the talking heads live in san francisco, 12.3.77

admittedly, i have never paid the talking heads and their music much mind. i know a lot of people dig em, but that hasnt stopped me from not listening to em. it may all stem from the early days of mtv and their non-stop airing of “burning down the house,” which is kind akin to my unfounded early hatred of van morrison. not their fault, but im just shallow enough to pretend that it is. anyway, i listened to this show, and im definitely impressed with the stuff that i hadnt heard before. anyone got a recommendation on where to start?

1. uh-oh love comes to town
2. with our love
3. the book i read
4. artists only
5. stay hungry
6. the big country
7. new feeling
8. thank you for sending me an angel
9. who is it
10. psycho killer
11. no compassion
12. 1,2,3 red light

grant lee buffalo on the bbc, 5.17.96

top of the morning to you all. so ive been listening to the new truckers for the past 24 hours and its awesome. i dont know if its any more uptempo than any of their other stuff, although brighter was pretty un-rocking as a whole. either way, yeah its great. here’s a short grant lee buffalo performance from the bbc on 5.17.96. at the time of its release, i didnt think much of their copperopolis, but in the past month or so i have really gotten into. im not sure what i didnt like about it when it was released?

1. intro
2. homespun
3. two & two
4. chat
5. the bridge
6. all that i have

new stuff from paul michael masson

photograph by michael patrick o’ leary

every once in a while, and sadly it doesnt happen much any more, but there are times when you put on a record, or an ep as it were, and you just immediately gravitate to the sound. thus is the case with baltimorian paul michael masson and his recently released and most excellent self titled ep. plainly put, this ep is one of the best collection of songs that ive heard in a while. granted its only 5 songs, but taking it for what it is, its spectacular. his voice is great, the lyrics are smart without seeming like he’s trying too hard, and the instrumentation is lovely – think ray lamontagne but with much better songs with the exception of “jolene.” i dont want to get too excited about mr masson’s work, cause i have been let down before, see artist in question one sentence up, but i got a good feeling about him. you can pick up the ep on emusic and itunes and its highly recommended that you do so….

my girl baltimore

the band at jazz fest, 4.22.94

man its been a little slow going down here in the crescent city. things gotta a bit outta hand last night and im certainly feeling my age today. when i say outta hand, i mean i probably had 3/4 more beers than i should have. so, it really didnt get that outta hand, at least for me, but from the tv reports i do know that the partying lasted until maybe sunrise. like the title suggests, here is the band live at jazz fest, here in new orleans, on 4.22.94.

1. intro
2. caledonia
3. remedy
4. crazy mama
5. w.s. walcott medicine show
6. stuff you gotta watch
7. blind willie mctell
8. it makes no difference
9. rag mama rag
10. atlantic city
11. caledonia mission
12. mystery train
13. many rivers to cross
14. dont do it
15. life is a carnaval
16. the weight
17. the shape im in
18. audience
19. garth madness
20. blues stay away from me

basia bulat's "go on"

being meaning to mention how much i really, really like basia bulat’s upcoming release, see this tuesday, heart of my own. i cant quite put my finger on it, but there is something about the record and her that i find really comforting. regardless of what it is, i like it, i like it a lot. again, the record is out on tuesday via rough trade.

go on

drive by trucker's "this fucking job"

the mighty truckers are back, well almost. they’re releasing the big to-do on 3.16 via ato records and i, for one, am very very excited. i “stole” this track, the first single, from stereogum who also has more info on the record. so, you may want to click here if you are in the mood for reading about it.

this fucking job

van morrison live at the fillmore west, 4.26.70

my first exposure to van morrison was “brown eyed girl,” but keep in mind this was many years ago. during this time before being familiar with any of his other work, i wanted to kill van morrison. here’s why and this is the only reason. i was so so so tired of being out and when this song inevitably came on being forced, and this is really petty, but being forced to witness half drunken broads, brown eyes or not, fumble through the words, doing the christian side hug and whilst spilling their precious miller lites. i had/got hangups, i know. of course my hatred for mr morrison subsided after i heard astral weeks for the first time. still i curse his name and my memories when that song comes on and their are drunkards in my general vicinity cause i know whats coming next…. here is van at the fillmore west on 4.26.1970.

1. moondance
2. glad tidings
3. crazy love
4. come running
5. the way young lovers do
6. everyone
7. brown eyed girl
8. and it stoned me
9. these dreams of you
10. caravan
11. cyprus avenue
12. into the mystic

pink floyd's bbc archives '70-'71

in my 35 years of existence, ive never had lentil soup. my wife decided to change that tonight, and honestly im not that excited about it. im pretty hungry and lets be honest soup is not what one would consider a “hearty meal.” at least lentil doesnt appear to be as such. probably just fill up on bread and get the bloat. here’s what the title suggests…. just a forewarning, “echoes” and “atom heart mother” are both almost 50 megs, which if ya dont know, is fairly large for an single song mp3 file.

1. john peel intro
2. embryo
3. fat old sun
4. green is the colour
5. careful with that axe, eugene
6. if
7. atom heart mother
8. fat old sun
9. one of these days
10. embryo
11. echoes
12. blues

the brian jonestown massacre's "lets go f*cking mental"

hmm, two headline posts in a week with the word fuck in it. anyway, back in 95, i envisioned the brian jonestown massacre taking over the world, or if not the world then maybe my particular zip code, then area code and then maybe the world. i tried my damnedest to turn as many people onto the brilliance of thank god for mental illness as i could and the percentage of takers to dissenters was pretty much split down the middle. i was never very good at selling shit, but my love for the record grew and grew until, i almost ended up hating it and was unlistenable. anyone ever have that happen? i dont think i listened to it again for a few years. well, its been a while since those love filled days, and mr newcombe and co have released a number of interesting records since and are releasing their who killed sgt pepper? on 2.23. im still up in the air about the whole affair, but i will say its grown on me cause my first time around i hated it or was confused to say the least. btw, spaceman 3’s will carruthers plays bass on the record.

lets go fucking mental