off these two songs though, i can say i am more than anxious to hear the whole thing.

falls city

new stuff from ben trickey

my time spent in atlanta spewed forth a ton of life changes aka the kids, and career change, but sadly only gave me one artist/band that i would consider myself a fan of. to be fair, i didnt see many shows, thus not seeing catching the local talent, but i did check out a lot of atlanta bands. sure there are some good ones, dont make me name em, but none of em really clicked with me. that one special guy? mr ben trickey. saw him a few years ago open up for patterson hood, i believe it was, and automatically dug his wares. those wares being a collection of slow, foreboding and sparse songs that even given there often grim exterior, are not total bum-outs and are actually quite the opposite if you just take the time to scratch. his new one come on, hold on is out now, and its definitely one of the best records i’ve heard thus far this year.

mean ole world
the sound of potential

radiohead live at huddersfield university, 11.11.92

howdy! dont got much time at the moment but figured i would throw this out there. btw, have you guys heard the new hold steady? what you think? i have and at this point, i am unsure how i feel about it. i think i like it better than the last one, but through my first few listens i found it just kind of there and didnt really raise my level of emotional involvement at all.

1. anyone can play guitar
2. prove yourself
3. you
4. creep
5. how do you
6. million dollar question
7. faithless
8. ripcord
9. blow out