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ships a'hoy

if everything goes as planned, i shall be returning on monday morning. until then, i’ll see on the other side… wish me/us luck….

john hiatt's "the open road"

there’s really not much to be said about john hiatt that hasnt been said before. the guy is releasing his 19th record, the open road, next month and has been covered by and written songs for some of the greatest musicians of our or any time – dylan, willie nelson and bonnie raitt to name a few. he produced it himself and recorded the open road in a garage turned recording studio. definitely lookin forward to hearing it…. he’s touring btw, so make sure to check his site for the dates.

the open road – not a stream, clicking the link will automatically start the download, fyi

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random collection of stones outtakes

that always cracks me up! dorks!!!!!!! had a couple of requests for this collection of stones outtakes. i dont think there is any name given to this here collection, just something someone put together i suppose. the quality is excellent for the most part, and check the details here.

1. gimme shelter
2. you’ve got the silver
3. sister morphine
4. loving cup
5. you gotta move
6. brown sugar
7. hip shake
8. tumblin dice
9. blues jam
10. ventilator blues
11. bitch
12. brown sugar
13. wild horses
14. angie
15. shine a light

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leatherface's "never say goodbye"

oh, man am i psyched for this. this being a new record by frankie stubbs and his band leatherface which he has decided to call the stormy petrel. i’ve only gotten bout halfway through it, but its pretty great. my only complaint, and its a wee one, is that a bit more polished than previous leatherface outings. still, a new leatherface record is always a good, if not great thing. it was released today? across the pond, but is not due out in the states until 3.23 on no idea records.

never say goodbye

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soundgarden's fresh deadly rarities

afternoon peoples. hope everyone had a fun or at least relaxing weekend. mine was both, for the most part. man, right now im listening to the earth is not a cold dead place, and to my ears, at least at this moment, it sounds like the greatest thing ever put to tape. if for some reason you have never basked in its glory, download it, buy it, or borrow it from a friend, but do it now….

here’s a collection of soundgarden “rarities” that goes by the name of fresh deadly rarities. i havent been able to listen to it as of yet, for i just downloaded it and then immediately uploaded it. so, i cant vouch for their quality, but im assuming its good.

1. toy box
2. heretic
3. come together
4. fresh deadly roses
5. into the void
6. girl you want
7. stray cat blues
8. she’s a politician
9. cold bitch
10. show me
11. touch me
12. i dont care about you
13. can you see me
14. i can give you anything
15. homicidal suicidal
16. she like surprises
17. like a suicide

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the light footwork's "rock island arsenal"

i often think or actually know that im missing out on a lot. i know i have mentioned this before, but my unwillingness to give much else a chance, at least musically, is not really helping in “expanding my horizons.” i hope that if mention this character flaw enough that i will see the errors in my ways and give myself a much needed kick in the ass. also, im going to throw it out there that i’m actually pretty nervous about this whole cruise deal goin down in less than a week. im a huge pussy, i know. anyone ever been on one? thoughts?

anywho, releasing record number 2, and their first in 5 years, not counting their split 7″ in 07, is the light footwork. i up until a few days ago, had never heard of the light footwork. first caught wind of their name on twitter and a brief conversation about em tween kyle of more cowbell and steve from baby stew – two dudes who’s tastes in music i mostly respect. then well what do you know? i get an email about the light footwork not 2 days later. coincidence? forgot to mention the name of the record is national historic landmarks and is due out on tuesday, 2.23. havent heard the whole record as of yet, but i dig this song enough to give it a whirl. im making a promise to myself to listen to it more than twice.

rock island arsenal

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new stuff from ted leo and the pharmacists

ted leo is nothing if not consistent and i appreciate about him and his music. there is no need to switch up the formula when whatever it is you do, you do exceptionally well? thus is the case regarding mr leo’s upcoming release, the brutalist bricks which is due out on matador on 3.9. if you like ted leo, you will dig this, if not, well, thats on you. he’s doing some touring and holy shit he’s coming to new orleans on april 2 at one eyed jacks.

the mighty sparrow
even heroes have to die

March 11 Cleveland Heights, OH Grog Shop
March 12 Pontiac, MI The Crofoot
March 13 Chicago, IL The Bottom Lounge
March 14 Madison, WI High Noon Saloon
March 15 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
March 18 Spokane, WA The Blvd
March 19 Seattle, WA Nuemo’s
March 20 Portland, OR Doug Fir Lounge
March 21 Portland, OR Doug Fir Lounge
March 23 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall
March 24 Santa Barbara, CA Soho Restaurant & Music Club
March 26 Pomona, CA The Glass House
March 27 West Hollywood, CA Troubadour
March 28 Tucson, AZ Club Congress
March 31 Austin, TX The Parish Room April
April 02 New Orleans, LA One Eyed Jacks
April 03 Tallahassee, FL Club Downunder
April 04 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade
April 05 Carrboro, NC Cat’s Cradle
April 07 Philadelphia, PA First Unitarian Church
April 08 Washington, DC 930 Club
April 09 New York, NY Irving Plaza
April 10 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club

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sweet apple's "do you remember"

oh, ok this is pretty awesome. admittedly i had my doubts about sweet apple, and i wasnt probably as psyched about em as i should have. its good to be apprehensive, i think. anyway, if you didnt know sweet apple is j mascis, john petkovic and tim parnin of cobra verde and dave sweetapple who plays in witch and their record love & desperation comes out on 4.20 on tee pee records. they’re also going to be touring, and they’re better be a freakin new orleans date. this one needs to be played loudly!

do you remember

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husker du's warehouse rehearsals

received a request for some husker du reposts, but dont worry cause i think this maybe all i have available at the present time. here is what i wrote, mostly verbatim when this was posted a couple years back.

this here is the men of husker du rehearsing the songs of warehouse before hitting the studio sometime between august and november of 86 – the date on the txt file is the 5th of august, but of course its debatable. the rehearsal is cut short by the minneapolis po-po who had several complaints that they were way too loud and you can actually hear the cop saying, and i am paraphrasing, “you guys cant believe how loud it is.” not only does this bring the songs of warehouse into a different light, but its also just pretty bad ass to have.

buy warehouse: songs and stories via amazon

1. these important years
2. charity, chastity, prudence and hope
3. standing in the rain
4. tell you why tomorrow
5. ice ice cold
6. you’re a soldier
7. could you be the one
8. actual condition
9. its not peculiar
10. too much spice
11. visionary
12. she floated away
13. friend, you’ve got to fall
14. back from somewhere
15. bed of nails
16. you can live at home
17. turn it around
18. in come the cops

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pavement's "gold soundz"

pavement has taken the top spot on in 3,2,1…. as you all probably knew, pavement is cashing in. not only with a probable world tour, but with this 23 track retrospect entitled quarantine the past which spans that glorious decade, 1989-1999. oh, the entire to-do is fully remastered, including the track below, and if you purchase the cd/vinyl you shall receive a complimentary download coupon. quarantine the past is due out on 3.9 and hit up the matador site for all the details and tour dates.

gold soundz

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