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please stand by

im taking the week off peoples. i got peoples in town and stuff. i’ll probably be returning this weekend once the madness is gone. xoxoxo, me

scott h biram's "judgement day" video, etc

Scott H Biram, “Judgement Day” from Bloodshot Records on Vimeo.

i have been hearing mr scott h. biram’s name being tossed around in certain dark corners of the internets for a while, but as you only guess i only recently gave his stuff a listen. still i havent heard his 09 bloodshot release, somethings wrong/lost forever, but i am definitely diggin what i’ve heard thus far.

judgement day
still drunk, still crazy, still blue

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dead kennedys live in san francisco, 6.2.84

top of the mid morning to you all. dont know if you guys have checked out buckner’s recent daytrotter session, but you probably should cause its lovely/heartbreaking. i only wish that daytrotter now offered an embedding feature with their stuff, since they did away with hotlinking the tracks – which i am normally against, but got permission from sean, fyi. still nothing but love for em, and imo is the best music site on the web hands down.

here’s a great dead kennedys show recorded live at on broadway in san francisco on 6.2.84.

1. intro
2. bleed for me
3. hop with the jetset
4. well paid scientist
5. dear abby
6. mtv get off the air
7. life sentence
8. nazi punks fuck off
9. jock-o-rama
10. goons of hazzard
11. holiday in cambodia

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free record alert, through the sparks' worm moon waning

on first listen, birmingham’s through the sparks can be a bit of tough pill to swallow. not cause the songs aren’t great, cause they really are if you just give em time, but they are kinda all over the board, musically. they are definitely a band that you cant stuff into neat little genre box that may or may not have been made up by some douchebag that just so happens to be “lucky” enough to have a computer and an internet connection. they’re giving away their latest worm moon waning for free. well, for mostly free, you gotta give em your email address and zip code. whoopty fuckin doo! trust me on this one, give em the goods and welcome your new musical overlords, or something. grab it here.

hotrock constellations
turn everything off

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seasick steve's "diddley bo"

never heard of steve wold aka seasick steve or his music until yesterday afternoon sometime when an email touting the man’s wares graced my inbox. admittedly, i didnt pay much attn until mr ninebullets, on twitter, stated that seasick steve was on his “drop everything and listen now” list. respecting the mans taste in music, i figured i’d venture forward. you can tell right off the bat, just by looking at his picture, that the guy has been around and surely has a few stories to tell. you can read more about him via his wiki page. what about his music you ask? not being familiar with any of his other work, i have nothing to judge it against, but so far his man from another time sounds exactly like that. it doesnt sound like it was made in this century. if jon spencer were a grizzled older man, it may sound like seasick steve. if you dig the likes or rl burnside, howlin wolf, william elliott whitmore, etc you should definitely dig this.

man from another timeis due out next tuesday. actually ryko disc is re-releasing it.

diddley bo

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teenage fanclub's "baby lee"

oh, boy, im pretty excited about this one. teenage fanclub is releasing shadows on june, 8 via merge. i do love me some teenage fanclub, and seriously you should too. btw, it’s their first record since man-made which was 5 years ago. here’s the first single….

baby lee

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jackson browne's criterion demos

on this day, at this moment, in 1996 i am probably on the el going to work and im probably feeling a little light headed and/or a sharp pain in my side. the reason for these brief yet all to real ailments is that 35 year old me is gonna post something related to jackson browne. you have to understand that 22 year old me wouldnt have any of this kinda 70’s soft rock/singer songwriter bullshit, it was all about living in the present, embracing “today’s” music, man. how some dope smokin jive turkey thats twice my age gonna teach me something or better yet how can even enjoy their music? see where i am going with that? that was pretty much my way of thinking until about 25. although, thats probably a bit over dramatization but not that far off. anyway, honestly, this is my first introduction mr browne’s music other than the obvious singles i have heard of the years, and i gotta admit this stuff is pretty damn good. this stuff being the criterion demos, just like the title suggest. you can read a bit about it here and im assuming i should probably check out his first record since these are the demos to it?

1. last time i was home
2. jamaica say you will
3. song for adam
4. doctor my eyes
5. low road
6. door into the morning
7. another place
8. birds of st marks
9. mae jean goes to hollywood
10. gone to sorrow
11. hot like today
12. a child in these hills
13. the top
14. my opening farewell
15. the times you’ve come
16. from the silverlake
17. there came a question
18. rock me on the water
19. nightingale

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great lake swimmers' "gonna make it through this year"

got an email from bad panda records with a link to a great lake swimmers song i had never heard, or at least dont remember hearing, entitled, “gonna make it through this year.” said netlabel is releasing one creative commons song every monday and in this case its creative commons license, BY-NC-SA 3.0 – which means nothing to me, but they asked for it to be included.

gonna make it through this year

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new stuff from a weather

i was pretty big fan of a weather’s 08 release, cove and even a bigger fan of one of the songs on said record, “spider, snakes.” they got a new one out on team love which they have decided to call everyday balloons, and it was released on 3.2 – im a little late, i know. i havent been able to get a quality listen yet, but from what i have heard i have dug quite a bit, lovingly executed lush and green folk pop. definitely recommended. there on tour btw, so make sure to check their site for the dates.

giant stairs
third of life

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buffalo tom live in boston, 6.10.05

after or before you grab this show, if you feel so inclined that is, make sure you check out mr janovitz’s ongoing cover of the week segment on his site, part time man of rock. with that said here is bill and buffalo tom playing at the paradise in boston on 6.10.05. awesome recording/show.

1. birdbrain
2. kitchen door
3. your stripes
4. larry
5. postcard
6. rachael
7. bottom of the rain
8. crutch
9. darl
10. good girl
11. frozen lake
12. treehouse
13. i’m allowed
14. tangerine
15. late at night
16. bleeding heart
17. taillights fade
18. soda jerk
19. wiser
20. velvet roof

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